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Physics, Math, and Astronomy Podcast Collection (Grid View)

A curated collection of podcasts focused on physics, math, and/or astronomy. For general science, see the Science Podcast Collection.

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Updated: 2024-Jul-20 17:07 UTC. Podcasts listed: 130. Ordered by date of most recent episode (newest to oldest). AI-generated content is based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions.

Collection summary covering past 30 days of combined episodes (AI-generated):

These podcasts cover a rich and diverse array of topics within astronomy, astrophysics, mathematics, and related sciences. They frequently explore the depth of our universe, discussing the formation and behavior of celestial bodies such as black holes, stars, and galaxies. Specific episodes delve into the mysteries of supermassive black holes, their magnetic fields, and potential interactions in galactic centers. Others highlight the usage of powerful telescopes like the James Webb Space Telescope and its discoveries of ancient stars and unexpected phenomena, providing insights into cosmic distances and early universe objects.

Episodes also tackle intriguing questions about the fundamental laws governing our universe, from the mechanics of gravitational waves and the possibility of primordial black holes contributing to dark matter, to theories about the universe's expansion and the intricacies of the Big Bang. Some episodes consider practical challenges and future possibilities of space exploration and colonization, discussing technological advancements like space elevators and the potential for life on Mars and ocean worlds like Europa and Enceladus.

A recurring theme is the intersection of human ingenuity and space science, including the use of artificial intelligence for data analysis in astronomy and innovative solutions to longstanding scientific mysteries. Science communication and education are central to many discussions, with some episodes focused on teaching mathematics through engaging, real-world applications, and others exploring the societal impact of astronomical discoveries.

Listeners will find engaging interviews with experts who provide deep dives into specific scientific phenomena, as well as accessible explanations of complex astrophysical concepts. Overall, these podcasts offer a comprehensive overview of current scientific endeavors in space and the dynamic, ongoing quest to understand the cosmos.

The 365 Days of Astronomy Image The Supermassive Podcast Image This Week in Space (Audio) Image Universe Today Podcast Image The Cartesian Cafe Image syzygy Image Physics World Weekly Podcast Image StarTalk Radio Image StarDate Image SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Image Easy Physics Image Space Nuts Image The Joy of Why Image Daniel and Jorge Explain the Universe Image Math is Figure-Out-Able! Image Planetary Radio: Space Exploration, Astronomy and Science Image The Math Club Image Crash Course Pods: The Universe Image The Cosmic Savannah Image The Space Between Image Ask a Spaceman! Image Maths on the Move Image Breaking Math Podcast Image Astronomy Cast Image Sean Carroll's Mindscape: Science, Society, Philosophy, Culture, Arts, and Ideas Image The Actual Astronomy Podcast Image Pale Blue Pod Image Cheap Astronomy Podcasts Image AWESOME ASTRONOMY Image The Function Room Image Into the Impossible With Brian Keating Image Radio Astronomy Image Starry Time Image Math Ed Podcast Image Looking Up Image Interplanetary Podcast Image This Is Physics Image Naked Astronomy, from the Naked Scientists Image Quanta Science Podcast Image The Origins Podcast with Lawrence Krauss Image Entangled Things Image exocast Image New Books in Mathematics Image The LIUniverse with Dr. Charles Liu Image Starts With A Bang podcast Image The Bomb Image People doing Physics Image Mathematics Simplified Image The Numberphile Podcast Image Look Up! Image Why This Universe? Image The Backyard Astronomer Podcast Image The Jodcast Image Sky Tour Astronomy Podcast Image The Astrophysics Podcast Image Cosmic Coffee Time with Andrew Prestage Image The Art of Mathematics Image Physics World Stories Podcast Image The Vatican Observatory Podcast Image Theoretical Physics - From Outer Space to Plasma Image My Favorite Theorem Image Astronomy (Audio) Image Physics Frontiers Image My Nuclear Life Image Quantitude Image Physics (Audio) Image The Cousin Paradox Image NASA's Curious Universe Image Infinitely Irrational: A Math Podcast Image Living Proof: the Isaac Newton Institute podcast Image Star Stuff Image Physicists in the Wild Image COMPLEXITY: Physics of Life Image Math & Physics Podcast Image Mathematical Moments from the American Mathematical Society Image FQxI Podcast Image Beyond the Physics Image Conversations at the Perimeter Image The Magnificence of Mathematics Image

Last updated in 2023:

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Last updated in 2022:

Initial Conditions: A Physics History Podcast Image The Field Guide to Particle Physics Image The Hyperfine Physics Podcast Image ASTROPHYSICAST Image The Qubit Guy's Podcast Image Gravity Assist Image Math-Life Balance Image Physical Attraction Image The Ramsey Theory Podcast: No Strangers At This Party Image Quantized Ramblings Image Mathematically Speaking Podcast Image The Urban Astronomer Podcast Image

Last updated in 2021:

Cosmic Vertigo Image The 3b1b podcast Image The Astrophysics Academy: Just A Minute Image Nonlocal: a quantum computing podcast Image The State of The Universe Image The Joy of x Image Tensor Voices Image The Atomic Bomb Image Women in Math: The Limit Does Not Exist Image

Last updated in 2020:

Relatively Prime: Stories from the Mathematical Domain Image The Titanium Physicists Podcast Image The Star Spot Image The Universe Speaks in Numbers Image Sum of All Parts Image

Last updated in 2018:

Hostile Worlds: Exploring Space Image

Last updated in 2017:

The Secrets of Mathematics Image Stargazing Image

Last updated in 2014:

Oxford Physics Short Talks and Introductions Image

Last updated in 2010:

A Brief History of Mathematics Image Travels in a Mathematical World Image

Last updated in 2009:

Astronomy 162 - Stars, Galaxies, & the Universe Image Astronomy 161 - Introduction to Solar System Astronomy Image Astronomy 141 - Life in the Universe - Autumn Quarter 2009 Image

Last updated in 2007:

Why Beauty is Truth - A short history of symmetry Image