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Podcast Profile: Philosophy | Ethics Short Story Discussions

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77 episodes
2019 to 2023
Median: 38 minutes
Collection: Philosophy

Description (podcaster-provided):

Named “TOP 20 PHILOSOPHY PODCAST” for 2022!
Brought to you by “After Dinner Conversation” publishing; thoughtful discussions about the philosophy and ethics found in the short fiction stories from our monthly magazine.
Or, put another way, discussions about “what-if” examples, across literary genres, regarding ethics, metaphysics, epistemology, utilitarianism, aesthetics, moral relativism, and political and economic philosophy.

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Philosophical short stories • Ethics in various scenarios • Moral dilemmas • Utilitarianism • Social and political philosophy • Human behavior analysis • Concept of justice • Technology and ethics • Psychological conflicts

This podcast, titled "Philosophy | Ethics Short Story Discussions," delves into profound ethical and philosophical dilemmas through the lens of short fiction stories. Each episode features an engaging discussion centered around a new narrative that explores complex questions within the realms of morality, metaphysics, epistemology, and political and economic philosophy.

Recurring themes in this podcast include the ethics of personal freedom versus societal protection, the moral implications of advanced technology, and the nature of human rights and justice. For instance, episodes investigate scenarios such as the ethical considerations around government surveillance, the consequences of artificial intelligence, and the societal impacts of genetic modification. Also prevalent are discussions on the morality of war, the justice of punishments, and the ethics of insurance and medical treatments.

Many episodes raise questions about the human experience and interpersonal relationships, often highlighting the tension between individual desires and collective needs. Subjects like the responsibility in confronting evil, the emotional and moral complexities of familial relationships, and the dynamics of prejudice and forgiveness are explored. The show also frequently addresses speculative and science fiction themes, contemplating the ethics of hypothetical futures where technology and humanity intersect in unsettling ways.

Through these various narratives, the podcast challenges listeners to reflect on philosophical questions pertaining to utilitarianism, moral relativism, and aesthetic values, encouraging in-depth contemplation and discussion of real-world parallels. This consistent blending of imaginative fiction with ethical inquiry offers a diverse and thought-provoking auditory experience aimed at those interested in the deeper questions of human morality and society.

