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Podcast Profile: London Philosophy Talk

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4 episodes
2020 to 2021
Median: 82 minutes
Collection: Philosophy

Description (podcaster-provided):

This is a podcast, directed at the philosophically curious, students, as well as fellow academics, in which I, Florian Steinberger, a philosopher at Birkbeck College, University of London, have informal philosophical discussions with experts in a range of different topics. Among them are the philosophy of fiction, the status of moral intuitions, as well as questions surrounding reference in the philosophy of language and whether many of us are too incompetent to deserve a right to vote, and much more. Future episodes will also take a philosophical angle on topics ranging from the sciences and the arts to dog training and martial arts.
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Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Informal philosophical discussions • Experts in various topics • Philosophy of fiction • Moral intuitions • Philosophy of language • Voting competence • Ethics and trolley problems

"London Philosophy Talk" is a thought-provoking podcast hosted by Florian Steinberger, a philosopher at Birkbeck College, University of London. The podcast primarily targets those with a philosophical inclination, including students, academics, and the broadly curious. Each episode features informal discussions with various esteemed experts, navigating a wide range of topics within the realm of philosophy.

The podcast delves into multiple branches of philosophical inquiry. Key themes include the philosophy of language and mind, addressing intricate issues such as reference and mental attitude ascriptions. It also explores meta-ethical questions related to the nature of moral intuitions, exemplified by discussions surrounding famous philosophical problems like trolley dilemmas. Another recurring theme is the intersection of philosophy and political theory, particularly the concept of electoral competence and the implications for democratic participation.

The episodes demonstrate a strong reliance on significant philosophical works and papers, grounding discussions in established scholarship. For example, references are made to influential papers by Saul Kripke, Jason Brennan, Judith Jarvis Thompson, and Tamar Szabó Gendler, among others. These scholarly references anchor the conversations in well-regarded academic debates and highlight the podcast’s commitment to a rigorous, yet accessible examination of complex philosophical ideas.

Future episodes promise to broaden the scope further, incorporating philosophical perspectives on diverse subjects ranging from the sciences and arts to practical topics such as dog training and martial arts. This eclectic approach indicates a broad and inclusive understanding of philosophy’s reach and relevance.

Overall, "London Philosophy Talk" showcases diverse philosophical conversations aimed at unpacking both traditional and contemporary issues, making it a rich resource for anyone interested in deepening their philosophical knowledge and understanding.

Episode 004 - Alex Grzankowski on Reference and Attitude Ascriptions
87 minutes
Episode 003 - Kristoffer Ahlstrom-Vij On Who Should Get to Vote
86 minutes
Episode 002 - Hallvard Lillehammer on Trolley Problems and the Nature of Ethical Intuitions
77 minutes
Episode 001 - Stacie Friend on the Philosophy of Fiction
74 minutes