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Podcast Profile: UNBOUND

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11 episodes
2020 to 2021
Median: 75 minutes
Collection: Philosophy

Description (podcaster-provided):

This is Unbound, the podcast that tries to nudge the boundaries of philosophy.

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Philosophy • Feminism • Radical care • Queer theory • Social movements • Academic disciplines • Gender studies • Political struggles • Historical narratives • Epistemological authority • Media studies

"Unbound" is a podcast dedicated to exploring the boundaries of philosophy, presenting discussions that intersect with numerous contemporary social, political, and academic topics. Frequent themes in this podcast include feminist theory, gender identity, radical care, queer theory, and the intersection of philosophy with various disciplines such as media studies and history.

Episodes often feature conversations with academics, PhD students, and professionals who delve into complex and critical theories. Discussions about feminist care ethics and transformative justice highlight the podcast's commitment to addressing social reproduction and the role of care in political struggles. The podcast also engages with vibrant academic discourses including the use of "low theory" in media studies, queer theory, and auto-theory.

Gender identity and the nuances of pronoun usage are recurrent topics, reflecting a dedication to inclusivity and contemporary gender discussions. Conversations also touch upon broader philosophical themes such as the global history of philosophy, the notion of canonicity, epistemological authority, and the textual and oral traditions of philosophical inquiry. The podcast does not shy away from integrating discussions about the political landscape, exemplified by episodes on sexual assault narratives, migration, islamophobia, racial identity, and the role of philosophy in feminist and anti-racist politics.

Another significant strand in the podcast involves exploring the relationship between philosophy and other academic and social fields. For instance, there are dialogues about the practicality of public philosophy, the impact of digital archives in promoting historical figures, and phenomenological approaches in education and essential work. The podcast also appears to be attuned to the current socio-political climate, such as the ramifications of COVID-19 on societal norms and practices.

Overall, "Unbound" provides a platform for rich, interdisciplinary conversations that aim to challenge conventional boundaries within philosophy and its relation to contemporary issues, making it a thought-provoking series for listeners interested in deep, nuanced explorations of philosophical and social topics.

Episode Image Episode 10 - Kelly Gawel
78 minutes
Episode Image Episode 9 - McKenzie Wark
89 minutes
Episode Image Episode 8 - Justin Smith
79 minutes
Episode Image Episode 7 - Austin Burke
83 minutes
Episode Image Bonus Episode - GSSI (w/ Chiara Bottici)
44 minutes
Episode Image Episode 6 - Adam Hosein
57 minutes
Episode Image Episode 5 - Miranda Young
75 minutes
Episode Image Episode 4 - Tamsin Kimoto
68 minutes
Episode Image Episode 3 - PJ Gorre
79 minutes
Episode Image Episode 2 - Gina Walker
73 minutes
Episode Image Episode 1 - Mariam Matar
55 minutes