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Podcast Profile: My Nuclear Life

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60 episodes
2020 to 2024
Median: 50 minutes
Collection: Physics, Math, and Astronomy

Description (podcaster-provided):

On July 16, 1945, in a New Mexico desert, the Trinity Test ushered in the Nuclear Age. No other piece of technology has penetrated the American consciousness like the nuclear bomb and found a place in everything from culture to medicine. This podcast explores how nuclear science has impacted and changed our world in both beneficial and destructive ways. We explore the intersection of nuclear science and society using interviews with historians, policymakers, experts in their fields, and first-hand accounts to weave a picture of your nuclear life.

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Nuclear science’s impact on society • Historical events and figures • Arms control and nuclear risk reduction • Influences on culture and media • Nuclear disasters and accidents • Technological advancements in nuclear research

This podcast, titled "My Nuclear Life," delves into the multifaceted impact of nuclear science on society. It explores a range of topics, from historical events and scientific discoveries to the personal experiences of those involved in nuclear research and policy. The show's main focus is the complex relationship between nuclear technology and its consequences, both beneficial and detrimental.

A recurring theme is the history and development of nuclear weapons and arms control. Several episodes discuss the efforts of scientists and policymakers to verify nuclear tests and reduce nuclear risk, showcasing figures such as Frank von Hippel and Tom Cochran. The podcast also revisits critical moments in nuclear history, such as the Cold War era and significant nuclear tests like the Trinity Test and Starfish Prime.

Another significant aspect of the podcast is its coverage of nuclear energy and its implications. The podcast addresses topics like the safety and future of nuclear reactors, as seen in discussions about post-Fukushima Japan, as well as the ongoing challenges of nuclear waste disposal. Insights from various experts, including Nobel laureates and prominent physicists, provide depth to these discussions.

The societal and cultural dimensions of nuclear science are another focal point. Episodes explore how nuclear events and technologies have permeated popular culture, influenced public health initiatives like the Baby Tooth Survey, and sparked art and literature. Additionally, the podcast features personal narratives from scientists and individuals who lived through pivotal moments, such as physicists in post-Soviet Georgia or missileers during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Overall, "My Nuclear Life" offers a comprehensive exploration of nuclear science, blending historical analysis with contemporary issues and personal stories. By engaging with experts and historical accounts, the podcast paints a detailed picture of how nuclear science intersects with society, policy, and culture.

