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Podcast Profile: Mind Chat

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25 episodes
2021 to 2024
Median: 119 minutes
Collection: Philosophy

Description (podcaster-provided):

Philip Goff is a philosopher who thinks consciousness pervades the universe. Keith Frankish is a philosopher who thinks consciousness* doesn't even exist. From their very different perspectives, Keith and Philip interview leading scientists and philosophers of consciousness, engaging and debating in a friendly way in pursuit of truth. Mind Chat aims to be highly accessible, allowing those with no background in science and/or philosophy to get a grip on the cutting edge of the field.
(*To be more precise, Keith thinks *phenomenal* consciousness doesn't exist; listen to find out what this is.)

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Discussions on consciousness • Philosophical debates • Neuroscience insights • Free will • Reality perception • Psychedelics • Phenomenal consciousness • Idealism vs. materialism • Cognitive science • Philosophy of mind and science themes

"Mind Chat" is a podcast that delves into an array of profound topics relating to the nature of consciousness, the philosophy of mind, and the intersections of science and philosophy. Hosted by philosophers Philip Goff and Keith Frankish, this podcast challenges listeners to contemplate complex and often controversial ideas about the mind and reality.

The episodes feature interviews with leading philosophers, cognitive scientists, neuroscientists, and other experts, discussing subjects such as free will, the essence of reality, the existence of electrons, and the philosophical implications of scientific theories. A recurring theme is the debate between different schools of thought on consciousness, including materialism, dualism, idealism, and panpsychism. The hosts often juxtapose the views of phenomenal consciousness proponents, like Goff, with illusionists like Frankish, to foster lively and comprehensive discussions.

The podcast also explores the relationship between consciousness and physical theories, touching on subjects like quantum mechanics, emergent phenomena, and the possible existence of non-physical properties. Ethical and existential questions also arise, such as the implications of psychedelics on understanding the mind or whether mystical experiences can be trusted.

Furthermore, "Mind Chat" includes special episodes that delve into the cognitive aspects of perception, such as the neuroscience of smell, as well as episodes that scrutinize the validity of well-known philosophical problems, like the 'hard problem' of consciousness and whether it is an artificial construct of academic philosophy.

Throughout these discussions, the hosts aim to present their content in an accessible manner, allowing those without a background in science or philosophy to engage with cutting-edge debates. The podcast's community interaction, as seen in audience Q&A segments and Twitter polls, highlights its commitment to an inclusive and participatory dialogue on some of the most intriguing questions about our minds and the universe we inhabit.

Episode Image Sarah Lane-Ritchie & Aidan Lyon: What Can Psychedelics Tell Us About Mind & Reality?
101 minutes
Episode Image Kevin Mitchell: Do We Have Free Will?
105 minutes
Episode Image Cat Gillen: Do Electrons Exist?
72 minutes
Episode Image Halloween Special! The Purpose of the Universe
99 minutes
Episode Image Donald Hoffman: What is Reality?
119 minutes
Episode Image Eric Schwitzgebel : Is the United States Conscious?
114 minutes
Episode Image Michelle Liu and Edouard Machery: Is the 'Hard Problem of Consciousness' Nonsense Invented by Philosophers?
129 minutes
Episode Image Frank Jackson: The Greatest Argument Against Materialism
116 minutes
Episode Image Francois Kammerer and Luke Roelofs: Illusionism or Panpsychism?
122 minutes
Episode Image Noam Chomsky: Chomsky on Consciousness
72 minutes
Episode Image Angela Mendelovici: How Does Consciousness Connect us to Reality? Part II
179 minutes
Episode Image Ann-Sophie Barwich: Smellosophy--The Philosophy & Neuroscience of Smell
144 minutes
Episode Image Philip Goff: Is Physics Different in the Brain?
54 minutes
Episode Image Sean Carroll and Barry Loewer: What Does Physics Tell Us About Consciousness?
129 minutes
Episode Image Helen Steward: Do We Have Free Will?
126 minutes
Episode Image David Papineau: How Does Consciousness Connect Us To Reality?
178 minutes
Episode Image David Chalmers: Are We Living in a Simulation?
169 minutes
Episode Image Christmas Special: Panpsychism or Illusionism?
167 minutes
Episode Image Sean Carroll: Is Consciousness Emergent?
194 minutes
Episode Image Anil Seth: Is Consciousness a Controlled Hallucination?
117 minutes
Episode Image Helen Yetter-Chappell: Is Reality Made up of Consciousness?
124 minutes
Episode Image Matthias Michel: Is a Science of Consciousness Possible?
158 minutes
Episode Image Christof Koch: The Integrated Information Theory of Consciousness
95 minutes
Episode Image Janet Levin: The Materialist Theory of Consciousness
102 minutes
Episode Image Tim O'Connor: Interview with a Dualist
115 minutes