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Podcast Profile: The Philosophy Podcast

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22 episodes
2008 to 2013
Median: 19 minutes
Collection: Philosophy

Description (podcaster-provided):

With The Philosophy Podcast, will showcase audio renditions of classic philosophy from such greats as Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Nietzsche and much more. For more audio and video material tailored to the lifelong learner, please feel free to visit

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Classic philosophy texts • Audio renditions • Lifelong learning • Philosophical skepticism • Political philosophy • Theological discussions • Historical arguments for knowledge • Philosophy of history

The Philosophy Podcast showcases a diverse range of audio renditions that delve into classic philosophy, featuring the works of renowned philosophers throughout history. Each episode presents a substantial piece of philosophical writing or an insightful lecture, offering listeners an opportunity to explore various dimensions of philosophical thought.

The content spans a wide spectrum of philosophical eras and ideologies, from ancient Greek philosophy with seminal figures like Plato and Aristotle, to Enlightenment thinkers such as Thomas Paine and Jean-Jacques Rousseau. The podcast also explores modern philosophy, highlighting influential works by Immanuel Kant, Friedrich Hegel, and Karl Marx, among others.

One of the prevalent themes in this podcast is the exploration of fundamental philosophical questions concerning existence, knowledge, ethics, and society. Listeners will find episodes dedicated to the dissection of metaphysical arguments about the nature of reality and the existence of God, as well as treatises on political philosophy that examine theories of government and social contracts. Another significant theme is the examination of epistemology, where episodes delve into the nature and limits of human knowledge and understanding.

Additionally, the podcast covers thematic lectures which contextualize and interpret these classic texts, providing a deeper understanding of their historical and intellectual backgrounds. These lectures are delivered by various scholars, offering nuanced readings of the philosophical works and their implications.

Subjects like ethics and morality are also well-represented, as the podcast includes discussions on the principles and doctrines that guide human actions and societal norms. Furthermore, the episode descriptions suggest a recurring invitation for listeners to visit the website for more audio and video resources, indicating a richer repository for those interested in continuing their philosophical education.

In summary, The Philosophy Podcast serves as an extensive auditory guide through the history of philosophical thought, presenting both primary texts and interpretative lectures – a comprehensive resource for anyone eager to delve into the essence of philosophy.

The Communist Manifesto
30 minutes
Selections from the Philosophical Dictionary
24 minutes
The Philosophy of History
22 minutes
The Age of Reason
25 minutes
That to Study Philosophy is to Learn to Die
30 minutes
Principle Doctrines
11 minutes
The Poetics
14 minutes
The Symposium
19 minutes
Thomas Aquinas
30 minutes
What Was the Enlightenment?
30 minutes
Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus (Selection)
7 minutes
Wealth of Nations
20 minutes
The Critique of Practical Reason
18 minutes
The Critique of Pure Reason
19 minutes
Discovering the Philosopher in You
39 minutes
Essays - Moral and Political
19 minutes
The Ethics
17 minutes
The Social Contract
13 minutes
Second Treatise of Government
15 minutes
Giants of Philosophy - Aristotle
29 minutes
The Existence of God
8 minutes
The Emptiness of Existence
16 minutes