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Podcast Profile: Lux & Flux: The History and Philosophy of Physics Podcast

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20 episodes
2020 to 2022
Median: 23 minutes
Collection: Philosophy

Description (podcaster-provided):

A podcast looking at the wonderful world of physics through the lenses of history and philosophy!

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ History of physics • Philosophy of physics • Ancient Greek natural philosophy • Science conferences • Solar spectroscopy • Photoelectric effect • Gender and diversity in STEM • Pythagoreanism

"Lux & Flux: The History and Philosophy of Physics Podcast" explores the intriguing world of physics through the interplay of historical context and philosophical inquiry. The show delves into the evolution of physical theories and the figures who contributed to them, spanning from ancient to modern times. Key themes include significant developments in physics, the intersection between scientific concepts and philosophical ideas, and the contributions of notable individuals across history.

Listeners can anticipate episodes that discuss foundational figures in ancient Greek philosophy, examining their contributions to early scientific thought and natural philosophy. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, such as the establishment of atomic theory, the explanation of natural phenomena like eclipses, and the theory of the four classical elements. It also touches on metaphysical concepts, exploring the nature of time, the void, and the essence of reality.

Several episodes focus on notable scientific breakthroughs from more recent history, including the development of solar spectroscopy and the understanding of the photoelectric effect. These discussions often highlight the instruments used in scientific discovery, such as spectroscopes, and delve into the broader implications of these discoveries on our understanding of the universe.

The podcast does not shy away from addressing issues of diversity and representation within the scientific community. It explores the underrepresentation of women and other marginalized groups among Nobel Prize laureates in STEM fields, as well as the contributions of pioneering women in science throughout history.

In summary, this podcast offers a rich tapestry of content that bridges the gap between physics, history, and philosophy. It provides listeners with a deeper appreciation of how scientific knowledge has developed over time and invites them to ponder the fundamental questions that continue to drive scientific inquiry.

Episode Image Bonus 5: You Are My Sun-Line (Intelligent Speech Conference 2022)
41 minutes
Episode Image Bonus 4: Stein a Little Light
20 minutes
Episode Image 012: Where Are We, Anyhow?
27 minutes
Episode Image 011: Mix and Mingle Like Nothing is Single
26 minutes
Episode Image 010: It's Elementary
22 minutes
Episode Image 009: The Original Atomic Age
26 minutes
Episode Image Announcement - Season 2
4 minutes
Episode Image Bonus 3: Gender and Sexual Orientation Among STEM Nobel Prize Laureates
18 minutes
Episode Image Promo: UBC Gender Equity & STEM Virtual Conference
4 minutes
Episode Image Bonus 2: Four Women from Scientific History (Intelligent Speech Conference 2020)
40 minutes
Episode Image 008: To Infinity and Absurdity
23 minutes
Episode Image 007: He Never Changes His Mind
28 minutes
Episode Image 006: He's Always Changing His Mind
24 minutes
Episode Image Bonus 1: The Most Epic Math Club Ever
32 minutes
Episode Image 005: That One Thing From Grade School Math
23 minutes
Episode Image 004: All That Matter(s) Part 2
22 minutes
Episode Image 003: All That Matter(s) Part 1
17 minutes
Episode Image 002: How to Philosophy??
19 minutes
Episode Image 001: Keeping Up with the Babylonians
23 minutes
Episode Image 000: Introduction
4 minutes