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Podcast Profile: The Bomb

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22 episodes
2020 to 2024
Median: 28 minutes
Collection: Physics, Math, and Astronomy

Description (podcaster-provided):

The story of the atomic bomb. Told through the scientists and spies who changed history. Season 1 follows the scientist who discovers the destructive possibilities of harnessing nuclear power. It leads to the race to beat the Nazis to the first atomic bomb. Season 2 tells of a brilliant scientist who lives a double life, stealing atomic secrets for the Soviet Union. Season 3 is coming soon.

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Atomic bomb history • Scientific discovery • Espionage • Cold War dynamics • US-Soviet relations • Nuclear tensions • Manhattan Project • Klaus Fuchs' double life • British intelligence • WWII impact

This podcast, titled "The Bomb," dives into the complex and gripping history of the atomic bomb through the perspectives of the scientists and spies who played pivotal roles in its development and espionage. The show is structured into seasons that each focus on different key figures and events related to the atomic age.

Season 1 centers on the early scientific endeavors and moral dilemmas surrounding the creation of the atomic bomb during World War II. It starts by exploring the journey of Leo Szilard, a physicist who recognized the potential and peril of nuclear power. The narrative encompasses the intense race against Nazi Germany to develop the first atomic bomb, the ethical conflicts faced by scientists, and the eventual deployment of the bomb on Hiroshima.

Season 2 shifts focus to espionage, specifically detailing the life of Klaus Fuchs, a brilliant physicist and Soviet spy. This season delves into the covert world of atomic espionage, portraying Fuchs' double life as he simultaneously contributes to the British-American atomic bomb project and passes secrets to the Soviet Union. Interwoven with his story is that of Ursula, a spymaster who also leads a double life, and the resulting tensions and betrayals within the realm of nuclear secrets. It highlights the intricate web of surveillance, interrogation, and the eventual downfall of these spies against the backdrop of escalating Cold War tensions.

Recurring themes throughout the podcast include the moral quandaries faced by scientists, the high-stakes espionage game during the Cold War era, the destructive power unlocked by nuclear technology, and the broader implications these historical events have had on modern nuclear tensions. The podcast aims to provide a detailed, narrative-driven exploration of the people behind one of the most significant developments in modern history, offering listeners insight into the personal and political dimensions of the atomic bomb's legacy.

Episode Image Introducing Hollywood Exiles
27 minutes
S2.10 Fallout
33 minutes
S2.9 Dead cat, live cat
30 minutes
S2.8 The uncertainty principle
30 minutes
S2.7 Critical mass
29 minutes
S2.6 Camp Y
38 minutes
S2.5 An irreversible reaction
28 minutes
S2.4 A stable bond
37 minutes
S2.3 Unstable elements
31 minutes
S2.2 A split life
40 minutes
S2.1 A grave matter
20 minutes
Bonus: The sound design
3 minutes
Bonus: Introducing Rosa Ellis
4 minutes
Introducing The Bomb season 2
4 minutes
S1.7 The doomsday clock
28 minutes
S1.6 The first atomic bomb
26 minutes
S1.5 Enemy alien
24 minutes
S1.4 Pearl Harbour
31 minutes
S1.3 The Einstein letter
21 minutes
S1.2 Race to the bomb
18 minutes
S1.1 Moonshine
27 minutes
The prologue
2 minutes