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Podcast Profile: Armchair Opinions

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8 episodes
Median: 58 minutes
Collection: Philosophy

Description (podcaster-provided):

Armchair Opinions is a blog where qualified philosophers – the Armchair Philosophers – answer questions asked by the public. Here, on the podcast, we take a closer look at some of those answers. Hosted by Alex Impey and Armchair Philosophers Carl Messenger and James Brown.

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Philosophical debates • Personal identity • Ethics of child-free living • Cloning and identity questions • Alien existence • Self-improvement dilemmas • Enjoyment of fear • Love and pain • Ego and productivity • Food categorization discussions

"Armchair Opinions" is a podcast that delves into philosophical inquiries posed by the public, providing a platform for qualified philosophers, known as the Armchair Philosophers, to unpack complex questions. Hosted by Alex Impey, alongside philosophers Carl Messenger and James Brown, this podcast explores a variety of thought-provoking and often whimsical topics.

The episodes cover a wide range of philosophical debates, frequently intertwining with elements of popular culture and everyday life. Listeners can expect to hear discussions that blend serious philosophical inquiry with lighter, sometimes humorous, references. For example, ethical and existential questions such as the morality of choosing to be child-free, the potential personal and philosophical implications of cloning, or the significance of extraterrestrial life are explored in depth. The hosts and guests navigate through these topics by often incorporating cultural and pop-culture touchstones such as movie characters and historical figures.

Additionally, the podcast tackles themes of personal identity, self-improvement, and the nature of pleasure and pain. Episodes examine whether efforts towards self-betterment might conflict with being true to one's own nature, the paradoxical enjoyment of fear through horror movies, and the emotional complexities associated with the things we love.

The show also delves into more abstract and playful questions, such as debates over whether a hot dog qualifies as a sandwich. Each episode is structured around a main philosophical query, elaborated upon through lively dialogue among the hosts and their guest, who typically brings an expert opinion to the table. The discussions are enriched by references to literature, historical anecdotes, and theoretical frameworks, making the podcast both accessible and intellectually stimulating.

Overall, "Armchair Opinions" offers diverse and engaging content that spans ethical dilemmas, philosophical puzzles, and everyday curiosities, encouraging listeners to ponder along with the Armchair Philosophers on a wide array of topics.

Is it wrong to be child-free by choice?
66 minutes
If I got myself cloned, would my identity still be my own?
60 minutes
Does it matter if aliens exist?
60 minutes
Does self-improvement come at the cost of being true to oneself?
52 minutes
Why do we enjoy watching scary movies?
60 minutes
Why do the things we love hurt us the most?
52 minutes
Does a lack of ego make us lazy?
56 minutes
Is a hot dog a sandwich?
52 minutes