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Podcast Profile: Mind-Body Problems

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16 episodes
2019 to 2021
Median: 60 minutes
Collection: Philosophy

Description (podcaster-provided):

The mind-body problem, which Buddha, Socrates and many modern scientists have sought to solve, encompasses riddles such as consciousness, free will, morality and the meaning of life. In this podcast, science journalist John Horgan, talks to leading mind-body theorists about their views and often, about their personal lives. The show is an outgrowth of a book of the same title, available for free at

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Mind-body problem • Quantum mechanics • Consciousness • Free will • Morality • Philosophy • Science and humanities • Spirituality • Panpsychism • Stoicism • Epistemology • Neuroscience

" Mind-Body Problems" is a podcast that delves into the complex and intertwined issues surrounding consciousness, free will, morality, and the broader quest to understand the meaning of life. Hosted by science journalist John Horgan, the podcast traces its roots back to a book of the same title, offering episodes that feature deep conversations with leading theorists on the relationship between the mind and the body.

Recurring themes in this podcast include the philosophical and scientific quandaries posed by quantum mechanics, such as its non-deterministic nature, the many-worlds hypothesis, and the implications of quantum computing. Guests frequently discuss the philosophical implications of quantum mechanics and its potential intersections with consciousness.

The podcast also often explores broader ontological and epistemological issues, such as whether science can ever fully explain reality or absorb the humanities. Many discussions probe the limits of scientific knowledge and question whether phenomena like consciousness and free will can be entirely understood within a scientific framework.

In addition to abstract theoretical issues, the show often touches on the personal lives and unique intellectual journeys of its guests, including their books, other works, and how they came to be interested in the mind-body problem.

Philosophers, physicists, and interdisciplinary thinkers discuss topics that bridge the gaps between science and philosophy, including panpsychism, integrated information theory, and the moral dimensions of consciousness theories. The podcast also frequently includes reflections on the relationship between science and spirituality, exploring how different perspectives can influence one's understanding of the mind-body connection.

Listeners can expect conversations that are intellectually stimulating and provoke thought about fundamental questions of existence, reality, and human cognition. Each episode contributes to a broader understanding of how contemporary thinkers are grappling with issues that have perplexed humanity since the times of Buddha and Socrates.

Episode Image Consolations of Physics (John Horgan & Sabine Hossenfelder)
60 minutes
Episode Image Quantum Mechanics and the Quest for Final Knowledge (John Horgan & Philip Ball)
60 minutes
Episode Image Science, Fiction, and the Mind-Body Problem (John Horgan & Erik Hoel)
60 minutes
Episode Image Explaining Quantum Mechanics (John Horgan & Tim Maudlin)
60 minutes
Episode Image Quantum Mechanics and “Reality” (John Horgan & Adam Becker)
60 minutes
Episode Image Spooky Action at a Distance (John Horgan & George Musser)
60 minutes
Episode Image Quantum Mechanics and Other Mysteries (John Horgan & Amanda Gefter)
60 minutes
Episode Image The Quantum Astrologer's Handbook (John Horgan & Michael Brooks)
60 minutes
Episode Image The Innovation Delusion (John Horgan & Lee Vinsel)
60 minutes
Episode Image Debating Panpsychism (John Horgan & Philip Goff)
60 minutes
Episode Image The Case Against Thomas Kuhn (John Horgan & Errol Morris)
60 minutes
Episode Image Scientist, Philosopher, Stoic (John Horgan & Massimo Pigliucci)
60 minutes
Episode Image Spiritual Science (John Horgan & Steve Taylor)
60 minutes
Episode Image Universal Consciousness (John Horgan & Bernardo Kastrup)
60 minutes
Episode Image Epiphanies of Mind (John Horgan & Jeffrey Kripal)
60 minutes
Episode Image The Theology of Communication (Nikita Petrov & John Horgan)
60 minutes