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Podcast Profile: Good in Theory: A Political Philosophy Podcast

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47 episodes
2020 to 2023
Median: 44 minutes
Collection: Philosophy

Description (podcaster-provided):

Good in Theory is a podcast about political philosophy and how it can help us understand the world today. Want to know what's in Plato's Republic or Hobbes's Leviathan but don't want to read them? This is your pod. I explain my favourite books in political theory in enough detail that you’ll feel like you read them yourself. Deep but not heavy. No experience needed.

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Political philosophy • Plato's Republic • Ethics • Democracy • War and peace • Social critique • Modern politics • Free speech • Thought experiments • Interviews with scholars

Good in Theory is a podcast that delves into the realms of political philosophy and the history of ideas, making complex theories accessible and engaging. Hosted by Clif Mark, the podcast aims to help listeners understand seminal works in political theory without the necessity of poring over dense texts themselves. The show features a mix of solo episodes where the host explains classic works and themes in political philosophy, as well as interviews and crossovers with other scholars and podcasters.

Recurring themes in the podcast include explorations of ancient Greek political thought, particularly the works of Plato. Numerous episodes dissect themes from Plato's "Republic," covering topics like the nature of justice, the role of philosopher-kings, and the construction of an ideal society. Socratic dialogues and their implications for modern political and ethical questions also receive significant attention.

The podcast frequently addresses the tension between democracy and other forms of governance. It compares ancient political systems with contemporary democratic practices, often critiquing modern meritocratic education and societal structures. Discussions also probe into the evolution of political thought through history, including the divergence between Eastern and Western perspectives, as well as shifts in attitudes toward commerce, property, and individual rights.

Interviews with contemporary philosophers and political theorists expand on these themes, offering modern interpretations and critiques of traditional theories. Episodes feature debates on whether liberal democracy is the best possible form of government, critiques of commercialism in society, and examinations of how technology and data affect human desires and behaviors.

The podcast also delves into moral and ethical philosophy, tackling thought experiments about utilitarianism, moral luck, and the impact of harmful yet harmless actions. With discussions ranging from classical texts to current political and social issues, Good in Theory provides a comprehensive and thought-provoking look at political philosophy's enduring questions and contemporary relevance.

Episode Image 46 - Athenian democracy and Plato w/ Graham Culbertson (Everyday Anarchism Podcast)
64 minutes
Episode Image 45 - Humane War feat. Samuel Moyn
65 minutes
Episode Image 44 - Samuel Huntington "The Clash of Civilizations?"
36 minutes
Episode Image 43 - Tyranny at Work feat. Elizabeth Anderson
54 minutes
Episode Image 42 - The New Aristocracy feat. Matthew Stewart
54 minutes
Episode Image 41 - Love in the Time of Big Data feat. Alfie Bown
58 minutes
Episode Image 40 - Is Liberal Democracy the Best We Can Do? feat. The Morality of Everyday Things
74 minutes
Episode Image 39 - The Glorious History and Ugly Present of Rhetoric feat. Rob Goodman
73 minutes
Episode Image 38 - GiT Holiday Special with Sep
39 minutes
Episode Image 37 - Thought Lab 4: The Psychology of Horror
36 minutes
Episode Image 36 - Moral Saints 2: Why Be a Saint?
33 minutes
Episode Image 35 - Susan Wolf, “Moral Saints”
26 minutes
Episode Image 34 - The Esoteric Plato feat. Earl Fontainelle
88 minutes
Episode Image 33 - The End of the End of History feat. Philip Cunliffe and George Hoare
65 minutes
Episode Image 32 - Fukuyama’s “The End of History?”
27 minutes
Episode Image 31 - Thought Lab 3: Utilitarianism & the Great Spreadsheet
47 minutes
Episode Image 30 - Plato's Republic 13: Choose Yourself
33 minutes
Episode Image 29 - Plato's Republic 12: Poetic Sweet Tooth
45 minutes
Episode Image 28 - Plato's Republic 11: A Tyrant's Life
36 minutes
Episode Image 27 - Plato's Republic 10: Degenerate Cities, Degenerate Souls
49 minutes
Episode Image 26 - Plato's Republic 9: Horny for the Good
55 minutes
Episode Image 25 - Thought Lab 2: Tainted Art and Moral Luck
54 minutes
Episode Image 24 - Plato's Republic 8: The Philosopher Kings
43 minutes
Episode Image 23 - Plato’s Republic 7: Socratic Family Values
33 minutes
Episode Image 22 - Thought Lab 1: The Dead Chicken Experiment
44 minutes
Episode Image 21 - GiT Valentine's Day Special: Rousseau and Romance Past
62 minutes
Episode Image 20 - Do Free Markets Make Free Humans? Interview with Jeffrey Bercuson
76 minutes
Episode Image 19 - Granny Gore to Girl Power: Naomi Hamer on the History of Fairy Tales
61 minutes
Episode Image 18 - GiT Xmas movie special with Sep
49 minutes
Episode Image 17 - Plato's Republic 6: How to be a Good Person
45 minutes
Episode Image 16 - Plato's Republic 5: Lies, Noble Lies and Gymnastics
43 minutes
Episode Image 15 - Interview: politics v. philosophy with Agnes Callard
42 minutes
Episode Image 14 - Plato's Republic 4: Myths 4 KidZ
37 minutes
Episode Image 13 - Plato’s Republic 3: City of Pigs, Army of Dogs
41 minutes
Episode Image 12 - Interview: Paul Sagar, what's your problem with Plato?
19 minutes
Episode Image 11 - Plato's Republic 2: Good to be Bad
34 minutes
Episode Image 10 - Plato's Republic 1: Justice for Beginners
34 minutes
Episode Image 9 - Athens: Ahoy Polloi!
53 minutes
Episode Image 8 - Sparta: Killer Beehive
45 minutes
Episode Image 7 - Interview: Rebecca Goldstein
62 minutes
Episode Image 6 - The Polis: Freedom Farms, Phalanxes and Class War
32 minutes
Episode Image 5 - Plato’s Apology 5: The Apology of Athens
37 minutes
Episode Image 4 - Plato's Apology 4: Your Brain On Politics
51 minutes
Episode Image 3 - Plato's Apology 3: Not-So-Dangerous Minds
33 minutes
Episode Image 2 - Plato’s Apology 2: Free Speech Hero?
39 minutes
Episode Image 1 - Plato's Apology 1: The Divine Troll
41 minutes
Episode Image Trailer
1 minute