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31 episodes
Median: 60 minutes
Collection: Philosophy

Description (podcaster-provided):

Conversations about philosophy, science, religion and spirituality

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Philosophy discussions • Cognitive biases • Evolutionary psychology • Quantum mechanics • Free will vs. determinism • Meditation practices • Ethics and morality debates • Science explanations • Academic freedom • Tribalism dynamics

This podcast, titled "," delves into deep and varied discussions surrounding philosophy, science, religion, and spirituality. Through a series of episodes, it explores complex and intricate subjects that pique intellectual curiosity and provoke thoughtful reflection.

A prominent theme across the episodes is a critical examination of philosophical ideas and figures, including Immanuel Kant and his concept of "Critique of Pure Reason." Discussions often juxtapose relativism and rationalism, unpacking complicated philosophical history and beliefs. In-depth dialogues also address cognitive biases, examining how these mental shortcuts influence our perceptions and contribute to conflicts, including the roots of war.

Science, particularly the perplexities surrounding quantum mechanics, features heavily in the podcast. Episodes engage with challenging concepts and questions: the mysteries of consciousness, free will versus determinism, and the quest for a comprehensive understanding of reality. The intersection of science and spirituality is another recurring theme, with episodes exploring whether evolutionary processes harbor a deeper purpose or cosmic direction.

The podcast frequently addresses contemporary social and political issues through a philosophical lens. This includes scrutinizing movements such as wokeness and anti-wokeness, academic freedom, and the implications of ideological divides. It navigates the controversial terrains of effective altruism, human evolution, and gender psychology, debating the biological and sociocultural facets that shape human behavior.

Another recurring theme is meditation and mindfulness, looking at how these practices can impact individual and collective consciousness. The episodes explore meditation's potential to foster cognitive empathy, improve mental clarity, and address psychological issues like tribalism and retributive impulses.

Overall, this podcast consistently undertakes a multifaceted analysis of significant and provocative topics, blending rigorous philosophical discourse with insights from contemporary science and ethical considerations.

Episode Image Kant Stop Critiquin' (Aryeh Cohen-Wade & David Ottlinger)
60 minutes
Episode Image The Dharma of Bob 8: A Cosmic View of Our Situation (Robert Wright & Josh Summers)
60 minutes
Episode Image The Dharma of Bob 7: Cognitive Bias and Conflict (Robert Wright & Josh Summers)
60 minutes
Episode Image Saving Anti-Wokeness from Itself (David Ottlinger & Cathy Young)
60 minutes
Episode Image Contesting Determinism (Robert Wright & Oliver Burkeman)
60 minutes
Episode Image The Trouble with Quantum Mechanics (Robert Wright & John Horgan)
60 minutes
Episode Image Debating the Sexual Psychology of Men and Women (Robert Wright & Agustín Fuentes)
60 minutes
Episode Image Consolations of Physics (John Horgan & Sabine Hossenfelder)
60 minutes
Episode Image Time Management for Mortals (Robert Wright & Oliver Burkeman)
60 minutes
Episode Image The Dharma of Bob 6: The Explain/Excuse Conflation (Robert Wright & Josh Summers)
60 minutes
Episode Image Should Darwin Be Cancelled? (Robert Wright & Agustín Fuentes)
60 minutes
Episode Image Quantum Mechanics and the Quest for Final Knowledge (John Horgan & Philip Ball)
60 minutes
Episode Image Thinking in Tongues (Nikita Petrov & David Poleski)
60 minutes
Episode Image Saving the World One Podcast at a Time (Robert Wright & Rob Wiblin)
60 minutes
Episode Image The Dharma of Bob 5: Mindful Defiance (Robert Wright & Josh Summers)
60 minutes
Episode Image Despite Our Best Intentions (Robert Wright & Paul Bloom)
60 minutes
Episode Image Circling the Elephant (Robert Wright & John Thatamanil)
60 minutes
Episode Image Science, Fiction, and the Mind-Body Problem (John Horgan & Erik Hoel)
60 minutes
Episode Image DMT and Plato's Cave (Nikita Petrov & John Horgan)
60 minutes
Episode Image The Dharma of Bob 4: Averting the Apocalypse (Robert Wright & Josh Summers)
60 minutes
Episode Image Steven Pinker, the Unabomber, Quantum Physics, and DMT (Nikita Petrov & John Horgan)
60 minutes
Episode Image Explaining Quantum Mechanics (John Horgan & Tim Maudlin)
60 minutes
Episode Image Kant’s Transcendental Philosophy (Robert Wright & David Ottlinger)
60 minutes
Episode Image Ten Keys to Reality (Robert Wright & Frank Wilczek)
60 minutes
Episode Image (What If) Ideas Are Alive (Nikita Petrov & John Horgan)
60 minutes
Episode Image Questioning the Practice of Grading in Schools (Robert Gressis & Kevin Currie-Knight)
60 minutes
Episode Image Free Speech and Academic Freedom in 2020 (Daniel Kaufman & David Ottlinger)
60 minutes
Episode Image Quantum Mechanics and “Reality” (John Horgan & Adam Becker)
60 minutes
Episode Image The Dharma of Bob 3: Cognitive Biases (Robert Wright & Josh Summers)
60 minutes
Episode Image Introducing Psychopolitica (John Horgan & Nikita Petrov)
60 minutes
Episode Image Spooky Action at a Distance (John Horgan & George Musser)
60 minutes