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Podcast Profile: Damn the Absolute!

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25 episodes
2020 to 2023
Median: 49 minutes
Collection: Philosophy

Description (podcaster-provided):

Hosted by Jeffrey Howard, editor-in-chief of Erraticus, Damn the Absolute! is a show about our relationship to ideas.
Doing our damnedest not to block the path of inquiry.
Produced by Erraticus.

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Philosophy • Pragmatism • Ethics • Political thought • Social justice • Literature • Democracy • History • Religion • Education • Environmental issues • Localism • Buddhism • Stoicism

"Damn the Absolute!" is a podcast that delves into our relationship with ideas, focusing on the importance of inquiry and the avoidance of dogmatism. Hosted by Jeffrey Howard, editor-in-chief of Erraticus, the show explores a wide array of philosophical, social, and political themes through rich, thought-provoking discussions with various scholars and practitioners.

A recurring theme throughout the podcast is the examination of pragmatism and its application to contemporary issues. Numerous episodes discuss the philosophies of prominent pragmatist thinkers such as William James, Charles Sanders Peirce, and Richard Rorty. The podcast often looks at how pragmatism can help address social and political challenges, encouraging a dynamic and flexible approach to truth and understanding.

Issues pertaining to democratic processes and community-building are explored through episodes discussing topics like democratic deliberation, the concept of beloved community, and the impact of localism and placemaking. From the effects of subsistence agriculture on communities to exploring the potential benefits of a small farm future, the podcast frequently considers how localized, practical solutions can offer alternatives to larger, more homogenized systems.

The podcast also probes into the intersection of philosophy and other disciplines, such as the humanities, religion, and psychology. Episodes touch on the role of literature in democratic societies, the metaphorical nature of scientific knowledge, and the contributions of classical literature to modern philosophical debates.

Social and political polarization is another significant topic, with discussions on the erosion of trust in democratic institutions, as well as the rise of authoritarianism and its psychoanalytic underpinnings. The host and guests tackle complex issues like racial justice, liberal democracy, and the role of education in fostering civic participation and social cohesion.

Through its diverse yet interconnected themes, "Damn the Absolute!" emphasizes the importance of open inquiry, intellectual humility, and the active engagement of ideas to foster a more understanding, inclusive, and equitable society.

Episode Image S2E05 Americans Don’t Know How to Sing the Blues w/ Brad Elliott Stone & Jacob Goodson
73 minutes
Episode Image S2E04 Does Metamodernism Actually Move Us Past Postmodernism? w/ Jason Ānanda Josephson Storm
66 minutes
Episode Image S2E03 Literature Must Be an Unsettling Force for Democracy w/ Elin Danielsen Huckerby
63 minutes
Episode Image S2E02 Fear of Breakdown in American Democracy w/ Noëlle McAfee
53 minutes
Episode Image S2E01 Scientific Knowledge Is Metaphorical w/ Jessica Wahman
49 minutes
Episode Image S1E20 Can Pragmatism Help Us Live Well? w/ John Stuhr
56 minutes
Episode Image S1E19 Buddhist Reflections on Race and Liberation w/ Charles Johnson
42 minutes
Episode Image S1E18 A Friendly Introduction to Stoicism w/ Derek Parsons
46 minutes
Episode Image S1E17 Reversing Climate Change w/ Ross Kenyon
48 minutes
Episode Image S1E16 Where Do Animals Fit into Human Flourishing? w/ Ike Sharpless
44 minutes
Episode Image S1E15 Making the Commons More Common w/ Neal Gorenflo
39 minutes
Episode Image S1E14 A Tool for a Pluralistic World w/ Justin Marshall
38 minutes
Episode Image S1E13 The Philosophy of Lived Experience w/ Henriikka Hannula
44 minutes
Episode Image S1E12 Philosophers Need to Care About the Poor w/ Jacob Goodson
64 minutes
Episode Image S1E11 A Small Farm Future w/ Chris Smaje
50 minutes
Episode Image S1E10 Unschooling and Gentle Parenting w/ Tiersa McQueen
40 minutes
Episode Image S1E09 Trust in a Polarized Age w/ Kevin Vallier
53 minutes
Episode Image S1E08 Subsistence Agriculture During the Collapse of Industrial Capitalism w/ Ashley Colby
46 minutes
Episode Image S1E07 Charles Peirce and Inquiry as an Act of Love w/ David O'Hara
49 minutes
Episode Image S1E06 Levinas and James: A Pragmatic Phenomenology w/ Megan Craig
56 minutes
Episode Image S1E05 An Expansive and Democratic View of Physical Education w/ Nate Babcock
46 minutes
Episode Image S1E04 Religious Disagreement and Whether Religious Expertise Exists w/ Helen De Cruz
50 minutes
Episode Image S1E03 Placemaking and the Benefits of Local Scale w/ Jaime Izurieta
47 minutes
Episode Image S1E02 Toward a Politics of Uncertainty w/ Daniel Wortel-London
48 minutes
Episode Image S1E01 Richard Rorty and Achieving Our Country w/ Adrian Rutt
63 minutes