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Podcast Profile: Living Philosophy

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41 episodes
2021 to 2022
Median: 56 minutes
Collection: Philosophy

Description (podcaster-provided):

What is your second-life? Living Philosophy is dedicated to exploring the inspiring second lives of people who have successfully made significant changes to their careers and lives through self-reflection, insight, and practice. Listen also to our Public Philosophy podcasts, which you can find by topic and the bespoke logo artwork. Hosted by Dr Todd S. Mei, former Head of Philosophy at the University of Kent (UK), and founder, consultant, and freelance author at

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Philosophy in diverse fields • Personal and career transformations • Social justice and ethics • Cultural and historical perspectives • Science and technology impacts • Arts and creativity • Psychological well-being and trauma

"Living Philosophy" is a podcast that delves into various facets of human existence and thought, exploring changes, insights, and practices pivotal to personal and societal transformation. Hosted by Dr. Todd S. Mei, the show covers a diverse range of themes such as gastronomy, technology, disability, trauma, and leadership, weaving philosophical reflection with practical insights. Numerous episodes highlight the personal journeys of individuals who have transitioned into different career paths or life paradigms driven by self-reflection and philosophical inquiry.

Subjects like the philosophy of disability, technology, and medicine are recurrent, illustrating the podcast's commitment to understanding complex social issues through a philosophical lens. Episodes frequently discuss the integration of philosophy in everyday life, whether through food, music, or environmentalism, bringing theory into practical realms. The exploration of topics such as trauma, time, hermeneutics, and negative emotions underscores the show’s dedication to addressing both existential and ethical dimensions of human life.

Conversations often tackle critical contemporary issues like climate change, educational methods for children, and the ethics surrounding new technologies such as cryptocurrencies. Guests include experts from various fields—professors, artists, authors, and practitioners—who share their knowledge and experiences, offering rich and multifaceted perspectives. Philosophical discussions on topics like fake news, translation, and social cohesion aim to bridge gaps in understanding and foster a deeper appreciation of human complexity and interpersonal relations.

Overall, "Living Philosophy" engages listeners with thoughtful discourse on how philosophical practices can influence and enhance personal development and societal well-being, making complex ideas accessible and relevant to a broad audience.

Episode Image Philosophy of Gastronomy with Kelly Donati
55 minutes
Episode Image Philosophy of Disability with Chris Riddle
59 minutes
Episode Image Philosophy of Technology with Dominic Smith and Mark Coeckelbergh
51 minutes
Episode Image Valerie Noble on Turning a Passion for Science Fiction into a Career
53 minutes
Episode Image Is Abortion Constitutional?
71 minutes
Episode Image Embodied Trauma with Anna Westin
56 minutes
Episode Image Kat Batchelor on Performing and Teaching Folk Music
55 minutes
Episode Image Animal Crisis with Alice Crary & Lori Gruen
58 minutes
Episode Image Philosophy & Cryptocurrency with Sebastian Purcell
73 minutes
Episode Image The Problem of Translation with Lisa Foran
59 minutes
Episode Image Mind and the Philosophy of Medicine with David Corfield
56 minutes
Episode Image Hillary Hutchinson on Transitioning into Change
56 minutes
Episode Image Arvind Gupta on Improving the World through Venture Capitalism
55 minutes
Episode Image Why Does Hermeneutics Matter?
51 minutes
Episode Image Charlie Undershaw on the Musical and Philosophical Life
63 minutes
Episode Image The Difficulty of Understanding Others with Constantine Sandis
64 minutes
Episode Image Hans Florine on the Virtue of Speed, Climbing, and Learning How to Fail in Order to Succeed
49 minutes
Bringing Us Together by Questioning (2021 Annual End Roll)
12 minutes
Episode Image Paula Leach on the Essential Features of Leadership in a Changing World
54 minutes
Episode Image Time & Temporality with Graeme A. Forbes
55 minutes
Episode Image Practices, Traditions, Innovations with Anna Mudde & Robert Piercey
63 minutes
Episode Image Brendan Mills on the Music Industry, Jazz, and Getting Inspired
58 minutes
Episode Image Ashna Sen on Re-Imagining Mathematics
67 minutes
Episode Image Fake News and Fiction with Hannah Kim
52 minutes
Episode Image Geoffrey Moore on How We Can Be Ethical Without Religion
64 minutes
Episode Image Negative Emotions with Krista Thomason
67 minutes
Episode Image Rights & Recognition with David Utsler
57 minutes
Episode Image Nature & Climate Change with Martin Bunzl
64 minutes
Episode Image Children & Philosophy with Amy Reed-Sandoval
51 minutes
Episode Image Tina Rath on Requiem, the Collective Grief Project for COVID-19 Victims
65 minutes
Episode Image Lazy Dancer Tips (Alessia Lugoboni & Iacopo Di Luigi) on Helping Others through Dance and Making Bold Changes in Life
69 minutes
Episode Image Francesca Catlow on the Benefits of Creativity and Performance for Life and Caring for Loved Ones
58 minutes
Episode Image Joe Smart on Compassion, the Future of Work, and Organizational Development
64 minutes
Episode Image Zara Davis on Speed Windsurfing, Osteopathy, and Overcoming Mental and Physical Barriers
54 minutes
Episode Image Sam Holden on Playing Professional Poker and Learning about Luck and Humility
47 minutes
Episode Image Kenji Haroutunian on the Challenges of Making the Outdoors Accessible to Everyone
58 minutes
Episode Image Susie Belanger on Perseverance and Getting Justice for Military Veterans
34 minutes
Episode Image Kate Tomas on Women's Spiritual Empowerment and the Failings of Academia
58 minutes
Episode Image Gregory Crouch on Writing Narrative Non-Fiction, American History, and the Importance of Time and Place
41 minutes
Episode Image Alan Bell on Being a Hollywood Film Editor, Rock Climber, and Silversmith
38 minutes
Episode Image Patricia Baker on Academia, Roman Floristry, and Well-being
38 minutes