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Podcast Profile: Uehiro Lectures: Practical solutions for ethical challenges

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6 episodes
Median: 52 minutes
Collection: Philosophy

Description (podcaster-provided):

The annual public Uehiro Lecture Series captures the ethos of the Uehiro Centre, which is to bring the best scholarship in analytic philosophy to bear on the most significant problems of our time, and to make progress in the analysis and resolution of these issues to the highest academic standard, in a manner that is also accessible to the general public. Philosophy should not only create knowledge, it should make people’s lives better.

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Analytic philosophy • Ethical challenges • Equality • Feminism • Legal and social frameworks • Gender relations • Philosophical justifications • Public debate • Reproductive technology • Ideology • Political correctness

This podcast, "Uehiro Lectures: Practical solutions for ethical challenges," is a collection of annual public lectures that embody the mission of the Uehiro Centre. The series strives to bring robust scholarly analysis from the realm of analytic philosophy to address significant contemporary problems. Underpinning the lectures is the belief that philosophy should extend beyond the creation of theoretical knowledge, aiming instead to positively impact people's lives.

The episodes feature prominent philosophers who delve into a variety of pressing ethical issues. A recurring theme within the podcast is the concept of equality, explored in different dimensions such as equal opportunity, equal status, and equal treatment. These discussions are informed by philosophical justifications and are enriched through dialogues and roundtable discussions with other experts, enhancing the depth and nuance of the subjects covered.

Another core focus of the podcast is the evolving landscape of feminist thought and its quest for a fair and functional legal and social framework for gender relations. The episodes confront the persistent challenges within feminism, such as the resistance to relinquishing traditional male privileges and the absence of a clear, consistent model for achieving equality. Technological advances and their implications on reproduction and societal norms are also critically examined, reflecting on how such changes continually reshape ethical landscapes.

Overall, this podcast offers a platform where analytic philosophy is applied to dissect and propose solutions to current ethical dilemmas, ensuring that the discourse remains accessible not only to academics but also to the broader public interested in these significant societal issues.

2013 Annual Uehiro Lecture (3): Equal Opportunity
119 minutes
2013 Annual Uehiro Lecture (2): Equal Status
52 minutes
2013 Annual Uehiro Lecture (1): Equal Treatment
52 minutes
Sex in a Shifting Landscape Lecture Three: Oxford Uehiro Lectures 2012
58 minutes
Sex in a Shifting Landscape Lecture Two:Oxford Uehiro Lectures 2012
49 minutes
Sex in a Shifting Landscape Lecture One: Oxford Uehiro Lectures 2012
49 minutes