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Podcast Profile: Mind to Mind

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2 episodes
Median: 132 minutes
Collection: Philosophy

Description (podcaster-provided):

Philosopher Keith Frankish interviews leading philosophers of mind and cognitive scientists

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Philosophers of mind • Cognitive sciences • Consciousness • Intentionality • Blindsight • Sensation vs. perception • Evolutionary psychology • Artificial consciousness • Introspection • Phenomenal consciousness • Spirituality and materialism

"Mind to Mind" is a podcast hosted by philosopher Keith Frankish, where he engages in in-depth discussions with prominent figures in the fields of philosophy of mind and cognitive science. The show's overarching theme is the exploration of consciousness, intentionality, and the relationship between the mind and the broader cognitive sciences.

The podcast delves into a variety of theoretical and empirical topics that intersect philosophy and cognitive science. Among the recurring themes are naturalistic accounts of consciousness and the debate over whether consciousness can be fully explained through scientific means. The discussions often address the nature of subjective experience, sometimes referred to as 'phenomenal consciousness,' and whether the subjective 'what it is like' aspect of consciousness holds substantive value or is merely an illusion.

Several episodes explore specific conceptual frameworks and the implications of these frameworks for understanding mental processes. The show examines representational theories of consciousness, questioning whether our mental states are merely representations of external reality or something more intrinsic. It also tackles the debate over nonconceptual content, scrutinizing whether all mental content can be expressed in conceptual terms.

Another area of focus is the relationship between sensation and perception, particularly how these processes manifest in humans and other animals. The podcast frequently references empirical studies, such as those involving blindsight, to illustrate and support philosophical arguments. There is also a discussion on the evolutionary aspects of consciousness, pondering its adaptive functions and how it may have developed over time.

The nature of introspection and its role in self-knowledge is another critical topic. The podcast often questions traditional views, suggesting that introspection might be more about recalibration of mental states than accurate self-monitoring. Artificial consciousness and the potential for machines to possess sentience are also explored, reflecting on the broader implications for understanding consciousness in both biological and artificial entities.

Overall, "Mind to Mind" offers a rich tapestry of discussions that bridge philosophical theory and scientific inquiry, providing listeners with a deep dive into the complexities and nuances of the human mind.

Episode Image Pete Mandik
152 minutes
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112 minutes