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Podcast Profile: The Meaning of...

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24 episodes
2017 to 2022
Median: 56 minutes
Collection: Philosophy

Description (podcaster-provided):

The Meaning of Life explores how we find meaning in the modern world, hosted by anthropologist Dr Monty Badami and philosopher Dr Tim Dean.

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Philosophy • Anthropology • Morality • Evolution • Racism • Pandemic • Death • Human Nature • Gender • Violence • Sex • Freedom of Speech • Social Movements • Religion • Culture • Politics • Identity • Art

This podcast, "The Meaning of Life," delves into diverse and thought-provoking themes concerning human existence, morality, society, and culture. Hosted by anthropologist Dr. Monty Badami and philosopher Dr. Tim Dean, the show consistently seeks to explore the underlying meanings behind various aspects of the modern world through the lenses of anthropology and philosophy.

Each episode tackles a unique topic, often tying back to how different elements of human experience contribute to the quest for meaning. Themes range from examining human nature and moral diversity to exploring complex societal issues such as systemic racism, gender, sexual behavior, and violence. The hosts frequently engage in discussions about deep-seated existential questions, such as the inevitability of death and the role of religious beliefs and rituals in human life.

The podcast also addresses timely and relevant social movements, such as Black Lives Matter and #metoo, offering perspectives on how these movements shape and are shaped by cultural and philosophical contexts. Furthermore, the hosts explore how contemporary issues like freedom of speech and the political polarization highlighted by figures like Donald Trump influence social discourse.

As the episodes progress, listeners are introduced to the significance of cultural phenomena such as play, art, music, and even science fiction, and how these elements serve as vehicles for expressing and finding meaning. The podcast also delves into the evolution of social constructs, including race, identity, and gender, investigating how these constructs inform individual and collective experiences.

Overall, "The Meaning of Life" podcast offers an in-depth exploration of how humans seek and derive meaning from a wide array of experiences, rituals, and social constructs, providing listeners with rich insights into the interplay between individual and societal dimensions of meaning-making in the modern era.

Episode Image How We Became Human special part 1
65 minutes
Episode Image Black Lives Matter
65 minutes
Episode Image COVID-19 Special
71 minutes
Episode Image Morality
82 minutes
Episode Image Play
62 minutes
Episode Image Science fiction
56 minutes
Episode Image Death
62 minutes
Episode Image Human Nature
66 minutes
Episode Image Gender
59 minutes
Episode Image Violence
55 minutes
Episode Image Sex
57 minutes
Episode Image Freedom of Speech
65 minutes
Episode Image #metoo
42 minutes
Episode Image The Meaning of... God
49 minutes
Episode Image The Meaning of... Cultural Appropriation
48 minutes
Episode Image The Meaning of... Race
46 minutes
Episode Image The Meaning of... Love
44 minutes
The Meaning of... Time
40 minutes
The Meaning of... Music
38 minutes
The Meaning of... Trump
29 minutes
The Meaning of... Identity
26 minutes
Episode Image The Meaning of... Art
61 minutes
The Meaning of... Life
18 minutes
What is The Meaning of...?
less than a minute