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Podcast Profile: Philosophy Takes On The News

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26 episodes
2022 to 2023
Median: 70 minutes
Collection: Philosophy

Description (podcaster-provided):

Philosophers chat about the week’s news. Sometimes serious, sometimes funny. A host of tangents. Hosted by Simon Kirchin (University of Leeds, UK) with a galaxy of stars.

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Current events • Philosophy • Politics • Comedy • Ethics • Social issues • Free speech • Moral debate • Ukraine conflict • Climate change • Human rights • Democracy • Technology and AI

"Philosophy Takes On The News" is a podcast where philosophers delve into the week's news, offering a blend of serious discourse and occasional humor. Hosted by Simon Kirchin from the University of Leeds, this podcast features a rotating lineup of distinguished philosophers who engage in discussions that are both thought-provoking and wide-ranging. Each episode is marked by an exploration of current events through a philosophical lens, with the objective of shedding light on deeper societal, ethical, and political issues.

A consistent theme throughout the episodes is the application of philosophical principles to contemporary issues, such as free speech, moral integrity, and political legitimacy. The ethical dimensions of major news stories are a particular focus, whether discussing the limits of free speech in comedy, the human rights concerns surrounding international sports events, or the political dynamics of elections and governance. These discussions aim to uncover the underlying philosophical questions triggered by the news.

Episodes often address timely and provocative topics including the war in Ukraine, climate change, political mandates, and the ramifications of technological advancements like AI and social media. The podcast also grapples with questions of moral consistency, public interest, and societal values, with a recurring interest in how philosophy intersects with public discourse. The dialogue frequently touches on issues like hate speech, gender identity, and the ethics of protest, showcasing the relevance of philosophy in understanding and navigating modern challenges.

Additionally, the discussions are not limited to purely academic or abstract musings but include practical ramifications and how philosophical reflections can inform public policy and individual actions. Through these conversations, "Philosophy Takes On The News" aims to provide listeners with a deeper understanding of how philosophical analysis can contribute to contemporary debates and societal issues.

PTOTN - Phil and Comedy special
76 minutes
S3 Ep2 - 11th March 2023
77 minutes
S3 Ep 1 - 25th February 2023 - Ukraine special
46 minutes
S2 Ep 8 - 9th December - End of year special
74 minutes
S2 Ep 7 - World Cup Special
70 minutes
PTOTN - S2 Ep6 - US Mid-Terms Special
64 minutes
S2 Ep5 - 28th October
88 minutes
S2 Ep 4 - 13th October
60 minutes
S2 Ep3 - 1st October
62 minutes
S2 Ep 2 - 23rd September
64 minutes
S2 Ep 1 - 10th September
109 minutes
S1 Ep 15 - 24th June
66 minutes
S1 / Ep 14 / 9th June
67 minutes
S1 / Ep 13 / 26th May
96 minutes
S1 / Ep 12 / 20th May
70 minutes
S1 / Ep 11 / 12th May
46 minutes
S1 / Ep 10 / 5th May
87 minutes
S1 / Ep 9 / 29th April
98 minutes
S1 / Ep 8 / 21st April
80 minutes
S1 / Ep 7/ 1st April
105 minutes
S1 / Ep 6 / 25th March
75 minutes
S1 / Ep 5 / 18th March
73 minutes
S1 / Ep 4 / 11th March
68 minutes
S1 / Ep 3 / 4th March
50 minutes
S1 / Ep2 / 24th Feb
62 minutes
S1 / Ep1 / 18th Feb
69 minutes