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Podcast Profile: This Is The Way: Chinese Philosophy Podcast

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6 episodes
Median: 86 minutes
Collection: Philosophy

Description (podcaster-provided):

This Is The Way is a podcast on Chinese philosophy, exploring philosophical themes by reflecting on significant Chinese texts and through interviews with scholars of Chinese thought. We aim to offer discussions that are informative and accessible to a broad audience.
Please email us at: [email protected] and follow us on X @ChinesePhilPod

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Chinese philosophy • Confucian texts • Moral self-cultivation • Persuasion • Oneness • Detachment • Shame • Philosophical arguments • Expert interviews • Traditional commentaries

"This Is The Way: Chinese Philosophy Podcast" delves into various aspects of Chinese philosophical thought, making complex ideas accessible to a broad audience. The podcast explores philosophical themes through reflection on significant Chinese texts and engaging discussions with scholars in the field. The episodes examine classical and contemporary issues in Chinese philosophy by analyzing texts such as the Analects and the Zhuangzi, and by discussing ideas with experts.

Recurring themes include ethical concepts, personal cultivation, and the tension between individual and collective responsibilities. Episodes delve into the nature of special relationships and justice, exploring how partiality and impartiality can coexist in ethical decision-making. The podcast also frequently considers the process of moral self-cultivation, as exemplified in Confucian thought, and how individuals come to understand and practice the Confucian Way.

The episodes offer in-depth discussions on persuasion and its effectiveness, examining dialogues from classical texts to understand how philosophical arguments shape viewpoints. Another notable topic is the concept of oneness, where guests provide insights into unifying philosophies and their implications on personal and societal levels.

Listeners can expect detailed explorations of ideas such as detachment, heavily influenced by the works of Zhuangzi, and the role of shame in ethical lives, as defended within Confucian philosophy. The podcast not only presents philosophical arguments but also contextualizes them within broader cultural and ethical frameworks, often referencing academic articles and offering links to further sources for continued exploration.

Overall, the podcast provides a comprehensive look at Chinese philosophy through a mix of textual analysis and expert interviews, encouraging listeners to engage thoughtfully with age-old questions that remain relevant in contemporary discussions.

Episode 6: Partiality and Justice
85 minutes
Episode 5: Cultivation and the Autobiography of Confucius
88 minutes
Episode 4: Persuasion
96 minutes
Episode 3: Oneness
87 minutes
Episode 1: Detachment
71 minutes
Episode 2: Shame
72 minutes