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Podcast Profile: A Pod Called Quest

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12 episodes
2020 to 2021
Median: 60 minutes
Collection: Philosophy

Description (podcaster-provided):

A Pod Called Quest is a podcast taking on everything that people concerned about injustice care about from the wealth gap to voting rights, to police brutality, to reparations, to health and well-being, to climate change, to state repression and much more. Sage and Science want listeners to think with them about problems of injustice, just futures, and evidence-based solutions. Derrick Darby (aka Sage) is a philosopher. Christian Davenport (aka Science) is a political scientist and sociologist. Join our quest to impose logic as well as data on the struggle for justice in America and globally. Give us your time, we give you power, wealth, and culture.

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Social justice movements • Student activism • Political and economic violence • Racism and imperialism • Current political events • Reparations • Hip hop and democracy • Biden's policies • Historical analysis and solutions

"A Pod Called Quest" is a podcast centered on issues of social justice and systemic inequality. Hosted by philosopher Derrick Darby, known as Sage, and political scientist and sociologist Christian Davenport, referred to as Science, this podcast delves into a broad spectrum of topics that are critical to understanding and addressing various forms of injustice.

The podcast engages with historical and contemporary issues from different angles, often intersecting political, economic, and cultural dimensions. One recurring theme is the importance of activism and community mobilization, as seen through the lens of both historical movements and present-day actions. For example, discussions about Black Lives Matter and voter mobilization efforts highlight the role of young people and hip hop culture in political activism.

Episodes frequently explore the intersections of race and economic inequality, examining how different forms of violence—both political and economic—impact marginalized communities. The show argues that recognizing and addressing economic violence is essential for achieving social justice, alongside discussions on reparations for Black Americans, reflecting on contemporary and historical contexts of systemic racism.

The podcast also tackles American and British imperialism, illuminating the ongoing consequences of colonial pasts and their bearing on current racial dynamics. Furthermore, it scrutinizes national and local political actions, including elections, transitions of power, and legislative agendas, critiquing their implications for racial and economic equity.

Climate change, health, and well-being are discussed within the broader framework of justice, considering how these issues disproportionately affect vulnerable populations. Additionally, the show takes an analytical approach to understanding current events, tying them back to historical documents and thinkers to find pathways toward a more equitable future.

Overall, "A Pod Called Quest" offers a comprehensive view of systemic injustice, combining philosophical inquiry with social science analysis to propose evidence-based solutions and foster informed dialogue.

Episode 12 – A Pod Called Quest Goes to Dartmouth
58 minutes
Episode 11 – Baby Archie, Royal Racism, and British/American Imperialism
60 minutes
Episode 10 – Two Types of Violence: Political and Economic
59 minutes
Episode 9 – What’s a Just Future in America? The Equity Trap and the 13%ers
64 minutes
Episode 8 - Arrest the President? Rappers already said this already, just rewind the tape, but what now?
57 minutes
Episode 7 – It takes a nation of millions to hold us back, but does it take 20+ rappers and strippers to save democracy and set us free?
65 minutes
Episode 6 – Will Blacks Finally Get Reparations During Biden’s Presidency and, If so, How Will it Matter?
62 minutes
Episode 5 – Biden's Transition to Power: Agency Review Teams, Who's at the Table? Who's not and What this says about the need for a Movement of Movements.
59 minutes
Episode 4 - Georgia on Our Mind: Du Bois, AOC, Lowering the Race-First Flag, and Politics without Labels
62 minutes
Episode 3 - The Election, the Policing of Black Politics and how W. E. B. Du Bois's Darkwater provides the answer
62 minutes
Episode 2 - The election/coup/revolution/sham of 2020 & the Future of American Democracy
58 minutes
Episode 1 - The Contract with or on Black America
59 minutes