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Podcast Profile: The Philosopher's Nest

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48 episodes
2022 to 2024
Median: 23 minutes
Collection: Philosophy

Description (podcaster-provided):

The Philosopher's Nest is a podcast created by Kyle van Oosterum and Lewis Williams, two graduate students in philosophy at the University of Oxford. Our podcast is dedicated to showcasing the work, insights, and experiences of graduate students in philosophy. In each episode we talk with a different graduate philosophy student about their research and their views on the discipline of philosophy as it is practised today.

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Graduate philosophy student research • Personal experiences in academia • Philosophical themes like ethics, ontology, and epistemology • Public philosophy • Publishing and academic conferences • Transition and challenges in PhD life

The Philosopher's Nest podcast, created by Kyle van Oosterum and Lewis Williams, offers an insightful exploration into the work, insights, and experiences of graduate philosophy students. Each episode features interviews with different philosophy PhD candidates and covers a broad spectrum of philosophical topics and academic experiences.

Listeners can expect detailed discussions on various philosophical themes such as ethics, epistemology, the philosophy of mind, political philosophy, and aesthetics. Specific topics include existential inertia, psychophysical harmony, erotic love and beauty in Plato, the philosophy of nature, and ubuntu ethics. The podcast also delves into the practical and personal aspects of pursuing a PhD in philosophy, touching on issues such as social ontology, moral error theory, population ethics, and the relationship between disability and enhancement.

In addition to philosophical discourse, episodes often highlight the unique backgrounds and interdisciplinary interests of the guests, revealing their personal journeys to academia. For instance, listeners will hear about transitions from careers in business, medicine, and musical theatre to academic philosophy. Discussions also cover the experiences of graduate students in different countries and educational systems, reflecting a diverse set of perspectives.

The podcast addresses the professional challenges faced by philosophy PhD students, including publishing, teaching, and navigating the job market. Interviews provide insights into specific hurdles such as self-funding, managing disabilities, dealing with institutional redundancies, and even specific incidents of sexual harassment in academia. Moreover, the personal narratives include experiences in outreach, public philosophy initiatives, and the transition from undergraduate to advanced research.

Recurring themes in the podcast consist of practical advice for prospective PhD students, reflections on the admissions process, and tips for writing and publishing academic work. This podcast is particularly valuable for individuals interested in the academic field of philosophy, offering a rich blend of scholarly discussion and the lived experiences of graduate students.

