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Podcast Profile: New Narratives in the History of Philosophy

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8 episodes
2018 to 2019
Median: 28 minutes
Collection: Philosophy

Description (podcaster-provided):

A series of short interviews with people interested in women philosophers. Learn something, get excited, find out how to learn more. Developed by the New Narratives in the History of Philosophy Project

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Interviews • Women philosophers • History of philosophy • Philosophical influences • Canon expansion • Metaphysics • Value theory • Early modern period • Essences • Image culture

New Narratives in the History of Philosophy is a podcast focusing on the narratives surrounding women philosophers. The podcast features a series of interviews with scholars who have conducted extensive research in this area. It aims to educate its audience on often-overlooked women philosophers while igniting excitement and curiosity about their contributions to the field.

The episodes cover a broad range of topics tied to specific philosophers and overarching philosophical themes. Key subjects include the works and influence of women philosophers such as Emilie du Chatelet, Mary Astell, Anne Conway, and Margaret Cavendish. Discussions delve into their philosophical theories, influence, and interactions with their contemporaries. For example, interviews might explore Emilie du Chatelet’s contributions to metaphysics and value theory, and the philosophical discourse of Anne Conway and Margaret Cavendish.

Beyond individual philosophers, the podcast also addresses larger projects and initiatives aimed at integrating and recognizing women philosophers within the established philosophical canon. One such initiative is Project Vox, which seeks to enhance image culture and acknowledge the philosophical contributions of early modern women. By investigating these projects, the podcast underscores the importance of revising and expanding the traditional philosophical narrative to be more inclusive.

Throughout its episodes, the podcast provides listeners with various scholarly perspectives, highlighting the diverse range of women philosophers who have significantly impacted the history of philosophy. These interviews are not only informative but also aim to inspire further exploration and research in this important and historically rich area.

Overall, New Narratives in the History of Philosophy serves as an enlightening resource for those interested in the often-neglected voices of women in philosophy, providing a deeper understanding of their contributions and the ongoing efforts to integrate these narratives into mainstream philosophical discourse.

Episode 8: Katherine Brading and Anne-Lise Rey on Emilie du Chatelet
28 minutes
Episode 7: Interview with Penny Weiss on Mary Astell and others
22 minutes
Episode 6: Interview with Katherine Brading, Anne-Lise Rey, and Penny Weiss
32 minutes
Interview on Cavendish with Colin Chamberlain and others
41 minutes
Episode 4: Introduction to Project Vox and Émilie du Châtelet with Andrew Janiak
41 minutes
Episode 3: Introduction to Anne Conway and Margaret Cavendish with Karen Detlefsen
25 minutes
Episode 2: Introduction to Mary Astell with Jacqueline Broad
29 minutes
Episode 1: Introduction to New Narratives with Lisa Shapiro
18 minutes