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Podcast Profile: This Week in Space (Audio)

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10 episodes
Median: 67 minutes
Collection: Physics, Math, and Astronomy

Description (podcaster-provided):

The new space age is upon us, and This Week in Space leaves no topic untouched. Every Friday, join Editor-in-Chief of Ad Astra magazine, Rod Pyle and Managing Editor of, Tariq Malik as they explore everything related to the cosmos.
New episodes posted every Friday.

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Space exploration updates • Orbital debris risks • Mars and lunar missions • Cutting-edge telescopes • Solar activity • Astrophysics and cosmology • 3D printing in space • Space technology challenges and advancements

This podcast, titled "This Week in Space," delves into a wide range of topics surrounding the contemporary space age, guided by the expertise of its hosts, Rod Pyle and Tariq Malik. The show provides in-depth discussions on recent developments and enduring challenges in the field of space exploration, often featuring prominent guests from the scientific community and industry specialists.

A prevalent theme across the episodes is the exploration and mitigation of space hazards, such as the serious issue of orbital debris and its potential risks to satellites and spacecraft. Another recurring topic is the innovation and future of extraterrestrial habitation, particularly through 3D printing technologies aimed at constructing lunar and Martian habitats. The podcast also covers cutting-edge astronomical research, illustrated by investigations into dark matter and dark energy, as well as the race to build the world’s largest telescopes, highlighting international competition in this domain.

The podcast frequently addresses progress and challenges in manned space missions, with updates on Boeing's Starliner and SpaceX's ambitious projects, including missions aimed at setting new records and testing new technologies. There's a strong focus on international collaboration and competition, particularly between the United States and China, set against the backdrop of a new space race.

Additionally, exploration efforts on different celestial bodies, such as Mars and the far side of the Moon, are prominently discussed. The historic and ongoing missions of the Voyager probes serve as a testament to the enduring quest for knowledge beyond our solar system.

Listeners can also expect episodes that discuss the impact of solar activity on Earth's technology and delve into the anecdotes and personal experiences of guests who have made significant contributions to space science and exploration. Through these discussions, the podcast provides a thorough overview of the current landscape and future possibilities in space exploration and astronomy.

Episode Image TWiS 119: Junkyard in Space - The Dangers of Orbital Debris
63 minutes
Episode Image TWiS 118: Understanding the Darkness - Dark Matter and Dark Energy
68 minutes
Episode Image TWiS 117: A Home on the Moon - 3D Printing Lunar Habitats
69 minutes
Episode Image TWiS 116: Spreading the Good Word - With the Space and Things Podcast
65 minutes
Episode Image TWiS 115: Our Friendly Mr. Sun - Mr. Sun: Friend or Foe? With Dr. Alex Young
67 minutes
Episode Image TWiS 114: Starliners & Starships - Boeing's Redemption, SpaceX's Ambition
76 minutes
Episode Image TWiS 113: China's Heavenly Dream - Chang'e 6 and China's Lunar Ambitions With Mike Wall
67 minutes
Episode Image TWiS 112: Mars on Pause? - With JPL Chief Engineer Emeritus Rob Manning
67 minutes
Episode Image TWiS 111: The Big Glass Wars - Inside the Race to Build the World's Largest Telescopes
65 minutes
Episode Image TWiS 110: Voyager 1's Brush with Silence - Saving an Icon With Project Scientist Dr. Linda Spilker
69 minutes