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Podcast Profile: Fusion Focused

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27 episodes
2021 to 2023
Median: 29 minutes
Collection: Physics, Math, and Astronomy

Description (podcaster-provided):

The Fusion Focused podcast aims to highlight inspiring experts within the Plasma Physics & Fusion Energy community, showcase the diverse careers available within the fusion field, talk with the guests about their scientific interests, and chat about why fusion is so cool!

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Plasma physics research • Fusion technology • Academic and career journeys in fusion • Diversity and inclusion in fusion • Diagnostic techniques • Scientific collaborations • Science communication • Pro-nuclear arguments

"Fusion Focused" is a podcast centered around the fascinating field of Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy. Hosted by Dr. Ella Fox-Widdows, each episode features insightful discussions with experts who are making significant strides in the fusion community. The show aims to shine a light on the diverse career paths available within the fusion energy sector and to explore the varied scientific interests and personal journeys of its guests.

The episodes recurrently delve into the technical aspects of fusion research and development, discussing cutting-edge topics like millimeter wave diagnostics, liquid metals, high temperature superconductors, and plasma turbulence. The podcast also explores different approaches to achieving fusion, such as the projectile fusion technology employed by startups and the research conducted at major institutions like MIT and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

A notable recurring theme is the importance of diversity and inclusion within the scientific community. Several episodes address the need to attract a varied cohort to the field and highlight personal experiences in fostering inclusive environments. The show often touches on the interplay between being pro-nuclear and pro-environment, underscoring how fusion energy can contribute to a sustainable and peaceful future.

Listeners also gain insights into the personal and professional development of the guests, including their academic journeys, career transitions, and collaborative projects across the globe. The podcast emphasizes mentorship, outreach, and science communication, underscoring their pivotal roles in advancing the fusion field. Additionally, discussions often veer into personal interests and hobbies, painting a holistic picture of the guests beyond their academic and professional accomplishments.

Overall, "Fusion Focused" is a rich resource for anyone interested in the latest advances in fusion energy, the diverse roles in the fusion community, and the personal stories of those driving this innovative field forward.

Episode Image S2 E11: Prof. Anne White
54 minutes
Episode Image S2 E10: Rosie Barker
25 minutes
Episode Image S2 E9: Maria Morbey
20 minutes
Episode Image S2 E8: Dr Eleanor Tubman
40 minutes
Episode Image S2 E7: Cyd Cowley
48 minutes
Episode Image S2 E6: Dr Steffi Diem
31 minutes
Episode Image S2 E5: Dr Humberto Torreblanca
26 minutes
Episode Image S2 E4: Jane Hotchkiss
60 minutes
Episode Image S2 E3: Dr Nick Hawker
21 minutes
Episode Image S2 E2: Dr Valerie Jamieson
26 minutes
Episode Image S2 E1: Dr Richard Pearson
49 minutes
Episode Image S1 E15: Dr Sam Gibson
24 minutes
Episode Image S1 E14: Dario Cruz
29 minutes
Episode Image S1 E13: Dr Ana Koller
29 minutes
Episode Image S1 E12: Fabio Federici
31 minutes
Episode Image S1 E11: Dr Ryoko Osawa
26 minutes
Episode Image S1 E10: Guido Lange
26 minutes
Episode Image S1 E9: Erica Salazar
36 minutes
Episode Image S1 E8: Dr Nick Walkden
29 minutes
Episode Image S1 E7: Dr Kate Lancaster
42 minutes
Episode Image S1 E6: Emre Yildirim
48 minutes
Episode Image S1 E5: Dr Kirsty McKay
25 minutes
Episode Image S1 E4: Laura Wheatley
25 minutes
Episode Image S1 E3: Dr Alex Creely
33 minutes
Episode Image S1 E2: Dr Aneeqa Khan
22 minutes
Episode Image S1 E1: Dr Melanie Windridge
76 minutes
Episode Image Fusion Focused S1: Trailer
1 minute