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Podcast Profile: Walter Veit Podcast

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25 episodes
2023 to 2024
Median: 58 minutes
Collection: Philosophy

Description (podcaster-provided):

Dr. Walter Veit is a lecturer in philosophy at the University of Reading. This podcast features conversations, interviews, talks, and lectures about philosophy, science, as well as his own research.
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Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Philosophy discussions • Science topics • Ethical issues • Cognitive enhancement • Evolutionary biology • Animal welfare • Moral psychology • Interviews with experts • Thought-provoking research • Philosophical problems

The "Walter Veit Podcast" is a rich collection of intellectual content anchored by Dr. Walter Veit, a lecturer in philosophy at the University of Reading. This podcast explores a variety of themes primarily centered on philosophy, science, and Dr. Veit's own academic research. Episodes feature a mix of solo discussions, interviews with experts, audio versions of academic papers, and live readings from Dr. Veit’s publications.

Recurring themes in the podcast include in-depth explorations of evolutionary biology, cognitive science, and ethical considerations surrounding technology and animal welfare. Discussions often delve into complex philosophical problems, such as existential nihilism and the ethical implications of cognitive enhancement. The podcast also touches upon the intersection of philosophy with other disciplines like genetics, psychology, and artificial intelligence.

Listeners will find content related to prominent figures in the philosophy and science communities, with tributes and interviews offering personal and professional insights. Episodes frequently address contemporary debates and problems, including issues of animal sentience, the ethics of artificial intelligence in agricultural settings, and the societal impacts of genetic and cognitive enhancements.

Dr. Veit provides accessibility to academic content by discussing his own peer-reviewed papers and those of his guests. This approach allows for a deeper understanding of subject matter that might otherwise be confined to scholarly circles.

Additionally, the podcast serves as a platform for intellectuals and academics to share their findings and viewpoints, ranging from practical applications in fields like bodybuilding to theoretical discussions on topics such as procreative beneficence and moral motivations behind altruism. Overall, the content is diverse yet consistently tied to a core interest in the implications of scientific progress and philosophical inquiry for contemporary life.

Episode Image #25 - Evolution of multicellularity: cheating done right - PART 1
42 minutes
Episode Image #24 - Existential Nihilism: The Only Really Serious Philosophical Problem
67 minutes
Episode Image #23 - Daniel C. Dennett Tribute
17 minutes
Episode Image #22 - Cognitive Enhancement and the Threat of Inequality
44 minutes
Episode Image #21 - Eric Helms: Is Bodybuilding a Sport?
85 minutes
Episode Image #20 - Drawing the boundaries of animal sentience
14 minutes
Episode Image #19 - Matti Wilks: On the Psychology of Moral Motivations and Effective Altruism
64 minutes
Episode Image #18 - Improving Invertebrate Welfare
14 minutes
Episode Image #17 - Alex Rosenberg: On Science, Philosophy, and Meaning
55 minutes
Episode Image #16 - Modeling Morality
70 minutes
Episode Image #15 - Nicola Clayton: Animal Cognition, Magic, Corvids, Dance, Embodiment
58 minutes
Episode Image #14 - Enhancement Technologies and Inequality
20 minutes
Episode Image #13 - Richard Yetter Chappell: Why Not Effective Altruism?
79 minutes
Episode Image #12 - Procreative Beneficence and Genetic Enhancement
60 minutes
Episode Image #11 - Kristin Andrews: Animal Minds, Animal Culture, Orangutans, Philosophy
68 minutes
Episode Image #10 - Princeton Panel on the Ethics of AI in Farming
33 minutes
Episode Image #9 - Princeton: Artificial intelligence, animal welfare, and the ethics of smart farming
41 minutes
Episode Image #8 - Kevin Mitchell: Free Will, Evolution of Agency, Control, Consciousness
71 minutes
Episode Image #7 - Dalai Lama Conference in India: Animal Consciousness
47 minutes
Episode Image #6 - Eva Jablonka: Epigenetics, Evolution, Consciousness, Israel and Palestine
93 minutes
Episode Image #5 - Chapter 1 of A Philosophy for the Science of Animal Consciousness
79 minutes
Episode Image #4 - Preview for A Philosophy for the Science of Animal Consciousness
40 minutes
Episode Image #3 - Heather Browning: Zookeeping, Philosophy, Sentience, Animal Welfare, and AI
73 minutes
Episode Image #2 - Why start a podcast?
5 minutes
Episode Image #1 - Daniel C. Dennett: Consciousness, AI, Free Will, Evolution, & Religion
81 minutes