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Podcast Profile: Beyond the Physics

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21 episodes
2019 to 2024
Median: 138 minutes
Collection: Physics, Math, and Astronomy

Description (podcaster-provided):

Beyond the Physics is a podcast run by Joseph Guzman and Irene Roman, PhD physics students, who hope to learn more about the universe, and the people that make up the culture behind the science. Come along as we hope to tackle some of the most difficult, and thought provoking questions of our time, and shatter the notions of what it takes to be a physicist.

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Graduate school experiences • Physics and astronomy discussions • Emotional and psychological challenges • Personal growth and existential themes • Religion and morality debates • Interviews with physicists • Science communication

"Beyond the Physics" is a podcast hosted by Joseph Guzman and Irene Roman, PhD physics students, aimed at exploring the cosmos and the individuals driving scientific culture. The podcast intricately weaves discussions on the intersections between science, personal experiences, and broader societal matters, thus appealing to those intrigued by a blend of rigorous academic inquiry and human stories.

The episodes frequently delve into the philosophical realm, addressing profound questions about the utility and evolution of religion, the quest for existential meaning, and the intrinsic value of scientific pursuit as a form of spiritual fulfillment. Despite the hosts' backgrounds in physics, the conversation often meanders into ethical inquiries, debates on morality, and reflections on personal growth and self-realization through the lens of scientific endeavors.

Several episodes also focus on the personal and professional trials faced by academics, particularly those in graduate school. These include navigating bureaucratic challenges, career paths in and out of academia, imposter syndrome, and the emotional toll of intense study and research environments. The podcast does not shy away from discussing adversity; it features narratives about dealing with prejudiced advisors, traumatic experiences, and intense emotional and ethical conflicts.

Additionally, the podcast highlights diverse personal journeys, such as those of immigrant students, women in physics, and individuals from various cultural backgrounds, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity and support within the scientific community. The hosts often invite guests who share their unique perspectives and experiences, further enriching the dialogues.

Beyond physics and academia, the podcast covers various intriguing subjects such as mental health, identity work influenced by media, ethical considerations of informed consent, and even humorous takes on pop culture phenomena like 'The Matrix.'

In essence, "Beyond the Physics" offers an encompassing view of the scientific world, providing insights into the rigorous academic life, personal narratives, and larger existential questions, all interwoven with a touch of humor and human connection.

Episode Image Balancing Acts: Navigating the Utility of Religion and Facing the Abyss with Terence
138 minutes
Episode Image Kintsugi with Michael Jaramillo
170 minutes
Episode Image Venom, Death and Abuse - 2023 Update
121 minutes
Episode Image How Moon Knight Changed My Life
53 minutes
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94 minutes
Episode Image From Eigenbros to Beyond Grad School, Juan pt.2
141 minutes
Episode Image 2022 Update: Break, Therapy, NVC, COVID
110 minutes
Episode Image Joe's Imposter Syndrome Deconstruction
88 minutes
Episode Image Book Club #1 - "Conscious" by Annaka Harris
183 minutes
Episode Image Will and Determination- Edward Benavidez
203 minutes
Episode Image Fathers Day Special Part 2- Javier Roman
155 minutes
Episode Image Fathers Day Special Part 1- John Guzman
162 minutes
Episode Image Every great dream begins with a Dreamer- Jesus
175 minutes
Episode Image 2020 Update - PhD, Coronavirus, George Floyd
86 minutes
Episode Image The Prestige of Puerto Rico - Gabriel Rodriguez
151 minutes
Episode Image Is Morality Objective? Ft. Eigenbros
108 minutes
Episode Image Women in Physics and Astronomy, Also Aliens- Sahana
170 minutes
Episode Image "F#*k your ideas" - Juan Mejia
191 minutes
Episode Image From Coincidences to Cosmology - Juan
133 minutes
Episode Image "The system I was looking for my whole life" - Terence
101 minutes
Episode Image Welcome to the Beyond the Physics Podcast!
17 minutes