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Podcast Profile: Conversations at the Perimeter

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23 episodes
2022 to 2024
Median: 59 minutes
Collections: Physics, Math, and AstronomyScience

Description (podcaster-provided):

Conversations at the Perimeter will introduce you to brilliant researchers working at the forefront of science, seeking to solve nature’s deepest mysteries – from quantum to cosmos. Learn about their motivations, the challenges they encounter, and the drive that keeps them searching for answers. Join the conversation!

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Theoretical physics • Quantum science • Black holes • Superfluidity • Quantum computing • Dark energy • Condensed matter physics • Science communication • Diversity in science • Astrophysics • Cosmology

"Conversations at the Perimeter" is a podcast that delves into the forefront of scientific inquiry, featuring pioneering researchers discussing significant scientific explorations and their personal journeys. Each episode showcases a different guest scientist, who shares insights into their current research, the underlying motivations driving their work, and the various challenges they encounter.

The episodes span a wide array of scientific fields and themes, emphasizing groundbreaking contributions to quantum physics, cosmology, and astrophysics. Listeners are introduced to complex concepts such as the Big Bang, black holes, quantum field theories, quantum information theory, and the mysteries of dark energy. The podcast provides a platform for experts to explain intricate scientific ideas in an accessible manner, often using relatable examples and metaphors.

The discussions frequently pivot to the personal stories of these scientists, revealing their inspirations, the mentors who have influenced their careers, and the serendipitous moments that have shaped their paths in science. There is a notable emphasis on the intersection of various disciplines, such as physics and biology, as well as the integration of indigenous knowledge with modern scientific methods.

Equity, diversity, and the human aspect of scientific exploration are recurrent topics, as the podcast highlights efforts to improve inclusivity in the scientific community. Several episodes delve into the societal impact of scientific research and the importance of inspiring the next generation of scientists.

In addition to discussing their latest research, guests often reflect on the broader implications of their work, providing listeners with a deeper understanding of both the specific studies and the overarching questions of the universe that drive these scientific endeavors. "Conversations at the Perimeter" offers a blend of scientific insight and personal narrative, making complex scientific discussions engaging and informative.

Episode Image Neil Turok on the simplicity of nature
61 minutes
Episode Image Sir Anthony Leggett on science, superfluidity, and serendipity
88 minutes
Episode Image Shep Doeleman on hunting for black holes
73 minutes
Episode Image Shohini Ghose on revolutions – quantum and social
59 minutes
Episode Image Pedro Vieira on a theory of all quantum field theories
74 minutes
Episode Image Ganapathy Baskaran on physics, biology, and global science
63 minutes
Episode Image Nicole Yunger Halpern on quantum steampunk
59 minutes
Episode Image Dustin Lang on big data from a big universe
69 minutes
Episode Image Savas Dimopoulos on the universe’s biggest unsolved puzzles
62 minutes
Episode Image Lee Smolin on a lifetime of big questions
47 minutes
Episode Image Jessie Muir on the mystery of dark energy
62 minutes
Episode Image Raymond Laflamme on the life-changing power of curiosity
59 minutes
Episode Image Hilding Neilson on stellar stories
53 minutes
Episode Image Estelle Inack on quantum intelligence
50 minutes
Episode Image François David on mathematical beauty
50 minutes
Episode Image Meenu Kumari on quantum chaos
50 minutes
Episode Image Lucien Hardy on quantum gravity and (apparent) paradoxes
50 minutes
Episode Image Avery Broderick on a black hole breakthrough from the EHT
55 minutes
Episode Image Ghazal Geshnizjani and Niayesh Afshordi: Cosmologically Coupled
72 minutes
Episode Image Carlo Rovelli on physics and philosophy
57 minutes
Episode Image Katie Mack on the end of it all – and new beginnings
56 minutes
Episode Image Timothy Hsieh on the magic of quantum
45 minutes
Introducing: Conversations at the Perimeter
4 minutes