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Podcast Profile: Out of the Tower

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9 episodes
2020 to 2022
Median: 42 minutes
Collection: Philosophy

Description (podcaster-provided):

Podcast by Out of the Tower

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Technology and society • Art and NFTs • Big Tech challenges • Satire in politics • Corporate culture change • Spirituality at work • Philosophical engagement • Emotional impact of the pandemic • Philosophy in tech

"Out of the Tower" is a podcast dedicated to exploring the intersection of philosophy, technology, culture, and society. The episodes delve into a wide array of topics, unified by their focus on how philosophical thinking can illuminate contemporary issues and emergent trends. This podcast brings together an eclectic mix of scholars, industry experts, and cultural commentators to dissect complex subjects with thoughtful, in-depth discourse.

The podcast often features discussions with renowned professionals, such as art historians and technology experts, to examine innovative phenomena like NFTs and their implications for society and the art world. It also tackles pressing issues related to big technology, with insights from academics on the ethical, legal, and social disruptions caused by tech advancements. Another recurring theme is the role of humor and satire in a politically charged world, emphasizing the societal need for comedic relief and critique.

Listeners can also expect episodes centered around transformational stories from individuals who advocate for changes in corporate culture, particularly in creating inclusive environments for people with disabilities, and promoting spirituality in the professional realm. The relevance of philosophical inquiry in modern contexts is a dominant thread, with episodes discussing how philosophical concepts can be applied to bridge gaps between theoretical knowledge and practical application, as well as fostering philosophical curiosity among the general public.

Personal and societal emotional responses to crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, are explored to understand the shifts in emotional expression and values during such challenging times. The podcast also takes a reflective approach towards its mission, discussing the need for a stronger philosophical voice within the tech industry and the broader implications of integrating philosophical perspectives into everyday life.

Overall, "Out of the Tower" is a podcast that seeks to marry philosophical thought with real-world issues, providing listeners with a multifaceted view of how philosophy can contribute to, and enhance, our understanding of a rapidly evolving world.

Episode Image Ep. 9 - Digital Originals: NFTs with Dr. Sally Metzler & Christie's Steven Zick and Meghan Doyle
60 minutes
Episode Image Ep. 8 - An (Un)expected Error Has Occurred: Rob Reich on the Challenges of Big Tech
33 minutes
Episode Image Ep. 7 - A Comedic Imperative: The Need for Satire in a Politics-Obsessed World with Al Gini
52 minutes
Episode Image Ep. 6 - Getting (and Climbing) Over It: Changing Corporate Culture with Timmy O'Neill
42 minutes
Episode Image Ep. 5 - Corporate Spirituality: A Better Workplace with Peter Ferris
57 minutes
Episode Image Ep. 4 - Speaking Bridges: Philosophical Curiosity in a Tech-Centric World with Matthew Teichman
57 minutes
Episode Image Ep. 3 - Emotional Transformation in the Pandemic with Sara Protasi
34 minutes
Episode Image Ep. 2 - Out of the Tower, Into the Gap
29 minutes
Episode Image Ep. 1 - A Louder Voice for Philosophy In Tech
31 minutes