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Podcast Profile: Philosophy and Classics

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24 episodes
2022 to 2023
Median: 14 minutes
Collection: Philosophy

Description (podcaster-provided):

Join us as we explore the world of Greek classics and philosophy, and their relevance to modern life. Episodes published bi-weekly, featuring interviews with renowned authors and academics in the fields of philosophy and classics. Show hosted by Plato's Academy Centre, a nonprofit organization based in Athens, Greece.

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Greek philosophy • Stoicism • Socratic Method • Leadership • Cognitive distortions • Ancient wisdom • Modern relevance • Classical texts • Virtue ethics • Political philosophy

This podcast, titled "Philosophy and Classics," offers an exploration of Greek classics and philosophy, emphasizing their relevance to contemporary life. The show is hosted by the Plato's Academy Centre, a nonprofit organization based in Athens, Greece, and features bi-weekly episodes that engage listeners through interviews with renowned authors and academics in the fields of philosophy and classics.

A central theme throughout the episodes is the practical application of ancient wisdom in modern contexts. Several episodes delve deep into the philosophies of prominent Greek thinkers such as Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and Diogenes. Discussions often focus on Socratic methods, particularly the use of questioning as a tool for rational discourse and self-examination. The episodes revisit the Socratic Method's impact on ethics, leadership, and psychological resilience, and how it can be applied in teaching, therapy, and personal development.

Stoicism also figures prominently, with numerous episodes examining Stoic principles through the works of philosophers like Epictetus, Seneca, and Marcus Aurelius. Topics such as resilience, virtue ethics, and emotional regulation are discussed, highlighting how Stoic teachings can help navigate modern personal and professional challenges.

The podcast also addresses broader philosophical inquiries championed by these ancient thinkers, including civic responsibility, the nature of wisdom and virtue, and the role of rational discourse in public life. Discussions frequently reference classical texts and their interpretations, aiming to provide listeners with insights into how these age-old philosophies can inform current societal and individual dynamics.

In summary, this podcast serves as an intellectual bridge connecting ancient philosophical traditions with modern issues, encouraging listeners to adopt a reflective and principled approach to the complexities of contemporary life.

Episode Image Spencer Klavan: Civic Friendship & Politics as an Act of Love
22 minutes
Episode Image Ward Farnsworth: The Socratic Method
28 minutes
Episode Image Double Ignorance and Socratic Irony
5 minutes
Episode Image Spotting Common Fallacies
8 minutes
Episode Image Breakfast with Seneca: A Stoic Guide to the Art of Living Audiobook
29 minutes
Episode Image Virtuous Leadership: Dr. Sean Lyons
11 minutes
Episode Image The Dangerous Life and Ideas of Diogenes the Cynic
62 minutes
Episode Image How Can Philosophy Save Civility in the City
27 minutes
Episode Image Stoic Wisdom: Ancient Lessons for Modern Resilience
39 minutes
Episode Image Socratic Questioning Today
7 minutes
Episode Image Plutarch on Resilience by Donald Robertson
39 minutes
Episode Image William O. Stephens on Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius
65 minutes
Episode Image Matthew Sharpe on Stoicism, the Enlightenment, and Civility
21 minutes
Episode Image The Socratic Method
7 minutes
Episode Image The Future of Philosophy at Plato's Academy
20 minutes
Episode Image Socrates and Civility
10 minutes
Episode Image Tom Morris: True Success for Leaders
12 minutes
Episode Image Simon J. E. Drew: The Walled Garden
35 minutes
Episode Image Nancy Sherman: Courageous Defiance
15 minutes
Episode Image Mick Mulroy: Lead Like a Spartan
14 minutes
Episode Image Who was Socrates?
7 minutes
Episode Image Eugenia Manolidou: Disrupting Me Stoically
9 minutes
Episode Image Donald Robertson: "Socrates on Leadership and Self-Discipline"
11 minutes
Episode Image How to Learn the Socratic Method
14 minutes