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A curated collection of philosophy-related podcasts. Also see the SciPhi-Adjacent Podcast Collection.

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Updated: 2024-Jul-20 17:07 UTC. Podcasts listed: 214. Ordered by date of most recent episode (newest to oldest). AI-generated content is based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions.

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The podcasts feature a rich tapestry of intellectual exploration, blending philosophy, science, literature, and social issues. Central themes include in-depth discussions on religious experiences, epistemological inquiries, and the philosophy of consciousness and mind. Key philosophical figures like Nietzsche, Aristotle, and Hannah Arendt are frequently examined, as are modern commentators who critique and expand on their work.

Several episodes delve into the ethics and moral philosophies underpinning societal norms, examining frameworks like Stoicism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and existentialism. Political philosophy also takes a prominent role, with discussions on democracy, liberalism, and the justifications for political structures. Episodes explore the interplay between philosophy and current events, including political violence, big data, and the philosophical implications of AI and machine learning.

Literature and its role in shaping human understanding make frequent appearances, with episodes dedicated to the works of figures such as Ralph Waldo Emerson and Franz Fanon, as well as thematic examinations of major literary and philosophical works. Psychological and sociological aspects, including the influence of genes on behavior and the nature of consciousness, are scrutinized through both philosophical and empirical lenses.

Podcasts also highlight dialogues on identity, both personal and cultural, discussing how historical and modern contexts shape self-perception and community belonging. Guest scholars often bring their expertise to elucidate complex concepts, aiming to make them accessible to a broader audience. Episodes encourage reflective thought, questioning conventional wisdom and examining underlying assumptions, often through the lens of classical and contemporary philosophical theories.

Overall, these podcasts provide a platform for rigorous intellectual discourse, offering a blend of theoretical analysis and practical application across various domains of knowledge and contemporary issues.

New Books in Philosophy Image For the Love of Sophia! Image The Dissenter Image Sadler's Lectures Image Philosophy For Our Times Image Hotel Bar Sessions Image Practical Wisdom Image The Podcaster's Guide to the Conspiracy Image Sentientism Image SCI PHI Podcast Image Stoic Coffee Break Image Moral Maze Image Lives Well Lived Image Philosopher's Zone Image The Minefield Image Minds Almost Meeting Image Closer To Truth Image The New Thinkery Image The What Is Stoicism? Podcast Image Lucretius Today -  Epicurus and Epicurean Philosophy Image Within Reason Image What's Left of Philosophy Image The Contemplative Science Podcast Image The Nietzsche Podcast Image Overthink Image Stoa Conversations: Stoicism Applied Image Embrace The Void Image Sean Carroll's Mindscape: Science, Society, Philosophy, Culture, Arts, and Ideas Image The Partially Examined Life Philosophy Podcast Image The Gray Area with Sean Illing Image Žižek And So On Image WHY? Philosophical Discussions About Everyday Life Image Seize the Moment Podcast Image Brain in a Vat Image Robinson's Podcast Image The Panpsycast Philosophy Podcast Image History of Philosophy: India, Africana, China Image Philosophy Talk Starters Image Select Episodes Image Philosophers In Space Image Theory & Philosophy Image PlasticPills - Philosophy & Critical Theory Podcast Image Reading Hannah Arendt with Roger Berkowitz Image The Academic Imperfectionist Image Cows in the field Image Owls at Dawn Image Weird Studies Image Why Theory Image Philosophy? WTF?? Image Very Bad Wizards Image Philosophy In Film Image Practical Stoicism Image Open Door Philosophy Image Life From Plato's Cave Image History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps Image Good Is In The Details Image This Is The Way: Chinese Philosophy Podcast Image Plato's Pod: Dialogues on the works of Plato Image Radical Philosophy Image Conversations at the Center Image Philosophize This! Image Short & Curly Image Political Philosophy Podcast Image Red Letter Philosophy Image The Popperian Podcast Image Sacred and Profane Love Image Micro-Digressions: A Philosophy Podcast Image Philosophy Bites Image Plato's Cave Image Parker's Pensées Image In Our Time: Philosophy Image The Public Philosopher Image Ethics and Education Image Condensed Matter Image The Philosopher's Nest Image History and Philosophy of the Language Sciences Image The Free Will Show Image The HPS Podcast - Conversations from History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science Image Dilemma Podcast Image Ethical Theory Review Image Moral Sciences Club Image Walter Veit Podcast Image Little Bad Thing Image Stoicism: Philosophy as a Way of Life Podcast Image New Voices in the History of Philosophy Image The Labyrinth Image Mind Chat Image The Cunning of Geist Image Elucidations Image Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics Image Thoughts: Philosophy Untangled Image Radio Bostrom Image Doing Philosophy Image Reductio Image Phi on New York Image Bioethics for the People Image Then & Now: Philosophy, History & Politics Image

Last updated in 2023:

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Last updated in 2022:

Living Philosophy Image What Is X? Image Lux & Flux: The History and Philosophy of Physics Podcast Image Two Philosophers Drink Beer & Discuss Film Image Thinking Out Loud: leading philosophers discuss topical global issues Image Five Questions Image Stoic Meditations Image The Here and Now Podcast Image Space Time Mind Image Philosophy 247 Image Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society Image The Structural-Systematic Philosophy Image Inaplicables - Tu podcast de Filosofía de la Ciencia Image Mind to Mind Image Common Room Philosophy Image The Meaning of... Image Forum for Philosophy Image Out of the Tower Image Microdosing Philosophy Image

Last updated in 2021:

Free Will Matters Image Image The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius Image Understanding Plato Image The Dawdler's Philosophy Image Out of the Vat Image Dissecting Philosophy with Dr McDonald Image The Philosophy & Film Podcast Image Wisdom for Life Image UNBOUND Image Journal Entries Image PhilosophyCast Image Consciousness Live! Image Philosophers on Medicine Image Mind-Body Problems Image CAN YOU PHIL IT? Image Talking Politics: HISTORY OF IDEAS Image Pandemic Ethics Image A Pod Called Quest Image BLACK MIRROR REFLECTIONS Image Sophia Image London Philosophy Talk Image

Last updated in 2020:

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Philosophy by the Book Image The Happier Hour Image New Narratives in the History of Philosophy Image MCMP – Mathematical Philosophy (Archive 2011/12) Image

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Open Questions Image Uehiro Lectures: Practical solutions for ethical challenges Image New Directions in the Study of the Mind Image The Philosopher's Arms Image Journal of Practical Ethics Image

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A History of Ideas Image Practical Ethics Bites Image

Last updated in 2014:

A Romp Through Philosophy for Complete Beginners Image Philosophy Now Image Power Structuralism in Ancient Ontologies Image

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The Philosophy Podcast Image

Last updated in 2012:

Philosophy Image Philosophy of Religion Image Philosophy for Beginners Image Critical Reasoning for Beginners Image A Romp Through the Philosophy of Mind Image Bio-Ethics Bites Image

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Multiculturalism Bites - Audio Image John Locke Lectures in Philosophy Image Exploring Philosophy - Audio Image Philosophy: Justice and Morality - Audio Image Kant's Critique of Pure Reason Image Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art lectures Image

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Nietzsche on Mind and Nature Image

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Interviews with Philosophers Image Philosophy: The Classics Image

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The History of Political Philosophy: From Plato to Rothbard Image