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Podcast Profile: Physicists in the Wild

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11 episodes
2023 to 2024
Median: 14 minutes
Collection: Physics, Math, and Astronomy

Description (podcaster-provided):

It might surprise you, but most physics PhD students eventually end up in careers outside of academia. Some leave before graduating, some leave straight after, while others pursue an academic career for years before making the transition. Yet, despite the numbers, current PhD students often find it hard to envision any career beyond the academic horizon. Why? They're simply not exposed to the countless other exciting opportunities available to them. 
"Physicists in the Wild" aims to change that. 
Join Aggie Branczyk as she interviews physicists who have turned their PhD training into diverse and often unconventional careers. From the corporate world to government, from education to finance, discover the “other” paths traveled by those with graduate training in physics. 
Tune in every two weeks to hear the stories of physicists in the wild. 
Aggie works at IBM as a Senior Research Scientist on the Quantum Computational Science team, and the opinions shared in this podcast are her own and are not in any way endorsed by IBM.

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Interviews with physicists in various careers • PhD journeys outside academia • Corporate and aerospace roles • Startups and venture capital • Teaching and education • Data science and machine learning • Scientific publishing

"Physicists in the Wild," hosted by Aggie Branczyk, is a podcast dedicated to exploring the diverse and unconventional career paths pursued by physics PhD graduates beyond the academic sphere. Through a series of interviews with former physicists, the podcast unveils a wide range of professional trajectories that leverage the analytical and problem-solving skills honed during their academic training.

The episodes feature detailed conversations with physicists who have transitioned into various roles across multiple industries. Listeners are introduced to individuals who have navigated their way from academia to high-level positions in the corporate world, such as chief scientists and directors in aerospace and data science fields. The podcast also highlights the journeys of those who became tech entrepreneurs, founding and leading startups, particularly in sectors like artificial intelligence and fintech.

Other episodes expose the paths taken by physicists who moved into finance, venture capital, and angel investing, underscoring the relevance of their analytical expertise in these areas. The podcast further covers stories of physicists who have embraced roles in software development, data engineering, and machine learning, illuminating the adaptability and broad applicability of their scientific training.

In addition to highlighting transitions into corporate and tech sectors, the podcast also delves into less traditional routes. Episodes feature physicists who have become high school teachers, scientific publishers, and strategic directors, providing insights into how they apply their background in physics to succeed in these fields. The recurring themes in the podcast encompass career adaptability, the importance of networking, and the continuous pursuit of professional growth and personal fulfillment.

"Physicists in the Wild" serves as a resource for current physics PhD students and graduates, offering valuable perspectives on the multitude of career opportunities available outside of academia and the varied ways physicists can apply their expertise in the wider world.

Jay Lowell - AMO Physics PhD to Chief Scientist in Aerospace
16 minutes
Amir Feizpour - Quantum Optics Postdoc to AI Startup Founder
14 minutes
Cristina Escoda - String Theory PhD to Venture Capital & Angel Investing
13 minutes
Brigette Oakes - Experimental Physics PhD to Director of Propulsion
14 minutes
Riccardo Di Sipio - Particle Physics Postdoc to Senior Machine Learning Developer
14 minutes
Emily Petroff - Astrophysics postdoc to Associate Director, Strategic Partnerships, Grants and Awards
13 minutes
Bety Rodriguez-Milla - Condensed Matter PhD to Software Development
14 minutes
Katiuscia Cassemiro - Quantum Optics Prof to PRX Quantum Editor
12 minutes
Juan Ignacio Cayuso - Cosmology PhD to Data Science
14 minutes
Ekaterina Babourina-Brooks - Quantum Information PhD to Education
12 minutes
Rohan Dalton - Quantum Optics PhD to Software, Data & Fin Tech
13 minutes