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Podcast Profile: Wonder Cupboard

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18 episodes
2018 to 2020
Median: 53 minutes
Collections: PhilosophyScience

Description (podcaster-provided):

Wonder Cupboard asks what science is, how it works, and how it came to be. Elena Falco and Ian Bridgeman present a new topic on the history and philosophy of science every episode.

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ History of science • Philosophy of science • Science in daily life • Unusual scientific topics • Guest experts • Science and culture • Controversial science issues • Fun scientific explorations

"Wonder Cupboard" is a podcast that delves into the intricacies of science, exploring its history, philosophy, and various phenomena. Hosted by Elena Falco and Ian Bridgeman, the show examines a broad array of scientific topics, often embedding historical context and philosophical inquiry within each episode.

The podcast frequently addresses foundational questions about the nature of science, such as what science is, why it works, and how philosophers and scientists have approached these questions throughout history. It often brings to light the social and cultural dimensions of science, analyzing how scientific practices and technologies have evolved and their impact on society. Topics range from specific scientific concepts and objects like numbers, ice, and viruses, to broader societal issues such as vaccines, air conditioning, and the role of languages in science.

The episodes tend to mix historical anecdotes with scientific explanations, making connections between past events and modern understanding. For instance, listeners might learn about the storied past of sunbathing, the rise of air conditioning, or the life and controversies surrounding historical figures like Galileo. The podcast does not shy away from examining contentious or provocative subjects, such as the debate over the reality of viruses or the legitimacy of theories perceived as "beautiful" within the scientific community.

"Wonder Cupboard" also often includes thematic episodes tied to holidays or special events, blending scientific inquiry with cultural commentary. Episodes might take on a festive air, such as discussing the intersection of science and Christmas traditions, or turn romantic with stories of famous scientific couples during Valentine's Day.

Guest speakers, including scientists and experts, occasionally join the hosts to provide deeper insights or to discuss their own work and perspectives, bringing a diverse range of voices into the narrative.

Overall, this podcast offers a thought-provoking and often humorous exploration of how scientific ideas develop and shape our world, making complex topics accessible and engaging for its audience.

Episode Image 018 – Sunbathing
55 minutes
Episode Image 017 – Air Conditioning
56 minutes
Episode Image 016 – Ice
74 minutes
Episode Image 015 – Are Viruses Alive?
48 minutes
Episode Image 014 – Beauty Part 2 with Simon Watt
69 minutes
Episode Image 013 – Beauty Part 1 with Sabine Hossenfelder
51 minutes
Episode Image 012 – Merry Christmas
23 minutes
Episode Image 011 – Vaccines and Power
50 minutes
Episode Image 010 – Do We Live in a Simulation?
59 minutes
Episode Image 009 – Lab Coats
48 minutes
Episode Image 008 – Valentine's Special: Mamie & Kenneth
27 minutes
Episode Image 007 – What Are Numbers?
48 minutes
Episode Image 006 – Mesmerism
69 minutes
Episode Image 005 – What's the Language of Science?
38 minutes
Episode Image 004 – Flat Earth
67 minutes
Episode Image 003 – Sexy Plants
54 minutes
Episode Image 002 – Why Does Science Work?
42 minutes
Episode Image 001 – Galileo
57 minutes