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Podcast Profile: Open Questions

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10 episodes
Median: 21 minutes
Collection: Philosophy

Description (podcaster-provided):

A podcast about ethics from the Centre for Ethics at the University of Toronto.

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Ethics in money and love • Cultural heritage protection • Ethical sports viewership • Reparations and help • Philosophers' personal insights • Good advice • Ethics of having children • Humor and offense • Achievement value

This podcast, titled "Open Questions," originates from the Centre for Ethics at the University of Toronto and delves into a broad spectrum of ethical inquiries pertinent to modern society. Each episode invites listeners to explore complex moral dilemmas and philosophical debates that challenge common perceptions and societal norms.

The content spans various themes centered on the value systems that guide human actions and judgments. Key topics addressed include the ethical implications of money and how it influences aspects of life such as love and health, particularly in controversial areas like organ sales. The podcast also examines cultural preservation, questioning what makes certain traditions and languages worth protecting over others.

Another significant theme is the ethics surrounding sports, where the focus shifts to the moral consequences of consuming entertainment that involves player harm. Additionally, the podcast explores the moral responsibilities tied to reparations for past injustices, probing who owes reparations and the nature of such obligations.

Listeners are also invited to ponder the complexities of giving and receiving advice, scrutinizing what constitutes good advice and the ethical responsibilities involved. Environmental ethics are brought into focus through discussions on the moral considerations of procreation in the context of climate change.

There's a recurring interest in the finer points of societal behavior, such as the propriety of humor directed at elites and the thin line between offensive and unethical jokes. Achievement and value are critically examined, questioning what makes certain accomplishments meaningful.

The podcast occasionally features bonus content where previously interviewed philosophers share personal insights, further enriching the discussion with diverse perspectives on philosophical practice.

Throughout, the music of Markku Wainman ties the episodes together, providing a consistent auditory backdrop. With varied topics and deep ethical considerations, "Open Questions" serves as a thought-provoking series for anyone interested in exploring the moral dimensions of contemporary issues.

Episode Image What Can Money Buy?
40 minutes
Episode Image What's the Value in Preserving Language?
25 minutes
Episode Image What Sports Should We Watch?
26 minutes
Episode Image Can Helping Strangers Make Up For Past Injustices?
22 minutes
Episode Image Bonus Round #1
15 minutes
Episode Image Should I Order the Fish?
20 minutes
Episode Image How Many Children Should Charlotte Have?
19 minutes
Episode Image Why Is It Okay to Make Fun of Elites?
22 minutes
Episode Image Is My 100m Time a Greater Achievement than Usain Bolt's?
19 minutes
Episode Image Open Questions Intro
less than a minute