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Podcast Profile: Dialexicon

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36 episodes
2022 to 2023
Median: 50 minutes
Collection: Philosophy

Description (podcaster-provided):

A podcast dedicated to promoting philosophical education and deep reflection. We invite philosophers from around the globe to discuss philosophy in the context of contemporary injustices – all at an easy-to-understand and digestible level. New episodes weekly on Friday.

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Philosophical education • Ethical questions • Social justice • Consciousness • Artificial intelligence • Democracy • Epistemology • Mental health • Race and society • Legal philosophy

Dialexicon is a podcast dedicated to promoting philosophical education and deep reflection. With a focus on making complex philosophical discussions accessible, the podcast explores a wide array of subjects, often tying philosophical concepts to contemporary issues and injustices.

Episodes consistently feature discussions with philosophers from diverse academic backgrounds, covering a spectrum of themes including democracy, ethics, social epistemology, and consciousness. Specific topics range from the mechanics of U.S. democracy and electoral reform to the ethical implications of fake news and the integration of various social and political frameworks within epistemology. Several episodes delve into questions surrounding artificial intelligence, examining both its ethical dimensions and its intersections with human cognition.

The podcast also examines the philosophy of race and social ontology, addressing concepts such as cognitive resistance, social beliefs, and the impacts of AI on racial constructs. Another recurring theme is the intersection of philosophy with education, particularly focusing on how philosophical thinking can be introduced to younger generations and the role of philosophy in the educational curriculum.

Episodes extend to more specialized areas of philosophy, such as metaphysics, bioethics, and the philosophy of emotions, showcasing conversations that scrutinize fundamental questions about identity, morality, and consciousness. Additionally, there are discussions about legal philosophy, exploring concepts like reasonable moral doubt and legal epistemology.

Dialexicon also looks at the practical applications of philosophical theories, including animal rights, environmental ethics, and the ethics embedded in computer science. Moreover, the podcast includes explorations of historical and critical theories, such as those of W.E.B. Du Bois and feminist philosophy, analyzing their contemporary relevance and impact on current societal issues.

Overall, Dialexicon provides a platform where both abstract philosophical theories and their practical applications in modern society are discussed, making philosophy relevant and accessible to a broader audience.

Episode Image How to Fix a Democracy: Making Margins Matter with Professor Daniel Wodak
54 minutes
Episode Image Ethics in Social Epistemology: “Insidious Ignorance” with Professor Bailey Thomas
52 minutes
Episode Image Fake News and Misinformation with Professor Eliot Michaelson
55 minutes
Episode Image The Necessity of Philosophy for the Youth: PLATO with Professor Jana Mohr Lone
43 minutes
Episode Image Consciousness: Experience and Time with Professor Geoffrey Lee
51 minutes
Episode Image The Non-Linguistic Mind: the Approximate Number System with Dr. Sam Clarke
47 minutes
Episode Image Computation and the Philosophy of Cognitive Science with Dr. Andrew Richmond
45 minutes
Episode Image Cognition and Social Philosophy: Resistant Social Beliefs with Dr. Carolina Flores
45 minutes
Episode Image Race and Epistemology: Information Flow and Racist AI? with Dr. Eric Bayruns García
52 minutes
Episode Image Legal Philosophy and "Reasonable Moral Doubt" with Professor Emad Atiq
48 minutes
Episode Image Justice in Health and Philosophy at Northwestern with Professor Chad Horne
46 minutes
Episode Image Animal Rights and Ethics with Professor Jeff Sebo
48 minutes
Episode Image Group Formation and Social Ontology with Professor Katherine Ritchie
46 minutes
Episode Image Idealism: Consciousness and Ethics with Professor Robert Smithson
48 minutes
Episode Image Virtue Ethics and its Limits with Professor Travis Timmerman
46 minutes
Episode Image Bioethics and Autonomy with Professor Samuel Reis-Dennis
50 minutes
Episode Image Metaphysics and Identity with Professor Erica Shumener
47 minutes
Episode Image Social Indeterminacy and Ontological Erasure with Professor Kevin Richardson
50 minutes
Episode Image Aristotelian Education and Ethics in Computer Science with Dr. William Cochran
46 minutes
Episode Image Moral Philosophy and Ethics with Professor Vida Yao
49 minutes
Episode Image Education, Trust, and the Ethics of Computer Science with Dr. Trystan Goetze
49 minutes
Episode Image Metaphysics, Chances, Time Travel, and Philosophy Education with Professor Katie Elliott
48 minutes
Episode Image Feminist Philosophy and Ethics in Society with Dr. Sophia Dandelet
54 minutes
Episode Image The Philosophy and Politics of Race and Reparations with Professor Joseph Frigault
55 minutes
Episode Image W. E. B. Du Bois and the Philosophy of Critical Theory with Dr. Yarran Hominh
47 minutes
Episode Image The Philosophy of Emotions and Anxiety with Professor Charlie Kurth
52 minutes
Episode Image The Philosophy and Ethics of Artificial Intelligence with Dr. Raphaël Millière
54 minutes
Episode Image Roe v. Wade and the Philosophy of Abortions with Dr. Dustin Crummett
52 minutes
Episode Image Law, Legal Epistemology, and Legal Burdens of Proof with Professor Georgi Gardiner
61 minutes
Episode Image Competitive Debate, Thought, and Surety with Dr. Ben Holguín
61 minutes
Episode Image Animal Consciousness and Prison Philosophy Outreach with Dr. Simon Brown
63 minutes
Episode Image Epistemology: Belief, Credence, and Evidence with Dr. Liz Jackson
69 minutes
Episode Image The Philosophy of Depression with Dr. Ian Tully
65 minutes
Episode Image The Philosophy and Power of Transformative Experiences with Dr. Rebecca Chan
43 minutes
Episode Image Consciousness, Artificial Consciousness, and Artificial General Intelligence with Dr. Anand Vaidya
56 minutes
Episode Image Narcissism, Comedy, and Psychotherapy with Eva Virc
52 minutes