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Podcast Profile: Interviews with Philosophers

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5 episodes
Median: 31 minutes
Collection: Philosophy

Description (podcaster-provided):

A selection of short interviews with Oxford philosophers (part of the series of 'Interviews with Oxonians').

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Metaphysics • Rationality • Normativity • Global catastrophic risks • Simulation theory • Applied ethics • Human enhancement • Aristotle's ethics

This podcast, titled *Interviews with Philosophers*, features a variety of short interviews with distinguished philosophers from Oxford University, and it is part of the broader series known as 'Interviews with Oxonians'. The podcast delves into deep and complex topics within the field of philosophy, bringing together the insights and expertise of several renowned Oxford scholars.

Listeners can expect to explore intellectually stimulating discussions ranging from the foundational aspects of metaphysics to contemporary issues in applied ethics and human enhancement. Through these episodes, the podcast addresses the intrinsic and enduring questions that have shaped the field of metaphysics, delving into definitions and origins while examining the relevance of these questions today.

The concept of rationality is a significant theme, with episodes offering explanations of reason and rationality. These discussions include explorations of what constitutes rational behavior and an analysis of normative questions that challenge conventional understandings of morality and ethics.

Another recurring subject is the assessment of global catastrophic risks and the exploration of simulation theory. The podcast presents thought-provoking conversations that consider potential future scenarios and the philosophical underpinnings of theories that speculate on the nature of our reality.

Ethics, especially applied ethics, is a prominent theme throughout the episodes. The podcast engages with contemporary debates surrounding new biosciences, discussing moral and ethical implications of human enhancement and other advancements in technology and science.

Additionally, the philosophical traditions and historical perspectives are not overlooked. There are episodes dedicated to classical ethical theories, notably those of Aristotle, which are discussed in the context of their lasting impact and relevance to modern philosophical discourse.

Overall, this podcast is distinguished by its commitment to exploring profound philosophical questions through the expertise of Oxford philosophers, offering listeners a rich and varied intellectual experience.

Adrian Moore on Metaphysics
31 minutes
John Broome on Rationality
45 minutes
Nick Bostrom on Global Catastrophic Risk and Simulation Theory
25 minutes
Julian Savulescu on Applied Ethics and Human Enhancement
37 minutes
Roger Crisp on Aristotle's Ethics
20 minutes