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Podcast Profile: Out of the Vat

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10 episodes
2019 to 2021
Median: 32 minutes
Collection: Philosophy

Description (podcaster-provided):

Philosophers’ work and philosophers’ lives, both inside and outside of philosophy. Brought to you by the Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method, the Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science, LSE, and the Forum for Philosophy.

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Philosophy • Olfaction • Epistemology • Philosophy of mind • Correlation and causation • Consciousness • Phenomenology • Bioethics • Public policy • Perception • Ethics • Quantum mechanics

"Out of the Vat" is a podcast that delves into the personal and professional lives of philosophers, providing a blend of intellectual discussion and personal anecdotes. The central theme of the podcast revolves around contemporary philosophical issues and how these intersect with everyday life and popular culture.

Each episode features a different philosopher, ranging from assistant professors to senior lecturers and prominent professors from various universities. The podcast covers a diverse range of philosophical topics such as olfaction, epistemology, philosophy of mind, phenomenology, and bioethics. These themes are explored through the unique lenses of the featured philosophers, who share insights into their specific areas of expertise, including the philosophy of science, public policy, and perception.

Apart from discussing their academic work, the philosophers also reveal personal interests and experiences that have shaped their thinking and teaching. Topics discussed in the episodes include self-knowledge, the problem of consciousness, causes and correlations, and Molyneux's Question. The conversations often meander into more personal territories such as unusual hobbies, favorite bands, literature, and childhood memories.

The podcast is produced by prestigious institutions like the Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method and the Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science at LSE, as well as the Forum for Philosophy. This institutional backing suggests a certain depth and academic rigor in the discourse, while the inclusion of personal stories and light-hearted subjects like re-reading popular novels and pop culture references adds a relatable and engaging dimension.

Overall, "Out of the Vat" presents itself as a thoughtful yet accessible exploration of both significant philosophical inquiries and the intricate lives of the philosophers behind these ideas. It offers listeners a unique blend of scholarly discussion and human interest, providing a holistic view of what it means to live and work as a philosopher today.

Out of the Vat #10 – Ann-Sophie Barwich
41 minutes
Out of the Vat #9 – Lucy Campbell
37 minutes
Out of the Vat #8 – David Papineau
45 minutes
Out of the Vat #7 – Philip Goff
31 minutes
Out of the Vat #6 – Mahon O’Brien
35 minutes
Out of the Vat #5 – Heather Widdows
17 minutes
Out of the Vat #4 – Brian Glenney
32 minutes
Out of the Vat #3 – Katherine Furman
17 minutes
Out of the Vat #2 – Richard Ashcroft
32 minutes
Out of the Vat #1 – Steven French
28 minutes