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Podcast Profile: Physics World Weekly Podcast

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100 episodes
2022 to 2024
Median: 33 minutes
Collection: Physics, Math, and Astronomy

Description (podcaster-provided):

Physics World Weekly offers a unique insight into the latest news, breakthroughs and innovations from the global scientific community. Our award-winning journalists reveal what has captured their imaginations about the stories in the news this week, which might span anything from quantum physics and astronomy through to materials science, environmental research and policy, and biomedical science and technology. Find out more about the stories in this podcast by visiting the Physics World website. If you enjoy what you hear, then also check out our monthly podcast Physics World Stories, which takes a more in-depth look at a specific theme.

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Quantum physics • Astronomy • Medical physics • Environmental research • Materials science • Technology innovations • Biomedical science • Artificial intelligence • Climate change • Nuclear physics • Science policy • Interdisciplinary research

The "Physics World Weekly Podcast" offers listeners a wide-ranging exploration of the latest developments and intriguing stories within the scientific community, presented by award-winning journalists. This podcast delves into various branches of science, spanning from quantum physics, astronomy, and materials science to biomedical science and environmental research. It stands out for its rich, diverse content that captivates the imagination of its audience by providing insights into cutting-edge technological advances, significant scientific achievements, and pressing societal issues.

The episodes frequently feature discussions with leading scientists and researchers who provide in-depth perspectives on their areas of expertise. Regular themes include precision medicine, quantum computing, and the use of artificial intelligence in scientific research, highlighting technological breakthroughs and their broader implications. Environmental sustainability and climate change also recur as significant topics, particularly focusing on how different scientific communities are addressing these global challenges through innovative solutions.

The podcast showcases prominent scientific prizes and honors, such as the Shaw Prize and the Kavli Prize, and offers interviews with their laureates, giving listeners a unique glimpse into the work and motivations of these award-winning scientists. The intersection of science and society is another critical theme, examining how scientific advancements might influence public policy, education, and industry practices. For instance, there are episodes dedicated to the uses of social media in promoting physics-related businesses and the role of scientific centers in fostering literacy and diversity in STEM fields.

Additionally, listeners are treated to lively discussions about the application of physics in everyday phenomena, such as the use of helium in balloons or the stability of infrastructure like bridges. The podcast also covers niche and specialized topics ranging from superfluid helium in large-scale experiments to the impact of new telecom satellites on astronomical observations. By blending technical detail with accessibility, the "Physics World Weekly Podcast" serves as a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in staying abreast of contemporary scientific discourse.