Episode Image The journey of a citizen scientist with Frank von Hippel
51 minutes
Episode Image The Black Sea Experiment: Data taking and legacy
42 minutes
Episode Image Prelude to the Black Sea Experiment: Soviet Scientists Reach Out
38 minutes
Episode Image Adventures in Nuclear Risk Reduction - Georgia Pt 2
52 minutes
Episode Image Adventures in Nuclear Risk Reduction - Georgia Pt 1
58 minutes
Episode Image The new face of the nuclear nerd - Miss America (2023) Grace Stanke
40 minutes
Episode Image Understanding Edward Teller with Istvan Hargittai
58 minutes
Episode Image For the love of lasers with Donna Strickland
42 minutes
Episode Image Are radiation limits based on a lie? with Ed Calabrese
50 minutes
Episode Image How to identify Manhattan Project Plutonium with Cody Folden
48 minutes
Episode Image Trying to stay alive at the Diefenbunker with Nathan Radke & Lee Kuhnle
64 minutes
Episode Image J. Robert Oppenheimer with Kai Bird
63 minutes
Episode Image The 3rd Nuclear Age with Ankit Panda
50 minutes
Episode Image The Origin of the Elements with Artemis Spyrou
40 minutes
Episode Image NIF fusion was a breakthrough, but what kind? with Bob Rosner
43 minutes
Episode Image Witnessing the Starfish Prime nuclear test with Jim Burkhart
39 minutes
Episode Image Solving the solar neutrino problem with Nobel Laureate Art McDonald
51 minutes
Episode Image Is this the year NORAD shoots down Santa? With Martin Pfeiffer
32 minutes
Episode Image Mom, I'm scared, come pick me up! Students speak out.
50 minutes
Episode Image US Nuclear Weapons and the Nuclear Posture Review with Steve Fetter
38 minutes
Episode Image Inside the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone with Dominik & Lara from ChernobylX
48 minutes
Episode Image The Baby Tooth Study 2.0 with Marc Weisskopf
58 minutes
Episode Image St. Louis Baby Tooth Survey with Nina Gilden Seavey
34 minutes
Episode Image What if a nuclear engineer was elected US President? with Jonathan Alter
40 minutes
Episode Image How did the U.S. Government plan for nuclear war without you? with Garrett Graff
42 minutes
Episode Image Exploring the end of the world with nuclear literature and Daniel Cordle
53 minutes
Episode Image Shipbuilding with the precision of a watchmaker - ITER with Michael Loughlin
41 minutes
Episode Image Can Wargaming teach ethics? With John Emery
68 minutes
Episode Image Nuclear Threat Reduction & Current Events with Matthias Grosse Perdekamp
59 minutes
Episode Image Radium & Marie Curie go Goth Rock with Charming Disaster
41 minutes
Episode Image Using nuclear science to understand cultural heritage with Michael Wiescher
53 minutes
Episode Image Should Khrushchev receive story credit for Dr. Strangelove? With Nathan and Lee from The UnCover Up
39 minutes
Episode Image The movie with the finest ending: Failsafe (1964) with Nathan & Lee from The UnCover Up
46 minutes
Episode Image What's with all the Nuclear Movies? With Nathan & Lee from The UnCover Up
60 minutes
Episode Image Using radiation as a poison. The murder of Alexander Litvinenko with Pete Burgess
53 minutes
Episode Image How the Norwegians & British ended the Nazi atomic bomb program with Neal Bascomb
57 minutes
Episode Image Finger on the Button: Life as a Cold War Missileer with Col. (Ret.) Charles G. Simpson
59 minutes
Episode Image Scientists as activists, human rights, and ethics with Don Howard
81 minutes
Episode Image History of early computing with Thomas Haigh
84 minutes
Episode Image The connection between nuclear disarmament, peace, and black freedom with Vincent Intondi
58 minutes
Episode Image Nuking the Moon and other Shenanigans with The Uncover Up
66 minutes
Episode Image The impact of the Cold War on LIGO with Tiffany Nichols
42 minutes
Announcement: My Nuclear Life / The UncoverUp Crossover
1 minute
Episode Image The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Disaster with Adam Higginbotham
51 minutes
Episode Image Death by control rod: The story of SL1 with Todd Tucker
51 minutes
Episode Image How to restart a nuclear reactor in Japan after the Fukushima disaster with Dreux Richard
62 minutes
Episode Image Soviet bone records, Tom Lehrer, and music for your nuclear protest with Tim & Joanna Smolko
67 minutes
Episode Image Deep beneath the surface: Innovating nuclear waste disposal with Elizabeth Muller
36 minutes
Episode Image Hanford Lab Pt. 2: How the DOE got into the museum business with Robert Franklin
62 minutes
Episode Image Hanford Lab Pt. 1: The triumph of the engineer with Robert Franklin
80 minutes
Episode Image Quarky News: Volk Field 1962
16 minutes
Episode Image Radium: Luxurious, Beautiful, Expensive, and Modern with Lucy Santos
55 minutes
Episode Image Nuclear newsletters, queer theory, and Freedom of Information with Martin Pfeiffer
56 minutes
Episode Image The War Science Won? Building the bomb, ingenuity, and politics with Richard Rhodes (Pt. 3)
46 minutes
Episode Image How to turn the US into a factory: Beer in Hanford, Silver from Fort Knox, and PO Box 1663 with Richard Rhodes (Pt. 2)
50 minutes
Episode Image How it all began: Europe, fission, and the Nazis with Richard Rhodes (Pt. 1)
59 minutes
Episode Image Sunshine in a bottle. The origins of using radiation as a modern cancer treatment with Aimee Slaughter
39 minutes
Episode Image Thwarting nuclear ambitions with sanctions: Iran, North Korea, and ... Sweden? with Richard Nephew
31 minutes
Episode Image How do you celebrate Alaska Statehood? Nuke them a harbor with Dan O'Neill
52 minutes
Episode Image Saving the world with nuclear energy, one microreactor at a time with Leslie Dewan
36 minutes