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Podcast Profile: Natural Philosophers

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4 episodes
Median: 116 minutes
Collection: Philosophy

Description (podcaster-provided):

Here, I interview some of the leading thinkers in modern natural philosophy. I'm your host, Dr. Siddharth Muthukrishnan. I originally trained in theoretical physics, before deciding that my interests were more conceptual and foundational, and switched to philosophy. Conversations will span science and philosophy and perhaps other topics as well.

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Interviews with leading thinkers • Discussions on quantum physics • Metaphysical explanations in physics • Quantum spacetime concepts • Black hole thermodynamics • Animal consciousness • Philosophy of science

"Natural Philosophers," hosted by Dr. Siddharth Muthukrishnan, is a podcast that delves into the confluence of science and philosophy, featuring in-depth conversations with leading contemporary thinkers in these fields. Dr. Muthukrishnan, who originally trained in theoretical physics before shifting his focus to philosophy, engages his guests in discussions that bridge conceptual and foundational questions intersecting the realms of both disciplines.

The podcast covers an array of topics central to understanding the nature of reality from both a scientific and philosophical perspective. One recurring theme is the interpretation of quantum mechanics. Discussions touch on the metaphysical underpinings of quantum physics, exploring concepts like quantum modal realism, which proposes that the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics reflects metaphysical possibilities.

Another significant topic is the nature of spacetime and its emergent properties from complex quantum systems. These explorations often involve detailed discussions on entanglement, decoherence, entropic gravity, and theoretical frameworks such as the AdS/CFT correspondence and various propositions within string theory. The philosophical implications of these scientific concepts, including questions of reduction, emergence, and the debate between substantivalism and relationalism, are also thoroughly examined.

Moreover, the podcast addresses specialized areas such as black hole thermodynamics and the information paradox, querying the statistical and physical laws that govern these mysterious cosmic entities. In addition to inanimate concepts, the nature of consciousness and cognition is another focal point, extending inquiries into animal consciousness and evolutionary biology, thereby broadening the podcast's interdisciplinary scope.

Ultimately, "Natural Philosophers" serves as a rich source of intellectual engagement, exploring complex theoretical issues at the intersection of modern science and philosophy. Whether discussing quantum physics, spacetime, black holes, or consciousness, the podcast offers authoritative perspectives on some of the most profound questions concerning our understanding of the universe.

Episode Image Alastair Wilson on Quantum Modal Realism
109 minutes
Episode Image Sean Carroll on Quantum Spacetime
113 minutes
Episode Image David Wallace on Black Holes
120 minutes
Episode Image Colin Allen on Animal Consciousness
119 minutes