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Podcast Profile: Phi on New York

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8 episodes
2021 to 2024
Median: 63 minutes
Collection: Philosophy

Description (podcaster-provided):

The Phi on New York podcast deciphers the words that city's philosophers (and other prophets) have written on the subway walls. Through in-depth conversations about the ideas, issues, and challenges that shape lives of New Yorkers, we try to understand what the city is and what it might become.
Produced by Joseph S. Biehl
Original music by Jay Spero
Intro voiceover by Mike "Sport" Murphy
Logo art by Mary Ann Biehl

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Philosophical discussions • Urban development and policies • New York City's social issues • Rights of the city • Food justice • Political strategies and figures • Participatory democracy • Civic engagement and education

"Phi on New York" is a podcast that delves into the philosophical and societal intricacies of life in New York City, examining the myriad ideas and issues that shape the urban experience. Hosted by Joseph S. Biehl, this podcast weaves thoughtful discussions with notable guests, ranging from writers and philosophers to policy experts and political strategists. The episodes extend beyond traditional interviews, presenting a rich tapestry of conversations that challenge, inform, and broaden understanding of the city's present and potential future.

The show often explores themes of urban rights, democracy, public policy, and cultural shifts. Discussions range from the philosophical concept of the city's rights to practical urban issues like food justice, the changing logic of development, and responses to political dynamics. The podcast provides insights into the thoughts and works of various experts who analyze significant topics such as the soul of the city, political engagement, and business regulations. The conversations also touch upon contemporary social movements, addressing issues like #MeToo and the normative tensions within progressive communities.

Listeners can expect to encounter a diverse array of perspectives that reflect the multifaceted nature of urban life. The podcast scrutinizes the historical and current state of New York, examining the implications of political speeches, literary contributions, and public sentiments on the city's evolution. Moreover, the inclusion of practical narratives, such as efforts to alleviate hunger and improve democratic participation, ensures that the discussions remain grounded in real-world applications.

Overall, "Phi on New York" provides an intellectual journey through the complexities of New York City's philosophical and societal landscape, offering a platform for understanding how ideas and issues intersect with the lives of its inhabitants.

Episode Image Ross Barkan on The State of the City
65 minutes
Episode Image Does New York City have rights? Margaret Cuonzo on the Right to the City and the Rights of the City
55 minutes
Episode Image Episode 6: Joseph Viteritti and the Search for the Soul of the City
61 minutes
Episode Image Episode 5: The Fixer is In: A conversation with Bradley Tusk
63 minutes
Episode Image Episode 4: Michael Menser and the Changing Logic of the City
63 minutes
Episode Image Episode 3: #Me Too, Scott Stringer, and the Race for Mayor
61 minutes
Episode Image Episode 2: Food, Hunger, and Justice
72 minutes
Episode Image Elections, Engagement, and Democracy
79 minutes