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Podcast Profile: Two Philosophers Drink Beer & Discuss Film

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3 episodes
2021 to 2022
Median: 44 minutes
Collection: Philosophy

Description (podcaster-provided):

Listen to Dr Daniel Murphy and Dr Gregory David Jackson offer philosophical readings of popular films, whilst drinking beer. Follow us on or to get involved with the discussion.

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Philosophical discussions of films • Themes of loneliness, addiction, and modern life • Existential phenomenology • Surveillance capitalism • Artificial intelligence• Farewell episode with beer recommendations

"Two Philosophers Drink Beer & Discuss Film" is a podcast that offers philosophical interpretations of popular films while enjoying beer. Each episode features Dr. Daniel Murphy and Dr. Gregory David Jackson, who delve deeply into various films, combining their expertise in philosophy with their love for cinema. They often incorporate philosophical theories and concepts to analyze the themes, characters, and narratives of the films they discuss.

This podcast constantly engages with both classical and contemporary philosophical ideas, drawing from notable philosophers such as Hannah Arendt, Emmanuel Levinas, Francis Fukuyama, Ayn Rand, and Herbert Marcuse. The discussions are not just confined to the philosophical underpinnings of the films but also address broader societal themes such as loneliness, surveillance capitalism, and totalitarianism. These analyses are aimed at providing listeners with a richer, more nuanced understanding of the films beyond their surface-level narratives.

In addition to their rigorous intellectual examination, the hosts also interact with their audience through social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, inviting listeners to participate in the ongoing discussion. The show balances its scholarly content with a casual, conversational tone, fostered by the inclusion of beer, which the hosts often mention and appreciate during episodes, contributing to a relaxed and approachable atmosphere.

The podcast also touches on the conception of intelligence, particularly in the context of artificial intelligence, challenging prevalent misunderstandings and offering fresh perspectives on the notions of subjectivity and identity within digital and cybernetic frameworks. Overall, the podcast is characterized by its blend of philosophy, film critique, and social commentary, providing a platform where intellectual curiosity and cinematic appreciation intersect.

Episode Image Episode 32: End Credits
34 minutes
Episode Image Episode 31: Her
46 minutes
Episode Image Episode 30: Trainspotting
44 minutes