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Podcast Profile: Ethical Theory Review

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10 episodes
2020 to 2024
Median: 57 minutes
Collection: Philosophy

Description (podcaster-provided):

Critical Discussions of recent articles in ethics and practical philosophy.
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Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Critical discussions on ethics • Practical philosophy • Fanaticism and moderation • Veganism ethics • Emotional reactions • Confucianism and rituals • Gamete donation ethics • Racial hope and pragmatism • Grief and moral implications • Moral responsibility and determinism • Religion and human development • Virtue and cosmic meaning

"Ethical Theory Review" is a podcast dedicated to exploring a wide array of topics within ethics and practical philosophy. Through in-depth interviews and discussions, the podcast delves into contemporary moral issues, philosophical arguments, and nuanced explorations of human nature and societal norms. Each episode provides a critical discussion of recent articles or books, often featuring conversations with scholars from diverse philosophical backgrounds.

Common themes include examinations of moral responsibilities, the nature and application of virtues, and the complexities surrounding personal and collective well-being. The podcast addresses pressing ethical questions such as the morality of veganism, the implications of genetic knowledge from gamete donation, and the moral obligations associated with grief. Moreover, it explores the influence of emotional responses on our ethical decisions and the significance of cultural and religious frameworks in shaping moral perspectives.

Another recurring focus is the exploration of philosophical traditions and their modern interpretations. Discussions often engage with age-old philosophical debates, such as those in Confucianism, and reinterpret them in the context of contemporary issues. The show also delves into the philosophical aspects of determinism and moral responsibility, drawing on influential theories and proposing new interpretations.

The podcast frequently interviews authors of recent works, bringing fresh viewpoints on both well-trodden and emerging ethical discussions. Topics such as fanaticism, prophetic pragmatism, and the role of philosophy in addressing racial issues illustrate the breadth of subject matter, ensuring a comprehensive survey of practical philosophy's relevance to today's moral landscape. By engaging with both secular and religious insights, "Ethical Theory Review" provides listeners with a multifaceted understanding of how ethical theories are applied and debated in modern contexts.

Episode Image Fanaticism, Devotion, and Nihilism
45 minutes
Episode Image Veganism and Free-riding
42 minutes
Episode Image How to Do Things with Emotions: Owen Flanagan
55 minutes
Episode Image Confucianism, Morality, and Well-being
63 minutes
Episode Image Ethics of Gamete Donation and the Value of Genetic Knowledge
61 minutes
Episode Image Prophetic Pragmatism: Cornel West, Hope, and the Philosophy of Race
54 minutes
Episode Image Grief: A Philosophic Guide
56 minutes
Episode Image Freedom, Resentment, and the Metaphysics of Morals
67 minutes
Episode Image Religion and Human Development (Jennifer Herdt)
59 minutes
Episode Image Virtue and Meaning -- an Interview with David McPherson
73 minutes