Episode Image E71. "Season Five Recap" - After Dinner Conversation editor Kolby answers listener questions.
18 minutes
Episode Image E70. "The Growing And Weeding Of Dandelions" - Can the stakes ever be so high that genocide of a species is a reasonable option?
40 minutes
Episode Image E69. "For Your Safety" - How do you know if the government-imposed limits on personal freedom “for your protection” have gone too far?
40 minutes
Episode Image E68. "Cruel Means, Bitter Ends" - Should war be "won" at any cost?
36 minutes
Episode Image E67. "Exodus" - What makes a “religious” holiday?
26 minutes
Episode Image E66. "Rose-tinted Glasses" - Can you stop yourself from "growing up?"
33 minutes
Episode Image E65. "The Wrong Side Of History" - How far would you go to protect your legacy?
37 minutes
Episode Image E64. "The Machine" - Would you help create general AI?
25 minutes
Episode Image E63. "Bugs In The Valley" - How do you decide who gets scarce medical treatments?
31 minutes
Episode Image E62. "Appreciating Hate" - Should we stop consuming art from vile artists?
37 minutes
Episode Image E61. "Conscience Cleaners" - Does a criminal need to remember his crime?
33 minutes
Episode Image E60. "Home For The Holidays" - Do you ever give up on family?
33 minutes
Episode Image E59. "Claim" - Should sexual assault allegations be an insurable risk?
29 minutes
Episode Image E58. "Season Four Recap" - After Dinner Conversation editor Kolby answers listener questions.
21 minutes
Episode Image E57. "The Devil You Know" - Do you ALWAYS have an obligation to confront evil?
47 minutes
Episode Image E56. "Blackorwhite" - At what point are you old enough to be punished for life?
45 minutes
Episode Image E55. "The Perfect Daughter" - Should you betray your morals to give your child every legal advantage in life?
38 minutes
Episode Image E54. "The Freedom Machine" - What's wrong with getting a little AI advice?
44 minutes
Episode Image E53. "Step Back" - Is our "natural" biology always the best choice?
42 minutes
Episode Image E52. "Guilt-Edge Security" - How would you live your life, if you lived forever?
32 minutes
Episode Image E51. "A Wolf On The Bus" - How do you know if you’ll protect others?
26 minutes
Episode Image E50. "Prey" - How do you break the cycle of living?
52 minutes
Episode Image E49. "Take-em!" - When is a request from a loved one emotional manipulation?
42 minutes
Episode Image E48. "Reach" - Should we know "the story" of the people behind the products we purchase?
33 minutes
Episode Image E47. "Echo" - What natural rights does a human in an artificial body deserve?
48 minutes
Episode Image E46. "Sienna's Monster" - How do you escape the monster inside you?
54 minutes
Episode Image E45. "Bill And The Tooth Fairy" - When is it wrong to have a sincerely held belief?
52 minutes
Episode Image E44. "Simon" - What would happen if you killed the devil?
39 minutes
Episode Image E43. "Season Three Recap - Listener Questions"
22 minutes
Episode Image E42. "People Used To Die Every Day" - Is sleep a waste of time?
54 minutes
Episode Image E41. "Teddy And Roosevelt" - Do role models really matter?
37 minutes
Episode Image E40. "The Waiting Room" - Is it selfish to abandon your natural abilities to follow your dream?
50 minutes
Episode Image E39. "The Crate" - Is it better to strip away judgment, or to be judged?
43 minutes
Episode Image E38. "In Their Image" - What happens when a Teddy can't find its purpose?
39 minutes
Episode Image E37. "Externalities" - While facts are unchanging, is 'truth' contextual?
45 minutes
Episode Image E36. "Everyone's Gay In Space" - What if your clone was gay?
38 minutes
Episode Image E35. "Sacrificing Mercy" - Would you let your spouse die for their faith?
33 minutes
Episode Image E34. "Performance" - Are you simply what you repeat?
40 minutes
Episode Image E33. "Love Sounds" - How much should you let family with mental health issues into your life?
39 minutes
Episode Image E32. "The Mind Reader" - Is it in our nature to be ruled by a Fascist?
45 minutes
Episode Image E31. "Idle Horns" - What do you do when it's punishment to punish?
37 minutes
Episode Image E30. "Farewell, Odysseus" - Would you get a human as a pet?
43 minutes
Episode Image E29. "All My Tomorrows" - How many tomorrows would you give up for a single yesterday?
47 minutes
Episode Image E28. "The Seven Absent Sins" - Are all sentient species hard-wired to sin?
55 minutes
Episode Image E27. "Two-Percenters" - Should we make everyone special?
44 minutes
Episode Image E26. "Snitch" - When doing a moral good, do the ends justify the means?
56 minutes
Episode Image E25. "Pneumadectomy" - Would you remove your soul, to save your life?
54 minutes
Episode Image E24. "Choose" - What if death is the only option?
50 minutes
Episode Image E23. "Prevention" - Would you turn on your son, to save his school?
48 minutes
Episode Image E22. "An Infinite Game" - Is everyone selfish, when death is on the line?
44 minutes
Episode Image E21. "Prohibition" - Can you blame an addict for not following the law?
40 minutes
Episode Image E20. "How The Cockroach Lost Its Voice" - When cockroaches could talk, and humans were still unhappy.
30 minutes
Episode Image E19. "The Orphan's Dilemma" - Is getting a future worth forgetting the past?
41 minutes
Episode Image E18. "The Book Of Approved Words" - Are there words so horrible they shouldn’t even exist?
35 minutes
Episode Image E17. "A Change Of Verbs" - What if you just said what you meant?
39 minutes
Episode Image E16. "Abrama's End Game" - If god told you she was ending your world, would you fight back?
29 minutes
Episode Image E15. "Ruddy Apes And Cannibals" - If a civilized cannibal invited you to dinner, would you attend?
37 minutes
Video Podcasts And More!

Episode Image E14. "Give The Robot The Impossible Job!" - Can teaching methods go too far when murder is on the line?
43 minutes
Episode Image E13. "Believing In Ghosts" - How much power are you willing to give to AI?
43 minutes
Episode Image E12. "A Community of Peers" - Would you cast the first stone?
34 minutes
Episode Image E11. "Rainbow People Of The Glittering Glade" - Does society have the right to tell you you’re worthless?
37 minutes
Episode Image E10. "The Alpha-Dye Shirt Factory" - Is suicide ever the rational choice?
29 minutes
Episode Image E9. "The Truth About Thurman" - Is there a "better" decision, when both cause someone to die?
31 minutes
Episode Image E8. "Lay On" - Can a person be evil in their mind, or must it be in the act?
31 minutes
Episode Image E7. "Are You Him?" - If someone is crying, are you the kind of person that would stop?
35 minutes
Episode Image E6. "As You Wish" - If you could change anything about yourself, would you ever stop?
29 minutes
Episode Image E5. "Pretty Pragmatism" - Can a good idea come from a horrible source?
34 minutes
Episode Image E4. "This I Do For You" - Can you be a hero, if you didn’t know you volunteered?
30 minutes
Episode Image E3. "The Shadow Of The Thing" - Would you take a pill that showed you the truth about the world?
33 minutes
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Episode Image E2. "My Fellow (Immortal) Americans" - Don't you have a right to immortality?
30 minutes
2nd Podcast This Monday @ 8am

Episode Image E1. "Patchouli Lost" - How far would you go to help a friend, who is unwilling to help themselves?
27 minutes
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