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Podcast Profile: People doing Physics

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31 episodes
2022 to 2024
Median: 39 minutes
Collection: Physics, Math, and Astronomy

Description (podcaster-provided):

As fascinating as physics can be, it can also seem very abstract, but behind each experiment and discovery stands a real person trying to understand the universe. Join us at the Cavendish Laboratory on the first Thursday of every month as we get up close and personal with the researchers, technicians, students, teachers, and people that are the beating heart of Cambridge University’s Physics department. Each episode also covers the most exciting and up-to-date physics news coming out of our labs. If you want to know what goes on behind the doors of a Physics department, are curious to know how people get into physics, or simply wonder what physicists think and dream about, listen in!
Join us on Twitter @DeptofPhysics using the hashtag #PeopleDoingPhysics.
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Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Physics research stories • University of Cambridge • Extragalactic astrophysics • Quantum optics • Educational journeys • Interdisciplinary careers • Experiences of physicists • Academic and industry roles • Outreach and public engagement

This podcast, titled "People Doing Physics," offers an intriguing look into the lives and careers of individuals at the Cavendish Laboratory, the physics department at the University of Cambridge. The episodes broadly explore two main themes: personal journeys in the field of physics and discussions about cutting-edge research and technology. The podcast often features conversations with researchers, students, and professionals who share their unique experiences, educational paths, and the challenges they have faced. These insights provide listeners a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to study and work in physics at one of the world's leading universities.

Listeners can expect a variety of episode topics that showcase personal stories and professional achievements. Some episodes focus on the educational experiences of undergraduate and graduate students, exploring issues like imposter syndrome, the decision-making process involved in pursuing a physics degree, and reflections on their academic journey. Other episodes delve into the professional careers of physicists, researchers, and technicians, emphasizing their paths through academia and industry, their contributions to significant projects, and their roles in advancing scientific knowledge.

A recurring subject within the podcast involves highlighting the interplay between physics and other fields, such as engineering, medical imaging, and even the arts. Some episodes discuss innovative research areas including quantum optics, machine learning for material design, and radio cosmology. There is also a significant emphasis on the collaborative and interdisciplinary nature of modern physics research.

Overall, this podcast aims to humanize the field of physics by focusing on the people behind the science, thus providing a relatable and comprehensive insight into both the academic and personal aspects of a career in physics. Listeners interested in the personal stories of physicists, ongoing research at Cambridge, and the broader implications of physical science will find this podcast particularly enlightening.

Episode Image Replay: An open conversation with physics students (Episode 18)
41 minutes
Episode Image Pushing boundaries with Lisa Jardine-Wright
43 minutes
Episode Image Simone Eizagirre Barker: Taking research to the world
43 minutes
Episode Image Playful physics with Oleg Brandt
46 minutes
Episode Image The many paths from physics
55 minutes
Episode Image Eloy de Lera Acedo: Tiny signals, big ambitions
32 minutes
Episode Image Richard King: From Cambridge with Love
40 minutes
Episode Image The power of saying yes with Emily Roe
28 minutes
Episode Image The rise of the machine (learning) with Gareth Conduit
35 minutes
Episode Image The joy of physics with Mete Atatüre
44 minutes
Episode Image Ain Bailey & Gemma Bale: Exploring the Intersection of Sound, Science, and Music
35 minutes
Episode Image Returning in September!
1 minute
Episode Image An open conversation with physics students, Misha de Fockert, Ming-Shau Liu and Armaan Shaikh
40 minutes
Episode Image Replay: Malcolm Longair, the memory of the Cavendish Laboratory (episode 9)
37 minutes
Episode Image Louise Shanahan and Noam Mouelle: balancing elite sports and a physics PhD
35 minutes
Episode Image Athene Donald: Physics, a way to change the world
39 minutes
Episode Image Sandro Tacchella: an international journey through extragalactic astrophysics
34 minutes
Episode Image A tour of the Cavendish's new home with Andy Parker
38 minutes
Episode Image Sarah Bohndiek
39 minutes
Episode Image Paolo Molignini
41 minutes
Episode Image Tiffany Harte
47 minutes
Episode Image Malcolm Longair
37 minutes
Episode Image Diana Fusco
42 minutes
Episode Image Melanie Tribble
39 minutes
Episode Image Joanna Piotrowska
38 minutes
Episode Image Stuart MacPherson
40 minutes
Episode Image Tom Sharp
39 minutes
Episode Image Suchitra Sebastian and Logan Dandridge
39 minutes
Episode Image Tina Potter
43 minutes
Episode Image Louise Hirst
30 minutes
Episode Image Introducing People doing Physics
1 minute