End of Season Announcement
less than a minute
S2E13 - Bonus Episode! What's the Most Underrated Part of Doing a PhD?
10 minutes
Episode Image S2E12 - Joe Schmid on Existential Inertia, Psychophysical Harmony and Book-Publishing
28 minutes
Episode Image S2E11 - David Domínguez on the Zetetic Turn and Philosophy in Spain
22 minutes
Episode Image S2E10 - Cindy Friedman on Humanoid Robots and Ubuntu Ethics
27 minutes
S2E9 - Asia Sakchatchawan on Tennis and Authenticity
24 minutes
S2E8 - Kenny Novis on Podcasting, Marxism, and Spinoza
22 minutes
S2E7 - Madeleine Parkinson on Erotic Love and Beauty in Plato
21 minutes
S2E6 - Cayla Clinkenbeard on Trust, Knowledge, and Publishing in Topical Collections
23 minutes
Episode Image S2E5 - Facundo Rodriguez on Kant's Interpersonal Philosophy and the History of Philosophy
24 minutes
S2E4 - Alexander Stooshinoff on Life as a Touring Musician, the Impact of Covid, and the Philosophy of Nature
24 minutes
S2E3 - Danny Wardle on the Proposed Redundancies at ACU, Social Ontology, and Research Masters
28 minutes
S2E2 - Declan O'Gara on University as a First-Gen Student, Moral Error Theory, and Running WiP Seminars
31 minutes
S2E1 - Nicholas Drake on Self-Sufficiency, the Aim(s) of Philosophy, and Measuring Wellbeing
27 minutes
Episode Image End of Season Announcement
less than a minute
Episode Image S1E32 - Bonus Episode! What Grad Students Wish They'd Known About Doing a PhD
17 minutes
S1E31 - Elliott Thornley on Population Ethics, Global Catastrophic Risks, and Writing an Integrated Thesis
21 minutes
S1E30 - Deryn Thomas on Farming in Montana, PhD Vivas, and the Philosophy of Work
23 minutes
Episode Image S1E29 - Elizabeth Cantalamessa on Wyoming, Adjuncting, and Humor
26 minutes
S1E28 - Levin Güver on the Boundaries between Law and Philosophy, Picking a Good Supervisor, and Intention in Law
23 minutes
S1E27 - Jack Symes on The Panpsycast, the Evil God Challenge, and Stephen Fry
26 minutes
Episode Image S1E26 - Alice Harberd on Classics, Civil Service, and the Value of Art
22 minutes
Episode Image S1E25 - Kerry Langsdale on Time and Self-Funded PhDs
30 minutes
S1E24 - Sophie Gibert on the Ethics of Influencing Others and Teaching as a PhD Student
27 minutes
S1E23 - Logan Mitchell on PhD Admissions Waitlists and the Ethics of Mindfulness
28 minutes
S1E22 - Cara-Julie Kather on Philosophy in non-Philosophy Departments, Feminism and Mathematics, and Sexual Harrassment in Academia
26 minutes
S1E21 - Dario Vaccaro on Analytic versus Continental Philosophy and Reliability in Knowledge
23 minutes
S1E20 - Linds Whittaker on PhD Admissions Data and Pet Food Ethics
24 minutes
Episode Image S1E19 - Bonus Episode! Advice for Students Applying for PhDs in Philosophy
14 minutes
Episode Image S1E18 - Lorenzo Elijah on an Eventful Lockdown, Duties to Obey the Law, and Good Mentors
21 minutes
Episode Image S1E17 - Atay Kozlovski on Swiss PhDs, Values, and Parity
33 minutes
S1E16 - Mitchell Barrington on Advice for Applying to Grad Philosophy Programmes
21 minutes
Episode Image S1E15 - Lysette Chaproniere on Blindness in Academia and the Philosophy of Disability and Enhancement

Episode Image S1E14 - Eli Benjamin Israel on Moving to the US, Kant and the Sublime, and Interdisciplinary Public Philosophy
21 minutes
Episode Image S1E13 - Mary Peterson on Spinoza and Sexual Harassment in Academia
15 minutes
S1E12 - Mira Hannegard on Swedish PhD Programmes, Social Epistemology, and Quitting Her PhD
19 minutes
Episode Image S1E11 - Casey Landers on Parenting during the PhD, Perception, and the Job Market
28 minutes
S1E10 - Jack Beaulieu on Sanskrit Philosophy and Neurodiversity

Episode Image S1E9 - Emily Lawson on Indian Philosophy, Death, and Imagination
23 minutes
Episode Image S1E8 - Riana Popat on Outreach, Mental Health and Metaethics, and the Value of Philosophy

S1E7 - Alexandra Gustafson on Love, Public Philosophy, and Disabilities in Academia

Episode Image S1E6 - Tomy Ames on Taking Time Out of Academia, Aphantasia, and Interdisciplinary PhD Programs
23 minutes
Episode Image S1E5 - Virginie Simoneau-Gilbert on Animal Ethics, Rhodes Scholarships, and Public Philosophy
16 minutes
Episode Image S1E4 - Eric Shoemaker on Grad Life at UToronto, Political Random Selection, and Philosophy Conferences
24 minutes
Episode Image S1E3 - Emma Curran on Doing 'Less than Best' and the Practical Relevance of Philosophy
23 minutes
Episode Image S1E2 - Jen Semler on AI, Icelandic Studies, Women in Philosophy, and Publishing
18 minutes
Episode Image S1E1 - Jordan Scott on Applying to UK & US Grad Programs, Race, and Publishing
24 minutes
less than a minute