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Podcast Profile: NeuroDiving

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6 episodes
Median: 33 minutes
Collection: Philosophy

Description (podcaster-provided):

a philosophy podcast about neurodivergence

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Philosophy of neurodivergence • Autism research critiques • Theory of mind • Neurodiversity vs. pathology paradigms • Empathy and autism • Pseudoscience in autism research • Perspectives on scientific values

NeuroDiving is a philosophy podcast that delves into the nuanced subject of neurodivergence, with a strong focus on autism. Hosted by two neurodivergent philosophy professors, Amelia Hicks and Joanna Lawson, the podcast seeks to bridge philosophical inquiry with lived experiences and empirical research. The episodes explore fundamental questions about how neurodivergence is conceptualized, researched, and understood in both academic and broader social contexts.

A recurring theme in the podcast is the critique of the "theory of mind deficit" view of autism, a perspective that suggests autistic individuals struggle to understand both their own minds and the minds of others. The hosts examine the history and persistence of this theory, its methodological flaws, and its impact on autistic people. They also discuss alternative frameworks for understanding autism, such as the neurodiversity paradigm and the double empathy problem. These discussions often highlight how value-laden assumptions can shape scientific research, potentially leading to harmful stereotypes and misconceptions about autistic individuals.

Prominent figures in the fields of philosophy and psychology, including autistic researchers and neurodivergent scholars, are frequently featured, offering their insights into these complex issues. Philosophers such as Daniel Dennett and Travis LaCroix contribute to discussions on scientific theories, pseudoscience, and the philosophical underpinnings of autism research. The podcast also tackles broader topics like empathy, moral philosophy, and the ethical considerations inherent in scientific practices.

NeuroDiving is deeply rooted in the belief that good philosophy closely considers real people's experiences. Consequently, it provides a platform for autistic voices, challenging mainstream research perspectives, and advocating for approaches that prioritize the well-being and self-understanding of neurodivergent individuals. Through a blend of academic discourse and personal narratives, the podcast encourages listeners to rethink prevailing myths about autism and engage with more inclusive and nuanced interpretations.

Episode Image Episode 5: "New Paradigms, New Values"
43 minutes
Episode Image Episode 4: "Zombie Pseudoscience"
41 minutes
Episode Image Episode 3: "Violins and Violas"
35 minutes
Episode Image Episode 2: "An Intellectualist Fossil"
30 minutes
Episode Image Episode 1: "A Productive Irritant"
24 minutes
Episode Image Welcome to NeuroDiving (Trailer)
3 minutes