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Podcast Profile: Condensed Matter

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38 episodes
2021 to 2024
Median: 11 minutes
Collection: Philosophy

Description (podcaster-provided):

Condensing recent work in metaphysics and the philosophy of science down to what matters. Hosted by Dr Sam Kimpton-Nye, research associate on the MetaScience project (ERC, Horizon 2020, grant agreement No 771509; at the Unversity of Bristol. Music: NaturesEye from Pixabay. Art: Francesca Smith

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Metaphysics and philosophy of science • Modality and possibility • AI safety • Quantum mechanics • Biological individuality • Substance and causal powers • Metaphysical theories • Philosophical publications and discussions

"Condensed Matter" is a podcast that delves into recent work on metaphysics and the philosophy of science. Hosted by Dr. Sam Kimpton-Nye, a research associate on the MetaScience project at the University of Bristol, the show aims to distill complex philosophical ideas into accessible discussions. The episodes explore a diverse range of topics within metaphysics, modality, and scientific philosophy.

A recurring theme is the examination of fundamental philosophical concepts such as possibility, necessity, and modality. Various episodes discuss the nature of these concepts and their interrelations, often challenging widely accepted views. The podcast frequently features deep dives into scholarly papers, discussing their implications and the controversies they incite.

Artificial intelligence and its associated risks are also explored from a philosophical perspective, highlighting contemporary concerns about AI safety and existential threats. The show addresses the intersection of metaphysics with other disciplines, such as evolutionary biology, biochemistry, and ethics, providing a multi-faceted view of how metaphysical questions can influence and interact with scientific research.

Listeners will find discussions about the intricacies of quantum mechanics, laws of nature, and the metaphysics of substances. The podcast covers both historical and contemporary philosophical arguments, analyzing the work of renowned philosophers and engaging with cutting-edge research.

Interviews with authors of significant academic papers are a staple of the show, allowing for an in-depth exploration of their ideas. Topics include debates on Humean laws, the role of substance in metaphysical theories, the concept of biological individuality, and feminist perspectives in metaphysics. Additionally, the podcast examines the rationality of metaphysical practices and the methodological tools employed in philosophical inquiry.

Overall, "Condensed Matter" is a rich resource for those interested in the theoretical underpinnings of metaphysics and the philosophy of science, presenting complex ideas in a digestible format through expert interviews and thoughtful analysis.

37: "Why Being Necessary Really Is Not the Same As Being Not Possibly Not", Dana Goswick
9 minutes
36: "The Singularity: A Philosophical Analysis", David Chalmers
23 minutes
35: "There is no measurement problem for Humeans", Chris Dorst
16 minutes
34: "The Limits of Modality", Sam Cowling
13 minutes
33: "Biochemical Functions", Francesca Bellazzi (deep dive featuring the author!)
37 minutes
32: "Substance", Donnchadh O'Conaill (deep dive featuring the author!)
73 minutes
31: "Biological Individuality and the Foetus Problem", Will Morgan (deep dive featuring the author!)
45 minutes
30: “How Skeptical is Quine’s “Modal Skepticism”?”, John Divers
14 minutes
Ep. 29: "Modal Conventionalism", Ross Cameron
9 minutes
Ep. 28: "Panpsychism", Thomas Nagel (CM classic!)
9 minutes
Ep. 27: “Modal dispositionalism and necessary perfect masks”, Barbara Vetter and Ralf Busse
11 minutes
Ep. 26: "An Apology for Naturalized Metaphysics", James Ladyman (deep dive featuring the author!)
49 minutes
Ep. 25 "The Governing Conception of Laws", Nina Emery (deep dive featuring the author!)
48 minutes
Ep. 24: “Going Beyond the Fundamental: Feminism in Contemporary Metaphysics”, Elizabeth Barnes
9 minutes
Ep. 23: "Governing Without a Fundamental Direction of Time", Chen and Goldstein
11 minutes
Ep. 22: "Aristotelian Supervenience", John Heil
11 minutes
Episode 21: "Causal Content and Global Laws: Grounding Modality in Experimental Practice", Jenann Ismael
10 minutes
Episode 20: "Disagreement in Metaphysics", Timothy WIlliamson
12 minutes
Episode 19: "Realism Without Parochialism", Phillip Bricker
10 minutes
Episode 18: "Metaphysics After Carnap: the Ghost Who Walks?", Huw Price
13 minutes
Episode 17: "Social kinds are essentially mind-dependent", Rebecca Mason
11 minutes
Episode 16: "Calculus and counterpossibles in science", Brian McLoone
11 minutes
Episode 15: "The rationality of metaphysics", E.J. Lowe
12 minutes
Episode 14: "Where Do You Get Your Protein? Or: Biochemical Realization", Tuomas Tahko (deep dive featuring the author!)
40 minutes
Episode 13: "Norms and Modality", Amie Thomasson
9 minutes
Episode 12: "What Everyone Should Say about Symmetries (and How Humeans Get to Say It)", Michael Townsen Hicks (deep dive featuring the author!)
54 minutes
Episode 11: “Nomothetic Explanation and Humeanism about Laws of Nature”, Harjit Bhogal
12 minutes
Episode 10: "Realism and the Absence of Value", Shamik Dasgupta
14 minutes
Episode 9: "Megarian Variable Actualism", Toby Friend (deep dive featuring the author!)
27 minutes
Episode 8: "Sideways music", Ned Markosian
9 minutes
Episode 7: "The Ground Between the Gaps", Jonathan Schaffer
11 minutes
Episode 6: "Conceptualizing causal powers: activity, capacity, essence, necessitation", Ruth Groff
10 minutes
Episode 5: "There Are No Ahistorical Theories of Function", Justin Garson
8 minutes
Episode 4: "Troubles with Theoretical Virtues: Resisting Theoretical Utility Arguments in Metaphysics", Otávio Bueno and Scott Shalkowski
9 minutes
Episode 3: "Ramseyan Humility", David Lewis
8 minutes
Episode 2: "Fundamental Powers, Evolved Powers, and Mental Powers", Alexander Bird; "Evolved Powers, Artefact Powers, and Dispositional Explanations", Barbara Vetter
16 minutes
Episode 1: "How scientific models can explain", Alisa Bokulich
10 minutes
Episode 0: Introducing Condensed Matter
2 minutes