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Podcast Profile: Journal Entries

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14 episodes
2020 to 2021
Median: 33 minutes
Collection: Philosophy

Description (podcaster-provided):

Go behind the scenes with philosophers and cognitive scientists to get their take on published journal articles, what they like about papers, what they maybe don't anymore, and where inquiry should take us next.

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Philosophical debates • Cognitive science insights • Legal implications • Moral and ethical analysis • Social constructs • Psychological research • Personal experiences • Epistemology • Aesthetics • Theory of mind

This podcast, titled "Journal Entries," delves into a variety of philosophical and cognitive science issues through in-depth discussions with experts in these fields. The episodes explore complex topics by examining recent journal articles and research papers, often combining legal, ethical, psychological, and neuroscientific perspectives.

A recurring theme in the podcast is the intersection of moral and cognitive evaluations with legal and social frameworks. For example, discussions frequently address the ramifications of hate speech, the philosophical underpinnings of moral emotions like disgust, and the nature of belief and knowledge. The podcast also explores the legal and ethical considerations surrounding significant global events and societal issues, such as hate speech in the context of genocide and the role of moral beliefs in shaping public policy.

Another prominent topic is the cognitive and psychological aspects of human behavior and judgment. Episodes often delve into how individuals understand and represent concepts like knowledge and belief, the role of neuroimaging in diagnosing and understanding traumatic brain injuries, and the influence of emotions on moral judgments. The podcast also considers the reliability of introspection and how our self-knowledge compares to our understanding of the external world.

Additionally, the podcast addresses meta-cognitive and epistemological questions, such as the application of feminist epistemology, the concept of wisdom, and the philosophical implications of statistical significance in scientific research. It discusses how social contexts and constructs affect knowledge production and the ethical dimensions of belief formation and evidence assessment.

Overall, "Journal Entries" provides a platform for critical inquiry into how philosophical theories and cognitive science research intersect with real-world issues, aiming to offer listeners a comprehensive understanding of current debates and developments in these fields.

Tracking Hate Speech with Shannon Fyfe
33 minutes
Foul Behavior with Victor Kumar
27 minutes
Alive Inside with Andrew Peterson
29 minutes
Knowledge Before Belief with Jonathan Phillips
32 minutes
Evidentialism and Moral Encroachment with Georgi Gardiner
38 minutes
The Science of Wisdom with Igor Grossmann
43 minutes
Can’t Complain with Kathryn Norlock
33 minutes
Situating Feminist Epistemology with Natalie Alana Ashton and Robin McKenna
40 minutes
Games and the Art of Agency with Thi Nguyen
32 minutes
The Unreliability of Naive Introspection with Eric Schwitzgebel
30 minutes
Redefine Statistical Significance with Edouard Machery
51 minutes
Stop Talking About Fake News! with Joshua Habgood-Coote
34 minutes
On Having Bad Persons as Friends with Jessica Isserow
28 minutes
Causing and Nothingness with Helen Beebee
39 minutes