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Podcast Profile: Talking Politics: HISTORY OF IDEAS

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27 episodes
2020 to 2021
Median: 46 minutes
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Description (podcaster-provided):

A new series of talks by David Runciman, in which he explores some of the most important thinkers and prominent ideas lying behind modern politics – from Hobbes to Gandhi, from democracy to patriarchy, from revolution to lock down. Plus, he talks about the crises – revolutions, wars, depressions, pandemics – that generated these new ways of political thinking. From the team that brought you Talking Politics: a history of ideas to help make sense of what’s happening today.
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Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Modern political ideas • Historical political figures • Philosophical analyses • Crises impacting political thought • Influence on contemporary politics • Key political texts • Political ideologies and movements

This podcast, "Talking Politics: HISTORY OF IDEAS," hosted by David Runciman, delves into the thoughts and contributions of some of the most influential figures and concepts in modern political philosophy. Each episode offers a deep dive into the work and legacy of a particular thinker or theme, ranging from historical to contemporary issues. The series covers a broad spectrum of ideas, from the fundamentals of democracy and justice to the critiques of patriarchy and the nuances of political leadership.

Listeners can expect detailed explorations of both well-known and obscure political theories. For instance, the podcast addresses utilitarianism through Bentham's emphasis on pleasure and discusses utopian visions in the light of Nozick's minimal state. There is significant focus on key political crises and how they inspired new ways of thinking, such as wars, revolutions, and pandemics.

The podcast doesn't shy away from controversial figures and ideas. Episodes cover the brutal realities of colonialism through Fanon’s lens, the paradoxes of leadership as explained by Weber, and the sharp critiques of capitalist society by Marx and Engels. The discussions extend to feminist theories, looking at the works of Wollstonecraft and MacKinnon, who challenge systemic gender inequalities and propose frameworks for understanding and dismantling patriarchy.

Additionally, significant attention is given to the moral and ethical underpinnings of political thought, as seen in discussions on hypocrisy by Shklar and on morality by Nietzsche. The podcast also ventures into the philosophical implications of technology and the state as explored by thinkers like Hayek and Arendt.

Overall, the podcast aims to make sense of contemporary political issues by reflecting on the foundational ideas introduced by these influential thinkers, offering listeners a comprehensive understanding of the ideological forces that shape our political landscape today.

Episode Image History of Ideas Q and A
39 minutes
Episode Image Shklar on Hypocrisy
46 minutes
Episode Image Nozick on Utopia
45 minutes
Episode Image Rawls on Justice
48 minutes
Episode Image De Beauvoir on the Other
47 minutes
Episode Image Schumpeter on Democracy
47 minutes
Episode Image Schmitt on Friend vs Enemy
45 minutes
Episode Image Luxemburg on Revolution
46 minutes
Episode Image Nietzsche on Morality
46 minutes
Episode Image Butler on Machines
47 minutes
Episode Image Douglass on Slavery
46 minutes
Episode Image Bentham on Pleasure
47 minutes
Episode Image Rousseau on Inequality
47 minutes
Episode Image Q & A with David
48 minutes
Episode Image Fukuyama on History
46 minutes
Episode Image MacKinnon on Patriarchy
44 minutes
Episode Image Fanon on Colonialism
41 minutes
Episode Image Arendt on Action
44 minutes
Episode Image Hayek on the Market
43 minutes
Episode Image Weber on Leadership
44 minutes
Episode Image Gandhi on self-rule
44 minutes
Episode Image Marx and Engels on Revolution
43 minutes
Episode Image Tocqueville on Democracy
44 minutes
Episode Image Constant on Liberty
46 minutes
Episode Image Wollstonecraft on Sexual Politics
46 minutes
Episode Image Hobbes on the State
59 minutes
Episode Image Talking Politics: HISTORY OF IDEAS
2 minutes