Episode Image Precision medicine: meet two medical physicists who are making it possible
49 minutes
Episode Image Shrinivas Kulkarni: 2024 Shaw Prize in Astronomy winner talks about his fascination with variable and transient objects
49 minutes
Episode Image Linking silicon T centres with light offers a route to fault-tolerant quantum computing
31 minutes
Episode Image The Kavli Prize in Astrophysics: meet the 2024 laureates David Charbonneau and Sara Seager
36 minutes
Episode Image Teaching nuclear physics using data rather than models, recovering helium from party balloons
39 minutes
Episode Image Baltimore bridge collapse: engineers explain how failures can be avoided
45 minutes
Episode Image A passion for building instrumentation, and a hint of dark matter in dwarf galaxies
38 minutes
Episode Image Celebrating attosecond science, physics tournament focuses on fun
39 minutes
Episode Image Artificial intelligence: developing useful tools that scientists can trust
26 minutes
Episode Image Social media: making it work for physics-related businesses
41 minutes
Episode Image Environmental sustainability: exploring the challenges for the medical physics community
31 minutes
Episode Image Purpose-Led Publishing: Antonia Seymour outlines the role of not-for-profit publishers
29 minutes
Episode Image Statistical physics provides powerful insights into the living world
26 minutes
Episode Image Science centres inspire scientific literacy and diversity in STEM
29 minutes
Episode Image Superfluid helium: the quantum curiosity behind huge experiments like the LHC
35 minutes
Episode Image Frugal approach to computer modelling can reduce carbon emissions
27 minutes
Episode Image Keith Burnett: IOP president says it is our duty to make physics more inclusive
34 minutes
Episode Image Tackling climate change while improving human wellbeing
17 minutes
Episode Image Radiology societies call for critical evaluation of AI, building the UK’s quantum workforce
28 minutes
Episode Image Looking to the future of US particle physics: P5 member Abigail Vieregg is our guest
39 minutes
Episode Image Bionic jellyfish and more efficient windfarms: a conversation with John Dabiri
25 minutes
Episode Image Graphene-based materials show great promise for hydrogen transport and storage
36 minutes
Episode Image MRI keeps proton beam therapy on target, new technique tracks bacteria motion
29 minutes
Episode Image Start-up is sending its quantum magnetometer into space
33 minutes
Episode Image The Magellanic Clouds: astronomers make the case for a name change
26 minutes
Episode Image Award-winning technology allows a paralysed person to walk, new journal focuses on sustainability
39 minutes
Episode Image Company uses quantum optics to generate sequences of truly random numbers
25 minutes
Episode Image Paul Howarth: how we can get politicians to engage with nuclear power
32 minutes
Episode Image Top 10 Breakthroughs of 2023: we explore this year’s best physics research
35 minutes
Episode Image Why Alice & Bob are making cat qubits, IOP calls for action on net-zero target
37 minutes
Episode Image Biomedical ethicist calls for rules governing human research in commercial spaceflight
27 minutes
Episode Image New telecoms satellites will degrade our view of the cosmos
30 minutes
Episode Image New director looks to the future of the UK’s national labs
30 minutes
Episode Image Celebrating the physics of the cosmos and 20 years of JCAP
28 minutes
Episode Image Pioneering the physics of adaptation, writing the history of quantum computing
39 minutes
Episode Image Quantum algorithms make clever use of noisy hardware
33 minutes
Episode Image Fusion industry has ambitious plans for 2035, rounding out this year’s Nobel prizes
33 minutes
Episode Image Attosecond pulses and quantum dots: exploring the physics behind this year’s Nobel prizes
40 minutes
Episode Image Scanning the seabed with lasers could inform the search for extraterrestrial intelligence
33 minutes
Episode Image Astrophysicist uses X-rays to explore the universe, heat pumps could prevent potholes
55 minutes
Episode Image Challenging the space industry’s attitudes towards diversity, the ‘wild boar paradox’ explained
53 minutes
Episode Image Quantum-safe cryptography: why we need it now
30 minutes
Episode Image Mathematics makes sense of the modern world
29 minutes
Episode Image Metasurfaces simplify optical sensing systems
42 minutes
Episode Image LK-99: meet a materials scientist who put the room-temperature superconductivity claim to the test
47 minutes
Episode Image Body-based units of measurement offer advantages over standardized systems, speaking of Oppenheimer
38 minutes
Episode Image Award-winning company uses quantum sensors to develop a lightweight, wearable brain scanner
20 minutes
Episode Image Quantum science and technology thrives when industry and governments join forces
22 minutes
Episode Image Interdisciplinary researcher explores the many facets of decarbonization
30 minutes
Episode Image Iconic Pink Floyd album cover provides a valuable lesson in optical physics
33 minutes
Episode Image Nuclear clocks: why an experiment at CERN brings them closer to reality
27 minutes
Episode Image Bioelectronic medicine aims to improve type-1 diabetes management
24 minutes
