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Podcast Profile: Ethics in Action Podcast

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30 episodes
2018 to 2023
Median: 54 minutes
Collection: Philosophy

Description (podcaster-provided):

Part of UMass Boston’s Philosophy Department, the Applied Ethics Center promotes research, teaching, and awareness of ethics in public life. In this podcast, Applied Ethics Center Director Nir Eisikovits hosts conversations on the intersection of ethics, politics, and technology.

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Ethics in public life • Impact of technology on work • Philosophical discussions • Political analysis • Historical insights • Social issues • Current events • International relations • Book recommendations

The "Ethics in Action Podcast" delves into thoughtful conversations at the intersection of ethics, politics, and technology, showcasing its alignment with the mission of UMass Boston’s Philosophy Department and its Applied Ethics Center. Hosted by Nir Eisikovits, the podcast features a series of intellectually stimulating episodes that discuss varied themes often emphasizing contemporary political, social, and technological issues.

A significant portion of the podcast is dedicated to the nuanced discussions about the future of work. These episodes explore topics such as the viability and implications of a Universal Basic Income (UBI), philosophical arguments regarding idleness and its value in countering burnout, and the quest for meaningful work within economic constraints. This thematic thread underscores the podcast's commitment to addressing the ethical dimensions of labor and economic policies.

In another thematic vein, the podcast frequently addresses issues surrounding international politics and conflict. This includes in-depth examinations of the war in Ukraine, the dynamics of U.S. diplomatic relations, and broader considerations like the resurgence of the Balance of Power in global politics. Conversations with experts illuminate the ethical insights into current geopolitical crises and the socio-political underpinnings of global conflicts.

Furthermore, the podcast does not shy away from controversial societal topics such as institutional corruption, the ethics of public memorials, and civic dialogue in polarized societies. Episodes unpack the ethical implications of psychiatric drug relationships, historical and contemporary monument debates, and strategies for fostering meaningful dialogue across divisive lines.

Additionally, the podcast explores futuristic and philosophical dimensions of technology, from the ethics of regulating the metaverse and artificial intelligence to conversations about unexplained aerial phenomena. These discussions reveal the ethical considerations necessary in navigating technological advancements and their societal impacts.

Overall, the "Ethics in Action Podcast" offers a rich tapestry of discussions rooted in philosophical inquiry, aimed at unravelling the ethical threads woven through modern life, work, technology, and international affairs.

Episode Image The Case for a UBI: A Conversation with Scott Santens
65 minutes
Episode Image Breaking Things at Work: A Conversation with Gavin Mueller
53 minutes
Episode Image The Value of Idleness: A Conversation with Brian O’Connor
68 minutes
Episode Image Meaningful Work: A Conversation with Andrea Veltman
58 minutes
Episode Image Making Light Work - A Conversation with David Spencer
70 minutes
Episode Image Breaking up the United States: A Conversation with Chris Zurn
63 minutes
Episode Image Regulating Virtual Reality: A Conversation with J Hughes and Alec Stubbs
53 minutes
Episode Image Report from Kyiv: A Conversation with Journalist Alisa Sopova
77 minutes
Episode Image Reading Between The Lines in Russia and Ukraine: A Conversation with Ambassador Vesko Garcevic
52 minutes
Episode Image Making Russia Great Again?
61 minutes
Episode Image Empires Strike Back - Did the “Balance of Power” Just Make a Comeback?: A Conversation with Vladimir Petrovic
67 minutes
Episode Image School Integrations and Equal Education: A Conversation with Larry Blum
57 minutes
Episode Image Harvard‘s Galileo Project: A Conversation with Avi Loeb
51 minutes
Episode Image Institutional Corruption and Psychiatric Drugs: A Conversation with Lisa Cosgrove
47 minutes
Episode Image My Favorite Passage: A conversation with Adam Beresford about Iliad, Book 24
61 minutes
Episode Image A Three-Way Peace Deal in the Middle East: A Conversation with Ehud Eiran
48 minutes
Episode Image Civic Dialogue in a Polarized Society: A Conversation With Lauren Barthold
59 minutes
Episode Image Monuments, Racism and The Ethics of Public Memory: A Conversation with Dana Miranda
55 minutes
Episode Image The Rise of Robot Overlords? A Conversation with Dan Feldman
48 minutes
Episode Image Thucydides and the Plague: A Conversation with Greg Fried
55 minutes
Episode Image Setting Priorities in a Pandemic: Who Gets Care? When do We Open the Economy? A conversation with J Hughes
47 minutes
Episode Image What is Social Democracy? A Conversation with Jeppe von Platz
68 minutes
Episode Image Philosophy and Our Understanding of Mental Disorders: A Conversation with Jennifer Radden
49 minutes
Episode Image AI, Algorithms and the Post Human Future of Governance: A Conversation with J Hughes
49 minutes
Episode Image Should we rename Faneuil Hall? A Conversation with Dana Miranda
59 minutes
Episode Image Kant’s Liberal International Order: A Conversation with Claudio Corradetti
54 minutes
Episode Image No Ethics on Campus: A Conversation with James Keenan
31 minutes
Episode Image Hate anger and Resentment: A conversation with Thomas Brudholm
53 minutes
Episode Image The Confederate Monuments Debate: A Conversation With Glenn Loury
50 minutes
Episode Image Honor, Slavery, and Social Death: A Conversation with Historian Ken Greenberg
52 minutes