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Podcast Profile: Ethics and Education

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38 episodes
2020 to 2024
Median: 26 minutes
Collection: Philosophy

Description (podcaster-provided):

How should we be thinking about ethical questions in education? Conversations and features with philosophers and education researchers. From classroom dilemmas to policy decisions, K-12 through higher ed.
We also make teaching guides to use in sociology, education, and philosophy classes. Available on our website.
Produced by the Center for Ethics and Education in WCER at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, thanks to funding from the Spencer Foundation.

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Ethics in education • Mentorship in higher ed • Sex education philosophy • College inequality • Social media in academia • HBCUs' ethical challenges • Educational opportunity • Prison education ethics • Teacher strikes • College admissions ethics

This podcast, produced by the Center for Ethics and Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and funded by the Spencer Foundation, delves into a wide array of ethical issues in education. It features conversations and interviews with education researchers, philosophers, and university professors, exploring topics that range from classroom dilemmas to overarching policy decisions. The content spans various levels of education, from K-12 to higher education, often accompanied by teaching guides designed to enrich discussions in sociology, education, and philosophy classes.

An overarching theme in the podcast is the ethical dimensions of higher education. Several episodes discuss the responsibilities and impacts of university mentorship, the ethics involved in college admissions and the true costs of higher education, and how universities might level societal inequalities. Another recurrent topic is the educational experiences at minority-serving institutions such as Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), and the specific ethical challenges they face.

The podcast also tackles contemporary issues in education such as sex education, the use of social media by faculty, and the controversies surrounding "divisive concepts" in educational discourse. There are reflective discussions on the relationship between education and social mobility, exploring how educational policies and practices can both hinder and promote equity and inclusion.

Philosophical inquiries into the principles of justice in education, the ethics of punishment and indoctrination in teaching, and the role of love and humor in educational settings are also prominent. The show also features book talks with authors whose works address critical educational issues, providing an in-depth look at new perspectives and research in the field.

In summary, this podcast provides a comprehensive exploration of ethical concerns in education, blending theoretical inquiries with practical implications, and highlighting ongoing debates and emerging research in the field.

Episode Image Why Mentoring Matters | Harry Brighouse and Diamond Lannaman (Higher Ed)
26 minutes
Episode Image Touchy Subject: Thinking Better About Sex Education | Lisa Andersen and Lauren Bialystok (Book Talk)
31 minutes
Episode Image Can College Level the Playing Field? | Sandy Baum and Michael McPherson (Book Talk)
26 minutes
Episode Image Faculty and Social Media | Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, TJ Stewart, Harry Brighouse, and Jacob Fay | (Ethics in Higher Education Book Series)
36 minutes
Episode Image HBCUs Present and Future | John Torrey, Joyce E. King, Felecia Commodore, and Corey Reed | (Ethics in Higher Education Book Series)
48 minutes
Episode Image "Divisive Concepts" | Sigal Ben-Porath and Laura Dinehart (Ethics in Higher Ed Book Series)
37 minutes
Episode Image Trailer--Ethics in Higher Ed: Case-Based Conversations (Ethics in Higher Education Book Series)
2 minutes
Episode Image The Ethics of College in Prison (Controversial Issues in Education)
45 minutes
Episode Image The Plumber Episode | Harry Brighouse and Grace Gecewicz (Teaching Better)
42 minutes
Episode Image The True Costs of College | Nancy Kendall, Matthew Wolfgram, and Natnael Shiferaw (Higher Ed)
42 minutes
Episode Image The Ethics of College Admissions | Joe Boeckenstedt and Harry Brighouse (Higher Ed)
52 minutes
Episode Image The Right to Higher Education | Christopher Martin and Harry Brighouse (Higher Ed)
45 minutes
Episode Image What Should the Aims of Higher Education Be? (Higher Ed)
10 minutes
Episode Image The Ethics of Teacher Strikes | Tony Laden and Eleni Schirmer (Controversial Issues in Education)
42 minutes
Episode Image Love and Teaching | Meghan Sullivan and Maria Salazar (Teaching Better)
53 minutes
Episode Image Educational Opportunity with Jencks's Principles of Justice | Jaime Ahlberg (Popular Papers)
27 minutes
Episode Image The Ethics of Punishment | John Tillson and Winston C. Thompson (Controversial Issues in Education)
26 minutes
Episode Image Learning Through Conversation | Agnes Callard (Teaching Better)
30 minutes
Episode Image Trailer - Season 2
3 minutes
Episode Image Humor, Movement, and Multimedia | Jen Kling (Teaching Better)
21 minutes
Episode Image Being in Love with Knowledge | Bailey Szustak (Teaching Better)
9 minutes
Episode Image Argument and Curiosity as Skills | W. John Koolage (Teaching Better)
17 minutes
Episode Image Interactive Methods and Feminist Critiques | Susan Kennedy (Teaching Better)
19 minutes
Episode Image Teaching, Indoctrination, and Trust | Tony Laden (Controversial Issues in Education)
31 minutes
Episode Image Why Principles? | Jaime Ahlberg (Thinking Better)
19 minutes
Episode Image The Racial Consequences of Underfunding Universities | Laura Hamilton and Kathryn Joyce (Book Talk)
26 minutes
Episode Image Education for Liberation | Quentin Wheeler-Bell (Teaching Better)
17 minutes
Episode Image The Ethics of Doctoral Admissions | Bryan Warnick (Controversial Issues in Education)
17 minutes
Episode Image Sexual Citizenship | Jennifer Hirsch and Shamus Khan (Book Talk)
37 minutes
Episode Image The Ethics of Opting Out | Terri Wilson (Controversial Issues in Education)
10 minutes
Episode Image The Ethics of Charter Schools | Harry Brighouse, Erica Turner, Gina Schouten (Controversial Issues in Education)
30 minutes
Episode Image Higher Education and Social Mobility | Jennifer Morton (Book Talk)
15 minutes
Episode Image The Case of the Privileged Poor | Anthony Jack (Book Talk)
13 minutes
Episode Image Research Me-Search | Kellen Sharp (Student Episode)
13 minutes
Episode Image Good Sex Education for Good Sex | Grace Gecewicz (Student Episode)
11 minutes
Episode Image Just Teacher | Paula McAvoy and Lauren Gatti (Book Talk)
28 minutes
Episode Image Teaching in a Pandemic | Paula McAvoy and Lauren Gatti (Book Talk Bonus)
3 minutes
Episode Image Welcome to Ethics & Education
1 minute