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Podcast Profile: Sum of All Parts

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27 episodes
2017 to 2020
Median: 25 minutes
Collection: Physics, Math, and Astronomy

Description (podcaster-provided):

Sum of All Parts tells extraordinary stories about the unseen influence that numbers have on the way we think, feel and behave.

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Extraordinary stories • Influence of numbers • Historical anecdotes • Science and discovery • Music and culture • Unusual phenomena • Facts and figures • Personal narratives • Technological insights • Social issues

"Sum of All Parts" is a podcast that explores the intriguing and often unexpected ways numbers influence our lives, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. The show delves into a wide array of topics, presenting extraordinary narratives where numerical data, patterns, and statistics play a central role in the storytelling.

Listeners can expect to encounter stories covering pressing and diverse subjects such as natural disasters, historical events, scientific phenomena, and contemporary societal issues. The episodes address quite specific instances where numbers reveal hidden truths or provide a unique lens through which to understand complex topics. Examples include understanding evacuation behaviors during bushfires, uncovering intriguing patterns related to crime, and examining the scale of environmental crises. Historical narratives also emerge, examining the origins and impacts of things as varied as musical innovations and iconic breed developments in animal husbandry.

Tech and science are recurrent themes, with episodes probing the nascent stages of electronic music, the mathematical brilliance of notable individuals, and the fascinating world of hackers. The podcast doesn't shy away from exploring the cultural and human impact of scientific advancements, reflecting on how these developments shape our modern experience.

Occasionally, the show takes detours into lighter or peculiar corners of numerical influence, such as diving into the whimsical world of fictitious large numbers or uncovering the quirks of superstition. Interspersed are bonus episodes that often build on or provide supplementary context to the main themes, offering additional depth or alternative vantage points on the subjects at hand.

Overall, "Sum of All Parts" presents a rich tapestry of episodes where numbers are not just abstract concepts but are integral to understanding stories with significant personal, historical, and cultural dimensions. The podcast underscores an intimate connection between numbers and real-world phenomena, aiming to shed light on the unseen forces that shape our daily lives.

Episode Image 16.2 How we evacuate
27 minutes
Episode Image 16.1 Fact checking the fire season
25 minutes
Episode Image 15.0 An unusual pattern
30 minutes
Episode Image 14.0 The labradoodle of regret
25 minutes
Episode Image 13.1 Electronic music’s origin story [BONUS]
22 minutes
Episode Image 13.0 Chiptune
26 minutes
Episode Image 12.0 The Tattoowierer
26 minutes
Episode Image 11.1 The hidden extinction [BONUS]
3 minutes
Episode Image 11.0 Dino explosion!
33 minutes
Episode Image 10.0 One, two, three, four!
33 minutes
Episode Image 9.4 Remembering Maryam Mirzakhani (SOAP presents.. Ockham's Razor)
13 minutes
Episode Image 9.3 Zillions (SOAP presents.. The Allusionist)
18 minutes
Episode Image 9.2 Wrong Number (SOAP presents.. Twenty Thousand Hertz)
28 minutes
Episode Image 9.1 Six Degrees (SOAP presents.. Undiscovered)
36 minutes
Episode Image 9.0 Presenting.. SOAP presents..
1 minute
Episode Image 8.0 A tale of two drugs [BONUS]
29 minutes
Episode Image 7.1 Two Trains [BONUS]
10 minutes
Episode Image 7.0 The sound of seizure
25 minutes
Episode Image 6.1 Slow down, George Solo-son [BONUS]
5 minutes
Episode Image 6.0 Magical Mystery Chord
22 minutes
Episode Image 5.0 Give an inch, take a millimetre..
23 minutes
Episode Image 4.0 Very Superstitious.. (Friday the 13th Special)
11 minutes
Episode Image 3.0 Phoenix + Electron
31 minutes
Episode Image 2.1 Smells Like Teen Multitrack [BONUS]
3 minutes
Episode Image 2.0 The Infinite God
23 minutes
Episode Image 1.0 Shoal Attack!
31 minutes
Episode Image 0.0 A better way to count
11 minutes