Episode Image Sniffing out drug driving: why a breath test for cannabis is so hard to create
25 minutes
Episode Image Quantum woo: how to avoid mystical nonsense when doing physics outreach
41 minutes
Episode Image X-ray detectors in space: the challenges and rewards of observing the ‘hot and energetic universe’
29 minutes
Episode Image Machine learning meets nanotechnology, award-winning implant regulates blood pressure
34 minutes
Episode Image FASER searches for dark photons at the LHC, and also finds neutrinos
29 minutes
Episode Image Charting the evolution of scientific measurement over the past century and looking to the future
30 minutes
Episode Image Portable imaging system targets eye diseases, pondering the mysteries of dark matter
33 minutes
Episode Image Freeman Dyson: we explore the extraordinary life of the rebel physicist
62 minutes
Episode Image The folklore of the Milky Way and the future of scholarly books publishing
30 minutes
Episode Image Quantum technologies promise a secure future for cryptography
56 minutes
Episode Image Happy World Quantum Day, Fermilab advances quantum science and technology
44 minutes
Episode Image Quantum research and development thrives in the defence sector
23 minutes
Episode Image Quantum memories in space: experiments in Earth orbit push the limits of physics
26 minutes
Episode Image From war-torn Damascus to success as an aviation engineer and pilot, a refugee’s journey
35 minutes
Episode Image Nonlinear optics: we explore the science and its many applications
30 minutes
Episode Image Revamping undergraduate physics degrees with a focus on translational skills
30 minutes
Episode Image Machine learning joins the search for extraterrestrial intelligence
41 minutes
Episode Image Creativity for scientists: how to build an innovation culture in your university, company or research group
44 minutes
Episode Image The chatbot revolution: how physicists are using large language models in academia
34 minutes
Episode Image Using radar to detect cosmic neutrinos in ice sheets, why Leo Szilard changed his mind on nuclear weapons
33 minutes
Episode Image Atomic clocks put Einstein and the Standard Model to the test, UK’s XFEL plans enter design phase
34 minutes
Episode Image Quantum technologies benefit from the bottom-up approach of synthetic chemistry
29 minutes
Episode Image Seeking cosmic particles using a super-pressure balloon, the physics of babies
50 minutes
Episode Image New directions in environmental health and ecology, innovation in science and technology is waning
39 minutes
Episode Image Nuclear waste: how environmental radiochemistry is improving storage and site remediation
29 minutes
Episode Image How to deflect an asteroid: DART’s Andrew Cheng on the Physics World Breakthrough of the Year
24 minutes
Episode Image Top 10 Breakthroughs of 2022: we explore this year’s best physics research
31 minutes
Episode Image The physics of car crashes and the winners of the Institute of Physics Business Awards
40 minutes
Episode Image Synchrotrons and space telescopes: looking to the future of big science
39 minutes
Episode Image Meteorites and magnetostrophic mathematics reveal unsung scientific heroes of the past
38 minutes
Episode Image Artificial intelligence boosts multimessenger astronomy, ‘Quantum on the Clock’ winners
34 minutes
Episode Image Finding commercial success in the burgeoning quantum-technology sector
45 minutes
Episode Image Celebrating joy in #BlackInPhysics week, open-access publishing supports climate justice
34 minutes
Episode Image Sand battery stores renewable energy, the economics of domestic heat pumps and solar panels
41 minutes
Episode Image Nuclear forensics keeps tabs on radioactive materials, big science summer school launches in Spain
31 minutes
Episode Image The weird and wonderful history of quantum entanglement that led to this year’s Nobel prize
48 minutes
Episode Image Start-up company aims to build laser-driven particle accelerators
48 minutes
Episode Image Materials science for women’s health, the rise of Chinese science, Schrödinger fails in Oxford
46 minutes
Episode Image Quantum computers could soon bring breakthroughs in nuclear physics
31 minutes
Episode Image Meet an engineer who blows things up to help preserve lives and property
29 minutes
Episode Image Brain–computer interfaces offer hope to those with neurological disorders and injuries
24 minutes
Episode Image UK’s Fraunhofer Centre for Applied Photonics bridges the gap between science and commercial research and development
38 minutes
Episode Image Roasting New Mexico chile with a solar concentrator, Diamond: The Game simulates research at a synchrotron lab
32 minutes
Episode Image Building a science centre that will inspire local communities, musing over first lines in science books
34 minutes
Episode Image Artificial muscles offer a route to greener air conditioning, breakthroughs in semiconductor physics and hidden consciousness
29 minutes
Episode Image Celebrating the life of the pioneering nuclear physicist Gertrude Goldhaber
31 minutes
Episode Image Bountiful exotic hadrons at the LHC inspire new naming convention
31 minutes
Episode Image Projectile fusion offers new path to clean energy, quantum communications for alien civilizations
25 minutes